B&B Friday Update 1/30/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/30/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells all of them that this has to stop. She more than anyone has worn the relentless and jealousy since practically the day that Rick was born. So yes. She has to say no more. Ridge asks if Brooke is really ok with Rick taking a shot at him. Brooke is going to have to be because this is over. This endless thing. Ridge is sabotaging what he claims he loves the most. Everyone around the two of them is collateral damage. No one is pressing charges. Rick will remain as CEO of Forrester Creations and Ridge will have to accept it gracefully or not. Ridge smiles and Rick looks furious.

Liam is under the impression that Forrester is going down with or without them. Without anyone to keep Rick in check it will be the end of certain things. Bill wonders if Liam is concerned about Hope’s line. Liam is concerned about Caroline. The moment that she finally gets the success that she always wanted Rick has to take it away from her. Why should he get to do that? Bill likes what he is hearing. Liam thinks that with Caroline designing he could run that company and put Rick out to pastor. Bill thinks this is his boy leaping into action for a damsel in distress. Liam thinks that this is a good idea. Spencer already dominates the fashion community so what if the stuff they are writing up is their own. Bill feels like Liam must be eating meat. Bill thinks that Liam is just in need of his support. Liam needs his percent of Forrester. Bill doesn’t think that twelve percent is going to get him anything. Liam knows that but it is a start and he knows where to go looking for more. Bill asks where. Liam explains that he was married to her. Bill says Steffy.

Donna is standing in front of her desk. Pam asks if she wants to at least pretend that she is working. Donna asks if Pam knows where the gun is right now. Pam looks at her like she is crazy. Donna reminds her that it was Stephanie’s. Pam doesn’t want to look at Rick walking towards her with a gun in his hands. Donna knows that Rick will listen to Brooke. Pam points out that no one ever listens to Brooke except Donna. Donna looks offended.

Rick tells Brooke to let Ridge call the police if that is what he wants. Brooke says no. Ridge won’t do it. So long as Rick steps down. Brooke asks if either of them are hearing her. Rick doesn’t think that she has any reason to panic. He is certain that a firing range in the basement is perfectly legal. Maya doesn’t want him to get the police involved. It could be a fine or it could be six months in prison. Ridge can’t believe that he has his own criminal. Rick tells him to shut up about her. He can take the woman that he stole from her and go and cry to the police. He will drag him through the headlines and ruin him with his adoring public. Brooke tells Rick that is not going to happen. Brooke tells Ridge he is not telling anyone. Ridge owes Brooke. He will never be able to make it right between them but this he can do and he will.

Bill thinks that this could actually work. Steffy is the sleeping giant at the company. Liam points out that she has always resented Brooke’s involvement in the company. Bill tells him that Brooke is back. Liam asks how he knows. Bill says that he saw her earlier. Liam asks if Brooke said anything about Rick. Bill says no. Rick plays Brooke like a violin. Bill asks when he plans to leave for Paris. Liam doesn’t have to go. Steffy is in town. All her tweets have location tags. She is here in town. Bill is interested to know that he still follows her online. Liam tells him to shut up as he dials the phone. Steffi asks if she is in trouble. Liam asks why she didn’t tell him that she was in town. Steffy admits that he caught her fair and square. Steffy asks what her punishment is going to be. Liam tells her to come see him and he will tell her. Steffi asks if he is being serious. Liam asks why not. If she doesn’t want to he will figure out a way to live on without her. Steffi asks if she should go to his place. Liam says if that is ok

Donna listens in at the door. Pam tells her that she will get caught. Pam knows that she always does. Donna feels that Ridge will use this as an opportunity. Donna asks if it would be poetic if his mother’s hand gun turned out to be the key to his kingdom. Pam believes the only solution to this mess is to get Eric back here. Donna thought that Rick was stuck as CEO for a year. Pam knows but they are both his sons. Eric always knows what to do. Donna agrees.

Brooke knows that Ridge heard her right. He owes her this. Ridge asks her how that works. Brooke says for every betrayal. He created this situation down to the bullet hole. Ridge asks how Brooke’s screwed up sex life is now on him. Brooke understands that he is able to shovel away his past and never look back. Ridge asks if this is about his heartlessness. Brooke feels that it could be the way that he cast her away when she slept with her sister’s husband. She wonders where he is now. Seducing his brother’s wife. Caroline tells her that no one seduced her. Brooke doesn’t want to hear a word that she has to say unless it is defending her husband. Brooke doesn’t think that she can just come in here after all this time and act like she understands a situation that she doesn’t. Caroline has never seen Ridge undressed. She has never done anything wrong. She kissed Ridge. Rick moved Maya into her bed. Maya told everyone the truth. Caroline told the truth. Maya only left Rick the first time because she was scared as Caroline chased her away. After watching Caroline operate though she is ready to stay. Brooke asks if she wants Rick back. Rick is listening.

Bill asks Liam how she sounded. Liam explains that it is the same Steffy as ever. Steffy sounded just like she always had. Kind of like Bill and Katie. Liam will call him later. Bill is proud of him.

