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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/29/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Ivy kiss in his office. Liam asks how it was. Ivy asks if he means the kiss they just had. Ivy thought it was amazing. Liam means their first night together. Ivy thinks it was the best one yet. Liam loved to wake up to his face. Liam loves her. They kiss. Liam sits down at his desk. Ivy likes being here. It feels peaceful. Liam tells her to wait until Bill gets here. Ivy doesn't believe that Bill is a bad person. His energy is not dark. Ivy explains that working at Forrester used to be fun but now everyone is tip toeing around trying not to upset the dictator. Ivy just never wants to be there anymore. Liam thinks that it must be terrible to not even be able to escape it at home anymore. Ivy believes that it is worse because she is everywhere. Liam thinks that there is a simple solution. She can just visit her toothbrush.

Maya walks into Rick's office and explains to him that they did a great job at fixing the holes in the other office because it looks like he never shot a gun in there. Rick explains that it is because he never actually did. Rick never planned to hurt them. Maya is not going to get angry at him. She just wants to know if she should be worried about Rick getting angry over Ridge and Caroline kissing. Rick doesn't have a problem with that. He has a problem with them constantly lying to one another. They clearly are together and he wants them to know that he knows. Maya thinks that in that case he can shoot as much as he wants. Ridge walks in with Caroline following him. Ridge tells Rick that they need to come to terms. Rick says that he is busy and asks Maya if they had a meeting. Maya says no. Rick again says that he is busy. Caroline doesn't think that it will be for long. Maya asks what that is supposed to mean. Ridge demands that he step down as CEO affective immediately. Rick smirks.

Donna tells Brooke that it seemed like she was gone forever. Brooke explains that the office was complete chaos and took forever to fix things. Then Hope came. Donna asks how she is doing. Brooke says that she is just trying to get through things. Donna believes that it must be a little better for Hope with Wyatt being there. Brooke believes that Wyatt will hang in there until she is better. Donna asks Brooke how much she knows about what is happening at Eric's house. Brooke explains that she was there the other night and was greeted by Maya in what appeared to be a Brooke's Bedroom ad. Donna thinks that Maya has been busy. Brooke believes that Maya moves a lot faster than she ever did. Donna asks if Rick ever told her about Maya beforehand. Brooke says no. Brooke knew that he was busy and she was busy. Brooke had no idea that any of this was happening. Donna knows it is a lot to take in. Brooke asks why Donna didn't tell her about this. Donna tells her that Rick has been a little scary to deal with lately. Nobody really wants to cross him. Donna knows that she saw him so assumes that she knows what he is currently acting like. Brooke did indeed see him. Right after he took shots at Ridge and Caroline. Donna looks shocked.

Donna sits down next to Brooke. Donna asks if Rick really shot a gun at Ridge and Caroline. Brooke explains that Rick said that he didn't want to hurt anyone but according to him if he wanted to he could have. He said it in a way that was not normal. Donna wonders if he said why he did it. Brooke says that he wanted to get Ridge off of Caroline. Donna asks if that is a little bit strange. Rick has been rejecting Caroline since the day he found out. He is living with Maya at Eric's house flaunting it every ones face. Brooke thinks that it sounds depressing Brooke knows that Caroline has been lying so he just wanted to... She doesn't even know what he wanted accomplish. Brooke is trying to decide if Maya is a good thing or not.

Caroline asks if he thinks this is funny. Rick thinks that to people charging into his officer making demands of him is pretty funny. Maya tells him that Rick has a contract that makes him CEO for a year so he can't be fired. Ridge is not sure that they will be needing her services either anymore. Maya doesn't think that he can fire her. Ridge tells her that he will see. Caroline thinks that she is gone. Maya says no. Not while Rick is around. Rick is not going anywhere. Caroline thinks that they gave him a hell of a case. He shot at them. Rick did not shoot at them. He shot into an office that just so happened to use to belong to him. At a company owned by his father. Ridge and Caroline just so happened to be in the room. Ridge thinks that he could have killed them. Rick didn't kill them though. Ridge will either have Rick step down as CEO or they go to the police. Caroline thinks that it is assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. Maya doesn't think they would dare do it. Caroline tells her to try them.

Ivy thinks that Forrester is like a mine field. Ivy says that they will all be sitting in a meeting and then Rick will just snap. Rick has to constantly remind everyone that it is his way or no way. Ivy doesn't think that it works very well. Ivy knows that her designs are not going to be dealt with. Rick only cares about getting revenge on Caroline. She feels so bad for her. Its life she can't do anything right but nothing is good enough for Rick. It is like he plans to sabotage everything no matter what line it is. Ivy thinks Caroline suffers most.

