B&B Wednesday Update 1/28/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/28/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke walks in through her patio door into her living room. Brooke thinks about all the time she spent with Bill in Aspen and how happy the two of them were together. She remembers going to the Middle East with him and Italy. The time they spent together before they almost got married. Brooke remembers telling Katie that she deserves to have another chance with Bill. She then thinks about telling Bill to go back to Katie. Someone rings the doorbell. Bill is at the door. Brooke looks surprised.

Katie is happy to find Liam in his office. She explains that she had the agenda for today’s meetings. Liam feels like it is as if she had never left. Katie thanks him for the flowers. Liam says that they are from everyone. Katie thinks that they were very sweet. Liam is actually glad that she stopped by as their was something that he wanted to ask her. Katie assumes that it has to do with him being president and her being vice president. Liam was going to word it differently but since she did bring it up. Katie believes that Liam has earned it and she is very happy for him and she wouldn't want it any other way. Liam smiles.

Quinn is doing some work at her desk in her loft and Deacon asks her if she would like to go grab some breakfast. Quinn says in a little bit. Deacon knew that she was hungry unless it was a different kind of hunger in which case he is down for that as well. Quinn just lost her apatite. Deacon wants to know what is wrong. Quinn doesn't think he knows her that well. Quinn explains that it has to do with Brooke being back in town. Quinn enjoyed her not being here. Deacon starts to smile. Deacon starts to laugh. He thinks that she is jealous. Quinn says that is crazy. Deacon thinks she is jealous of Brooke. Quinn is not but wonders how it will play out. Deacon tells her that he is with her not Brooke. Quinn knows but he shares child with her and they have a past. Quinn wants to know more about his past with Brooke.

Liam is very happy that Katie said yes. Katie knows not to say no to things when Bill Spencer asks nicely. Katie is excited about this. They are going to open child care up. Liam is glad about that. He will be happy to have Will around and see the three of them all together. It would be like one big happy family. Katie thinks it will be something like that. Liam knows that things are looking up around here.

Brooke wonders how Bill knew she was back. Bill has been keeping tabs on her. Bill has been waiting for her return. Bill notes that she was gone a long time. Brooke knows that it was too long. Brooke planned on letting everyone know that she was home. Brooke asks how he is. Bill needs to just look at her for a minute. He can't tell her how it makes him feel to see her again.

Deacon decides that he will tell her about his relationship with Brooke. He asks Quinn what she wants to know. Quinn wants to know all of it. Deacon explains that Brooke and he hooked up and it was hot and heavy then they had Hope and that was the end of it. Quinn is not going to take that as the full story. He can't wrap it up in a package and write a bow around it. Deacon assumes that she knows a lot about it but it and would like to hear about what she knows. Quinn is not trying to say anything that hasn't been said about Brooke already. Quinn knows that she is a glamorous sex symbol and has been in a lot of scandals. Deacon knows that she likes to follow her heart. Quinn would agree seeing that she had a baby with her daughter’s husband. Deacon would think that would be one instance. Quinn then brings up Brooke and Bill. Deacon tried to defend her by saying that Brooke did leave town to attempt to make things better between Bill and Katie. Quinn believes her wish has come true.

Katie thinks that at this point she is just trying to see where the wind takes her. Liam feels that it would be nice for Will to have his parents together. Katie just doesn't want anyone to get there hopes up. Liam knows that she can do better than Bill but she is great for Bill. Liam thinks that Brooke being gone humbled him. Katie doesn't know what is going to happen but she is going to try to be open.

Bill thinks that it does something to him to be in the same room as her. Brooke asks him what it does. Bill believes she has beautiful green eyes. He called and texted and she never responded. Brooke was really busy and then Hope came. Bill wanted to give her space. Brooke is not even sure that Hope will work out with Wyatt. Bill has looked forward to this moment. Bill knows that she left and walked out on him.

Katie wants to hear about Liam and Ivy. Liam explains that they are good. Katie asks if things have moved on to the next level. Liam says yes. She does have a toothbrush at his house. Katie thinks soon she will be living there. Liam doesn't want to rush things so quickly. Liam knows that he got really lucky. Katie was always a fan of Hope and him. She is in Italy though. Liam thinks that it would still be great if Bill and Katie get back together.

Quinn is shocked that Deacon has not heard. Deacon asks what. Quinn says that Bill has made Liam president of Spencer and Katie vice president. Deacon will be damned. He thinks that maybe they were together. Deacon thinks stranger things have happened. He wonders if people would say the same about the two of them. Quinn asks if they are really that shocking of a couple. Deacon believes so. Quinn thinks it makes them wonder. Quinn asks where it leaves Brooke.

Brooke was trying to do the right thing. Bill is grateful that she didn't try to do anything. Bill does wonder if she ever thought about their relationship. Bill did. He tells her that every time he thought about them together he would think about how much he loved her. How blind he was. Everyone warned him about her and he didn't want to believe it and look where it got her. He is done fighting for her. He wants his family now and to spend the rest of his life with Katie.

Deacon asks since when Quinn was so interested in Brooke. Quinn just finds it fascinating. She thinks that it makes a person wonder who she will be with next. Deacon knows that men have always been her vice. Quinn does not think that is healthy. Deacon asks if she is just insecure. Quinn is not insecure. Deacon cannot believe she is jealous. Quinn at one point thought that Bill would come back to her but the same can now be said about Brooke. Deacon is not interested in Brooke. He knows that she isn't interested either. Deacon is all about Quinn right now. Quinn starts to kiss Deacon passionately. She smiles.

Katie never really thought that she and Bill would have a chance. Liam thinks that this is magic. Katie has to be grateful to Brooke for stepping away and allowing them to rediscover each other. Katie thinks they could maybe be a family again. Bill knows that he made a lot of mistakes with Katie. He hurt her terribly and he regrets it. He is going to do everything that he can to win her back and his family. Brooke has been hoping for that. Bill is happy. He thinks that everyone is happy. Brooke knows she could have handled this in a better way but it all worked out in the end. Brooke had to take herself out of this. She didn't think that this was right. Brooke thinks that this is all about him and Katie and a new start. The memories are going to be locked away forever. Bill leaves.

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