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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks if Liam really wants to take control of Forrester Creations. Liam says yes. Steffy reminds him that it is her family’s business. Liam knows that and he wants to return it to its roots. Liam says that Rick has erased everything that made Forrester a company. He believes that Steffy wouldn’t recognize it anymore. Liam asks her to help him. If they pull resources they will be back in line to making Forrester Creations a good thing again.

Brooke tells Rick to tell Caroline he forgives her. Maya can’t believe Brooke is doing this. She explains that Eric tried this already and it didn’t work. It’s not going to work with her either. Brooke believes that she and Eric know what is going on. Maya doesn’t. Rick tells Brooke to stop. He has moved on. They all have. Caroline looks guilty.

Katie plays with Will who is playing with a little basketball net in the living room. Bill walks in through the front door and says that he is home. Katie says hello and thinks that is wishful thinking. Bill believes that if he says it enough times it might just come true. Katie promises to get him the marketing report for tomorrow. Bill isn’t here for that but to be with Will. He picks Will up. Bill tells Katie that Brooke is back. Katie knows and thinks that she should go see her. Bill says that he already did. Katie asks how that went. Bill said it went fine. He said what needed to be said. Which was how he feels. There is only one woman he wants to spend his life with and Bill hopes that Katie feels the same way.

Ivy hands a clip board to someone named Zack. Zack tells her that he will get the jewelry out right away. When he leaves Aly says that he is really cute. Ivy looks at Aly’s show sketches and explains that she should change her buckles a little bit but otherwise they look amazing. Aly thanks her. Aly needs all the help she can get if she plans to get her shoe line off the ground. Aly really believes in Ivy’s instinct. Ivy isn’t sure that Aly should judging how Rick feels about her these days it might be smart to stay away from her entirely.

Brooke thinks that Rick is just in pane. He is just trying to stick it to Caroline. Rick doesn’t think that it is just about sticking it to Caroline. It is so much more than anything else. He just really loves Maya. No one else has ever been there for him the way that she has. Brooke knows that deep down Maya is just a temporary fix for him. Maya asks why. She wonders if it is because she is not a Spencer and didn’t come from privilege and is just a model. Maya asks if there is something wrong with her.

Steffy is annoyed by the rumors that she has been hearing about Brooke but she is not sure about this. Liam explains that Bill is willing to give him his shares and if he combines that with Steffy and Thomas he would have enough to take over the company. Steffy reminds him that Eric gave him irrevocable control of the company for a year. They couldn’t make a move for at least one year. Liam thinks that if they work together they could do anything. Liam explains that Rick is treating everyone like garbage and that if he continues to allow Rick to move down this path something bad could happen.

Bill looks at a picture of Katie and Will and looks a little sad. Katie walks back into the room. Bill asks if Will is asleep. Katie says yes. Katie explains that Will insisted that she give Bill a stuffed horse. Bill thinks that it is because he is his boy. Katie believes that he likes to have him around. Bill asks if Katie likes having him around too. Katie does but a lot has happened. Bill thinks that could make them even stronger. His future is with her. He was angry with Brooke but she was right. She needed time away from her to see what he really wanted which was Katie and Will.

Brooke doesn’t think anything is wrong with Maya. She just feels that Rick has moved on way to quickly. Such as hanging her picture above the fire place. Brooke is just concerned. Rick doesn’t think that she has anything to worry about. Brooke reminds him that he brought a gun to the office. Rick only did that to give it to his lawyer. Brooke says he could have killed someone. Rick thinks that if Brooke saw what they were doing on the couch she probably would have done the same. It repulsed him. He has moved on. Caroline is no better than Amber. He thought she had grace and class but she is just another liar. Brooke doesn’t think this is going to help him. Rick is with Maya and the divorce papers have been signed. As sickening as it is maybe this is best.