Brooke asks how Maya became so involved so quickly. Donna explains it was all orchestrated. Maya has been five steps ahead of everyone else this whole time. Brooke explains that Maya saw Ridge and Caroline in each other’s arms and assumed something. Donna says that it wasn't like they were sleeping with each other it was just a couple of kisses. Brooke knows that but it was with Ridge. Donna thinks that Brooke should know better than anyone what it is like to be swept away by physical attraction. Brooke needs to be reminded. Donna knows that Ridge should have been the one to show restraint. Brooke agrees. Donna then goes on to say that Maya decided to tell everyone in the middle of a meeting that Caroline kissed Ridge. Brooke feels bad for Caroline. She knows what it feels like to have a secret exposed to everyone. Donna tells her that Maya has been there to pick up the pieces. Brooke asks what her take on it is. Donna believes that Maya has made Rick somewhat better to deal with. Brooke blames all of this on Ridge. If it was anyone else it would have been over with by now. Donna wishes that Eric was here for the company’s sake. Donna knows that all the anger and competition would be handled by Eric. Donna asks if she remembers when Rick was young and shot Grant Chambers. Eric would be able to control his son. They obviously can't control themselves. Donna thinks that the whole bottom could fall out at any minute.

Rick asks if he gets how this is supposed to work. They come rushing into his office and demand he quit. Then he is supposed to say ok and hand it over like a late birthday present. Then what? He takes over as CEO. Ridge thinks that is exactly what happens. Rick wonders if they then press charges on him. Caroline feels that assault with deadly weapon at the very least. Rick didn't shoot at them. He fired at the room. Ridge doesn't think a judge will find that normal behavior. Ridge will not let him run this company. Maya knows that he would love for that to happen. Ridge does but this is something Rick cannot run away from. Caroline believes something is really wrong with Rick. He cannot just fire and shoot at people. Ridge tells him to take some time off and then he can come back and they will find a new job for him. Rick asks if Caroline really thinks that he is unstable. Caroline hates to say it but yes. Rick wonders if she thinks that he should step aside and let her and Ridge take over. Caroline says yes. Ridge wants him to make the smart choice instead of prison.

Donna is on the phone with Pam. Brooke walks down stairs. Donna hangs up. Donna explains that something is about to happen as Rick and Ridge are in the same officer with Maya and Caroline. Donna wonders if Pam is listening in. Donna explains too many people are going in and out. She has no idea what it feels like to work at Forrester right now. No one feels safe. Brooke assumes it is because of Rick. Donna knows that something is about to break out because of Rick and Ridge. Brooke thinks this is disturbing and not because they are a fashion house but because they are a family. Donna knows that when Eric ruled he always ruled with benevolence. When Ridge was in charge at least the staff didn't run for cover. Brooke assures her that although Eric might not be here she is. Brooke will not let the company that Eric and Stephanie built go down because of both Rick and Ridge. Brooke leaves.

Liam knows what they say about power. Ivy doesn't even think he has heard the worst of it. Liam asks if there really is more. Rick fired a gun. Liam asks where. Ivy tells him it was at the office and was aimed at Ridge and Caroline. Liam can't believe that Rick fired a gun at his cousin. He hopes that someone is pressing charges. Bill walks in and asks if he is interrupting. Liam tells him to come in as he needs to talk to him. Ivy thinks that she should go. Ivy kisses Liam goodbye. Liam tells Bill that Rick fired a gun in an officer where Caroline was. Liam thinks that he needs to be stopped and Liam knows how to do it.

Rick doesn't want to go to prison. Ridge doesn't think that it would be fun for a pretty boy like Rick. Maya wants Rick to sit down for a minute. Rick thinks that they should look at all the angles of this. They have him arrested and the press are all over the place but not for a good reason this time. The next thing they are going to want to know is Rick's side of the story. Rick might even shed a tear or two. He can make the press like him. Maya can work press from the outside. Caroline thinks it would be special for the gold digging mistress to do that. Rick explains that the point is they will have a publicity nightmare. Rick asks if Ridge really wants to do that Eric. Just to get back at him. Ridge doesn't think that it is just to get back at him. It is to get him out of his CEO position. He can either step down or he calls the police. Brooke shows up and hears what Ridge is saying. Brooke tells him that he won't. He will not be calling anybody.

It is made clear to Bill that Rick was not shooting at them. Liam says no but that doesn't make it any better. This is just the latest thing that he has done. Bill asks if he thinks it is abusive. Liam would think so. What does he call yelling and screaming at them and treating them terribly? They are afraid that he could go off. Bill doesn't think they should. Liam thinks he needs to be fired. He believes that he is a pretty nice guy. He tries to avoid conflict and tries to find something nice about everyone. Not Rick though. He has tried and he cannot stand the guy anymore. He is treating everyone terribly. Bill agrees and wonders what his plan is. Liam wants to take over Forrester Creations.

Ridge welcomes Brooke back. Brooke can only imagine what it has been like while she has been away. Caroline can only imagine what she has heard. It has been nothing that Brooke has liked hearing. Brooke would like to know what she is missing here. Rick explains that Rick is threatening to call the police if he doesn't step down as CEO. It is a typical Ridge play only he has Caroline playing shotgun this time. Brooke thinks this is great. Ridge had to make a move on her son’s wife and if that wasn't enough he has to have him arrested so he can have his job too. Ridge reminds her that he shot again. Brooke does not care. Brooke explains that he is trying to break Rick. That is exactly what is going on here. Brooke asks what has been going on here with this family. She has been gone for a few months and comes home to this. It is going to stop. Rick works hard at his job. Eric believes in him.

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