B&B Tuesday Update 1/27/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/27/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge tells Caroline that they should just get out of here. Caroline asks where they would go. Ridge explains anywhere they want as long as it is with him. Caroline explains that Rick is gone. Ridge doesn't care about Rick and Maya and Forrester. This is not sanity. They should leave it behind them. Ridge begs her to say yes. Caroline is not sure. Chris walks in and says hello to Caroline. Caroline assumes that Rick is not with him. Chris says no but he wanted to give her these. Chris hands her the divorce papers. Ridge walks over to his desk and says that Rick wanted him to give Chris the gun. Chris takes it. Ridge asks Caroline what the papers are. Caroline explains that they are divorce papers. She looks shocked.

Maya asks if Rick didn't tell her about what was going on. Brooke says no. Maya assumes that Rick was just busy. Brooke can tell that Maya was busy too. She was moving in here and putting her stamp on the place. Maya explains once again that it was Rick's idea to put the picture up. Maya told Rick that people wouldn't like it. Brooke thinks that it is a bit much. She asks if Maya would agree. Brooke wants to know what Maya is really up to. Maya thinks that if anyone has acted shady in all of this it was Caroline and not her. None of this would have happened if she hadn't gotten all hot and heavy with Ridge. Brooke knows that, that would explain some things but it doesn't explain why he is living here with Maya. Maya told her they are in love and Rick needs her. Brooke explains that Maya is a model. Maya knows that Rick needs someone that he can trust. Brooke thinks that as well. Maya says that Caroline was supposed to be that woman and she wasn't but she will. Brooke assumes that Maya gets all of this in return for being there for Rick. Maya knows how it looks. She talks a lot about money. She thinks it is fabulous. She isn't going to pretend that it isn't a big deal. Maya saw what Brooke's family did to move up in the world. She appreciates it. Maya asks if Caroline can say the same or did she take advantage.

Chris explains that Rick would like to proceed with the divorce as soon as possible. Ridge says that Caroline's lawyer is going to have to look it over first. Chris says that when she signs the papers they can be sent to his office. Caroline asks if anyone has a pen. Ridge tells her to read the papers first. Caroline doesn't want anything from Rick and he doesn't want anything from her. Ridge thinks that she can wait. Caroline asks why. She has given it enough time. Caroline signs the papers and hands them to Chris. Chris leaves. Caroline says it is done and they can all move on. They both smile. Ridge tells her that she didn't have to sign those papers tonight. Caroline thinks differently. Ridge didn't expect it. Caroline didn't expect the man she married to come in here with a gun. He would have never done that. Ridge doesn't think that he has been that man in a while. Caroline wasn't willing to see that. She thought that they still had a chance but after tonight it is over. She gets that he didn't mean to hurt anyone but she put up with it because she thought he would turn around. Ridge is sorry. Caroline is not. She did everything to save her marriage. That is what she said but he kept threatening violence and that is where she has to draw the line. Caroline can't have kids with someone who uses a gun. Ridge thinks she made the right choice. He asks her what she wants to do now.