Steffy asks what he is proposing. Liam wants Steffy to sell her shares and then convince Thomas to do the same. Steffy asks why this is so important to him. Liam explains that his cousin is suffering and so is Ivy. Steffy asks if he is only doing it for them. Liam is doing it for her too before Liam destroys a legacy. Steffy doesn’t know if it is worth selling especially to Spencer. Liam reminds her that Eric is retiring soon and whether she likes it or not Spencer still has a stake in the company. It is a lot of money and she can keep her job. He might even get her to run the company with him. Liam needs her to make this deal a reality. He needs Thomas to sell to. Steffy explains that Thomas will never sell. Liam thinks that she can persuade him. Liam asks her to take a risk and join forces with him. Steffy is never going to sell her shares. She will figure something out though. Starting with her father. This whole Caroline thing is ridicules. She is like her age. Liam tells her to go talk to Ridge and go to Forrester and see what Rick has done to the company. He just wants her to promise that she will at least think about it. If they work together there is nothing they can’t do. Steffy says ok.

Katie believes that Bill means it today in the moment. Bill means it today, tomorrow, and forever. He wants to be a family again. He asks her to say that too.

Steffy looks at a photo and Liam walks back out from the kitchen. He gives her a refill. Steffy can see that he has been traveling around the world with her cousin. Liam says that they do get around. Steffy tells him to never take her to Aspen because that is there place. Liam feels that there are so many places that he associates with Steffy. Aspen, this house, down by the beach. Steffy starts to think about all the times that they spent together. Liam knows that they have moved on and live half way across the world from each other he likes being able to go places and still have memories of her.

Maya thanks Rick. She knew how he felt. Hearing him say it in front of his mom and Caroline made her know how much she means to him. Rick will keep saying it. People need to hear it. Rick believes Maya is the woman that he wants to spend his life with always. They kiss.

Brooke tells Caroline that she tried. She thinks that Rick may or may not come around. Caroline appreciates that but maybe Rick is right. Caroline thinks that maybe they all are better off. Brooke asks if Caroline plans to have a relationship with Ridge. Brooke understands the attraction more than anybody. Ridge is an incredibly talented and sexy man. She knows the chemistry between the two of them is intense. Caroline confirms that it is. Brooke tells her not to forget that there have been many woman before her who have had that same connection. Caroline know but it is more than just chemistry. Brooke explains that Ridge flirts with a lot of woman but if she thinks it will be more. Caroline thinks that it is. Brooke tells her to be realistic. She will not be having a relationship with him

Steffy feels that things could have been so different. Liam knows that it really didn’t work out the way that they wanted it to but it doesn’t do them a whole lot to look at the regret. Steffy agrees. Steffy’s feelings for him though will never change. They hug. Ivy walks in and asks if she is interrupting something. Ivy asks what is going on.

Brooke doesn’t want Caroline to get hurt. Caroline points out that she has not been here. She has been hurt by her son. Brooke reminds her that she betrayed Rick. Caroline thinks that Rick did the betraying. Brooke understands that it happened. They both hurt each other. Brooke can get how she could get swept up by the idea of Ridge but she won’t be the first woman and she won’t be the last. Caroline again says that she has not been here to see what they have been through. Brooke doesn’t need to see that because she has seen it countless other times. How women think that they have a cosmic connection and they can just… Brooke pauses. Caroline asks how they can just what. Brooke says how they just replace her. Caroline asks if she is being serious. Brooke explains that if she wanted Ridge back, she could have him just like that. She snaps her fingers.

Bill asks Katie to tell him that she wants this as much as he does. Katie misses their marriage and what they were together, but she doesn’t know how to go back to that. Bill doesn’t think that they will. Bill thinks that they will move forward. Bill believes that the time apart has shown them what they need to appreciate in each other. Katie thinks that he may be right. She now has a new perspective on them as a couple. Bill feels that she was his perfect partner. Bill says that she has given him so much. She has given him a son. Yes, he does have Liam and Wyatt, but he was not there to raise them. Katie gave him the gift of Will. Bill starts to passionately kiss her. Bill wants her because she is Will’s mother, but also because he has never met anyone more stubborn than he is. Bill wants her because when he looks at her the certain way she does, he is inspired. Bill wants to put them back together. Will is not going to even remember a time when they were apart. Bill gives Katie a huge diamond ring and asks her to say that she will marry her. Katie is crying.

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