Donna tries to get Pam to buzz in there and say there is a call. Pam knows that if Rick didn’t shoot him that Brooke will. Donna thinks that there could be five dead people in that room. Pam tells her to trust her. There is a very unlikely chance that Caroline Spencer would ever die that quietly. Pam believes they need to be prepared. They have no idea who will be walking out of that office in charge or who will be leaving with who.

Rick wants the answer to the question. Does Caroline want him back? Caroline doesn’t want a husband who takes his displeasure in her and attempts to shoot at her. Rick thinks that Brooke got her answer. Caroline feels this is unfair. She groveled at him and humiliated herself or him because she thought it would be all worth it when Rick finally did ask for her to be back. Brooke asks if this is true. Caroline says that it was all a hoax to get the company from Eric so that he could be with Maya and was spending every evening with her. Maya calls Brooke Mrs. Forrester. Brooke tells her to stop calling her that. She asks her to call her Brooke. Maya says that in her defense Maya has done nothing but love her and do everything that he has asked of her. Brooke wonders why she should believe her. She left Rick to be with Carter and broke his heart. Brooke wants to know what has changed. Maya knows that Rick loves her and Maya will be the best partner that she can be and the best wife. Brooke asks Caroline. She reminds her that she has not yet answered her. Caroline explains that love was not enough for Rick. If it was then they would still be together. She tells her that Rick served her with divorce papers. Rick can’t even look at her. The way that Rick hurt her was bad enough. She is done.

Liam cleans up his living room a little bit getting things together. Steffy shows up at the front door and looks nervous. She remembers all the times that they spent together happy and in love with one another. The times that they got married to one another and kissed each other passionately. Steffy knocks on the door. Liam opens it. They smile at each other. Steffy says cha, cha, cha. Liam hugs her and tells her to get inside. Steffy walks around. She wonders how he found her out. Liam wonders if she knows that her location is stamped on every one of her posts. Steffy explains that no one has ever bothered to follow the trail before. She will come to LA from time to time and visit an old classmate or go to a premier or concert. Not to see her dad though. Liam wonders if she and Ridge are still talking though. Steffy has heard from Hope. They have spoken a few times. Steffy explains that there are subjects that do not come up. Steffy asks if he has missed her. Liam asks how he could not miss her this is their home. Steffy notes that it does not look any different at all. Liam sometimes fantasizes about all the stories he could have told. He is sorry for bringing that up. Steffy explains that she never replaced the damn motor cycle. Liam thinks it is nice to see her. Steffy does too. Steffy remembers that he had something that he wanted to talk about. Liam starts to smile.

Brooke tells Ridge that he can go. Ridge asks if he is dismissed. Brooke knows that he cannot be a part of the solution. Ridge tells her that during the time she was gone Rick turned into a bigger tyrant than Bill Maya asks why he must be so disrespectful. Ridge says that was a joke. Rick is dangerous. Ridge wants to know why Maya is still here. Brooke tells him that Maya is staying here. Ridge is the one that is leaving Ridge can’t believe that Brooke is still being led by the nose by Rick. Caroline tries to leave with Ridge but Brooke needs her to stay. She tells Caroline to shut the door. Brooke explains that Rick is in pain. It is a pain that she cannot bear to endure. When Brooke was young she panicked. Brooke knows that she caused it. Brooke knows that Ridge thinks that she blames him and that Rick does blame him. So this is her responsibility to get out of this. Brooke believes that Maya is telling the truth and she thinks that Maya believes everything that she says but her actions say something completely different. Brooke tells her that Rick is not getting divorced and is staying in this marriage. Brooke tells rick that he is going to forgive Caroline. Brooke knows that he has tried to make things better but he hasn’t. Brooke notes that Rick still calls Caroline his wife. Then he shacks up with a woman who openly wants the lifestyle that only he can afford. Maya says that it is more than that. Brooke then goes on to remind him of the bullets. Brooke asks how he wants to take this. It is his anger that is doing this. He needs to let it go. Rick loves Caroline and Brooke begs him to take the first step and tell her that he forgives her. Brooke asks him to tell her that he loves her.

Liam doesn’t know how much Steffy has heard. Steffy says that Paris isn’t on the other side of the earth anymore. It is just a mouse click away. Steffy wants to know if Rick really moved his lead model into her grandfather’s house. Liam says that it gets worse. Steffy knows about his cousin and her father. Liam doesn’t know how far it has gotten. Steffy is not going to judge until she talks to her dad. She really hates this though. Everyone is whispering at international. It reminds her when Brooke ran the company. So much whispering going on. Liam is amazed that Steffy is on the outside of all of this. Steffy should be leading this company. Steffy is the one who wrestled the company away from Bill in the first place. Liam does not think that Forrester is going to be able to handle current state it is in. Liam reminds her that Bill owns a piece of the company. Steffy is aware. Liam knows that Steffy and Thomas both own a piece of the company as well. Combined that is thirty percent. Steffy always thought he was a surprise. Steffy never got tired of it. Liam asks if she would like to make this happen together.

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