Brooke appreciates Maya's openness. Maya does not have anything to hide. Brooke says that Maya still has not said the one thing that a mother wants to hear. Brooke wants to know how her son is. Maya explains that dealing with Caroline has not been easy. She shouldn't worry though because he has not been doing it alone. Brooke asks if he is alright. Maya says he is angry. Maya thinks that she can imagine. Caroline betrayed him with Ridge. Maya believes that if she had done it with anyone else but him Rick might have been able to forgive her. Caroline knew Brooke and Ridge's history all the things that he put them all through and changed their lives upside down. Brooke explains that Ridge and her put that behind them along time ago. Maya tells her that Rick hasn't. She is his mother and seeing Ridge with Caroline opened up a huge wounded. Caroline is the one who opened it. Rick walks in. Maya is glad that he is home. Rick knows that she has a whole thing planned but he is just not feeling it. Maya says it is ok. She explains some one is here. Rick is happy to see Brooke. Rick asks Hope is with her. Brooke says no. She is going to stay in Italy for a little while. Rick thinks that she must be doing better if Brooke is here. Brooke explains that she just has some things to work through but wants to know how Rick is doing. Rick thinks that it was another bang up day in the office. He assumes that Maya has filled her in. Brooke says that she said they are living together and that his marriage to Caroline... Rick says it is over. Rick explains that there was an incident at the office tonight. Shots were fired and he wasn't trying to hurt anybody. He wasn't even aiming at them. Brooke looks mortified. Maya looks shocked. Rick assumes that they called the police and they will be here any minute. Maya thought he said that no one got hurt. Rick says that every one is fine. Brooke is happy about that. Rick didn't plan that. Maya asks if the gun just went off by itself. Brooke asked where he even got it. Rick tells her it was Stephanie. He found it in her night stand. Rick gave it to his lawyer and he forgot it then he saw Caroline and Ridge together. Brooke can't believe he shot at them. Rick says that she has been begging him to get back with her and Ridge wouldn't stop. He had to get him off of his wife. Maya doesn't look happy with what he just said.

Ridge is on the phone talking about the incident. He is talking to Eric and telling him that he can't let Rick get away with it. Caroline thinks about the shooting. Ridge does not know where he went. He gets off the phone. Ridge explains that he just wants them to be safe. Rick shouldn't be here at all. He shouldn't even be here to pick up his stuff. Ridge believes he should be in jail. Caroline doesn't think that he should be in jail but he is right Rick shouldn't be here.

Rick knows that Ridge is going to make it look like it was bad. He didn't shoot him but he would have. Brooke gets on her phone. Ridge picks up and Brooke asks if he is ok. Ridge says yes. Brooke asks about Caroline. Ridge says that she is ok too. Ridge asks if she talked to him. Brooke says yes. She is with him right now. Ridge asks if she is back in LA. Brooke knows why he did it. She cannot believe he did this to him. Ridge thinks that they can talk about that another time. Brooke asks if they are calling the police. Ridge says that Caroline said not too. Brooke is happy about that. Ridge is not letting it go though. Brooke hangs up the phone and looks at Rick. She starts to cry.

Caroline asks if Brooke is back. Ridge thinks it is just in time. Caroline assumes to help Rick. Ridge thinks that someone has to. Ridge does not think that they have to stay here and fix this. They should just go. Caroline asks if he really thinks Rick should be fired. Ridge does not know if he can be fired. Caroline thinks that what he did could have hurt someone. She doesn't want him getting charged for it but his time as CEO is over. Caroline does not think that they can run away. Caroline signed the papers because she doesn't want to live with a man like Rick. Caroline reminds him that Eric picked Ridge first. If it weren't for her then it would have not changed. Caroline thinks it would take years to set up a company. Caroline thinks they can run this business. Caroline has no more guilt. Caroline thinks they are lucky. They hug each other.

Maya asks if they called the police. Brooke says they aren't going to. Maya is glad. Rick asks if he described it differently. Maya tells him that he cannot let them do this to him. Rick reminds her that Caroline was begging to come back so it looked odd to him. Maya thinks that it was all a trick. Rick cannot believe it though. He knows he shouldn't care. Rick could have looked past it any other day but he is stressed. RIck explains the only peace he has got from Maya. Maya is the only person who has been there for him. Brooke is here now. She thought he was ok. Rick is. Brooke just wants to be here now just in case. Rick just wants to go to bed. Brooke thinks that is a good idea. Brooke thinks he will wake up more like himself. Maya tells him that she will be up in a minute. Rick goes up stairs. Brooke thinks that he is really attached to her. Brooke reminds her that he is still married. Maya doesn't think for long. Brooke thinks that Rick is in trouble. Maya didn't know about the gun. Brooke tells Maya if anything bad happens she is back. Maya can go now as Rick is waiting. She will show herself out. Maya says goodnight. She walks up stairs. Brooke looks at the photo. Maya looks at her from the balcony and looks sad.

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