B&B Monday Update 1/26/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/26/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Ivy are in bed together with a blanket covering them. Ivy smiles. Liam explains that he loves her. They kiss each other. Ivy hugs him and wrests her head on his body. Liam asks if she is cold. He can get her another blanket. Ivy thinks that this is nice. It reminds her of Amsterdam. She remembers how he was quite the captain. Ivy thinks that there is no end to his hidden talents.

Chris tells Rick that it won’t take long to file the divorce papers, and he will be back soon. Rick shakes his hand and thanks him. Chris leaves and Rick takes a drink. He realizes that Chris has forgotten to take Stephanie’s gun. He runs out into the lobby looking for him holding the gun. He looks at it and is about to go back to his office when he sees Ridge’s door slightly open. He peeks in and sees Caroline kissing Ridge on the couch and voices start to fill Rick’s head of the last couple of weeks. He puts his hand on the trigger and shoots three times.

Maya really wishes that Rick was here because she is sure that he would be really happy that Brooke is home. Brooke asks where Rick is. Maya explains that he is at work. They had a special evening planned. Brooke asks if she means we as in just the two of them. Maya confirms this. Brooke asks in Eric’s home dressed like that. Maya explains that it is one of Brooke’s top sellers and of course she already knows that. Brooke wants to know why her portrait is hanging on the wall. Maya says that it was not her idea. She is not exactly a portrait hanging over the mantel type. Brooke assumes that she is getting used to it though so that means everyone else should too. Maya smiles.

Maya knows how strange this might all seem. Brooke says Maya and her son. She knew that Rick was having problems with Caroline but she was not expecting to come home to this. Maya thinks that they should wait for Rick to come home. Brooke assures her that she has a lot to say to him but right now she would like to hear from her. Brooke asks if there were problems in the guest house. Maya says yes. Brooke understands why Rick would be living here but it doesn’t explain why he would be living with Maya instead of his wife. Maya explains that they are no longer together. Maya asks if she knew that Eric made Rick CEO. Brooke did in part because Rick and Caroline were such a dynamic team. Maya does not really feel comfortable having this conversation dressed like this. She would like to change. Brooke says that is fine and while she does she will put Stephanie’s portrait back on the mantel. Maya does not say anything but smiles then walks up stairs.

Rick puts the gun to his side and walks into the room. Ridge is on top of Caroline and says her name. Rick tells him to get off of her. Ridge asks what he is doing. Rick asks what he is doing as it looks like he is molesting her. Rick asks what Caroline is doing. He assumes that the two of them must have really got the creative juices flowing so they just couldn’t wait. Rick saw them on each other. Caroline looks frightened.

Liam explains that he has an extra toothbrush. Ivy thinks that is really awkward. Liam didn’t mean it that way. He meant it for the morning unless she planned to go home. Ivy asks what home he means. Eric’s home or Lord Rick’s and Lady Maya’s. Liam laughs and agrees. Liam wouldn’t be shocked if things got a little tenser around there. Ivy just is glad that she has her protector. Liam will always be there. Ivy doesn’t know what will set Rick off. She doesn’t want to talk about Rick when they could be talking about what they are going to eat for breakfast in the morning.

Maya walks back down stairs and Brooke tells her that Stephanie’s portrait is not in the garage. Maya is shocked to hear that. Maya says that they should ask Rick. Brooke asks if he should be here by now. Maya can call and ask where he is. Brooke wonders if he is working things out with Caroline. Maya doesn’t think that is going to happen. Brooke knows that Maya knows more than she is saying. Maya explains that it is complicated and Rick should be the one to tell her about it. Brooke thinks that she has some idea but she didn’t expect to come home to find her living at Eric’s with her portrait above the fire place. Maya realizes that this is a lot to absorb but one thing that needs to be made clear is that she loves her son very much. Brooke wonders about Caroline. She wants to know about her feelings. Maya says that things happened. She turned to someone else. Brooke asks what she is saying. She wonders if Caroline was unfaithful. Maya says yes. Rick’s wife was unfaithful with Ridge. Brooke looks mortified.

Ridge thinks that Rick is insane. Ridge grabs the gun. He puts it in his desk. Rick tells him to relax. They deserved the bit of shock. He notes that Caroline looks a little shocked. He asks if she is ok in the rudest way possible. Charlie runs in with Pam following and Carter behind him. Pam asks what is going on. Carter says they heard shots. Ridge tells them that Rick shot at them. Charlie will go check the other office to make sure that nobody got hit. Carter asks if he has lot his mind. Rick tells Carter to watch himself because he was pretty sure that Ridge was going to defile her. Pam asks what he was going to do with a gun. Rick had to get it out of the house. Pam asks why he would bring it to Forrester then. Rick explains that his attorney came to pick it up but he forgot it so he ran after him, and he saw the cradle robber on top of his wife. Ridge asks if he wants to be with Caroline or not.

Liam wonders what he wants for breakfast. Liam would like a special type of waffles. Ivy is sorry but she can’t make those. Liam is sorry then but he is going on a hunger strike. Ivy thinks that is not very mature. Liam thinks this is not very mature and he playfully tackles her. They then start to kiss again.

Ridge asks yes or no. Rick is not jerking around she is his wife. Ridge thinks that she has worked so hard to make this marriage work and he didn’t want it but now he wants it again. Ridge asks what he wants. Rick explains that Caroline will be getting a visit from his attorney and she can drop the gun off with him. Rick asks Ridge to do him a favor and stay off of his wife.

Maya realizes this is a shock. It certainly was for Rick to learn that his wife was cheating on him with Ridge. She knows that Brooke knows Ridge and Rick’s kisses. Maya explains that Rick was devastated. Maya is not going to lie she has never stopped loving her son. It was hard when Caroline and Rick got married but she respected it long enough until Caroline gave her and Rick a reason not to. Maya is sorry. She probably should have let Rick tell her. Brooke explains that he never mentioned it. Brooke just assumed. Maya assumes that Rick didn’t want to worry her. Caroline is a grown woman and didn’t appreciate what she had. Brooke explains that Rick was completely devoted to her. Brooke asks how she could do that to her son.

Carter wants to give Ridge and Caroline some privacy. Ridge asks Caroline what he wants from her. Ridge can’t believe after everything he has put her through. Caroline says that everything just happened so fast. Ridge thought it was getting better. Ridge decides to call Baker. He can be in the CEO office that is fine but if he plans to play target practice then he won’t allow him anywhere near this office. Caroline can’t let him do that. She asks him not to.

Ivy knows that they have both said they love each other and now they have made love for the first time. Ivy just wants him to know that this is not something that she does easily. Liam understands. He wouldn’t let it happen any other way. He wants her.

Maya is sure that when she speaks to Caroline and Ridge they will have a completely different take on things but for her seeing Rick go through what he went through and loving him the way she does. She has to ask how she couldn’t be there to help him. It wasn’t like it made her any friends. She was called a gold digger and worse. It doesn’t matter to her. Let them throw whatever they want so long as she is the woman that Rick can trust. Maya is sorry that she had to come home to all of this. She is glad though that she has someone in his corner besides her. Brooke is his mother and she knows that they can count on her.

Caroline pleads with Ridge. Rick is still her husband and he has been through enough. She understands but he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Ridge asks how she knows that. He could just be a lousy shot. Caroline begs him to let it go. Ridge can’t do that. This has to stop. Caroline knows but he is in so much pain. She has put him through enough. She pleads with him. Ridge puts the phone away. She thanks him. Ridge hopes that she knows that he thinks this could be amazing. Ridge is leaving Forrester with her. They can start a new design company. They should go and be happy. Ridge wants to make her happy. Ridge asks her to run away with him.

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