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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

John McCook welcomes the audience to the soundstage where they film "The Bold and the Beautiful." He explains that for the 7000th episode they are going to take the audience around and show them how they have done things over 28 years.

The current cast (including Kim Matula and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) all emphasize that it is the 700th episode of the show. Clips both old and new are played very briefly in between takes of the actors.

After a series of clips mostly from the past year and a half being played, the very first promo for "The Bold and the Beautiful" back in 1987 is played where the original cast promote the first episode.

Brad Bell (head writer/executive producer, and son of Bill Bell the creator) explains that back in 1987 episode 7000th was light years away in their minds. They had just moved from Chicago and his father was determined to have another show on the air. So he gathered the family and they all threw in ideas based around a fashion family in living in LA. John McCook explains that he had heard about Bill Bell wanting to do the show. Brad Bell explains that his father had worked with John on "The Young and the Restless" and Susan Flannery on "Days of Our Lives." He knew that they were his actors to play the roles of head of the family. Ronn Moss was the first actor cast and people would all go up on lines because he was so handsome. John explains that he tested with five women to play Brooke. Brad says that Katherine Kelly Lang came in. Then Katherine explains that she originally auditioned for Caroline but they had Joanna Johnson already so they explained that she would be playing Brooke.

A scene is shown from Katherine Kelly Lang's first audition with John McCook. He explains that after seeing that take, Bill Bell said that was their girl. Brad tells us that the first few episodes were very experimental. John recounts that Ridge and Eric were discussing what women wanted to wear back stage at a fashion show. KKL remembers that she had to be strong and emotional and scared. John thought this was going to be a stunning-looking show.

Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) and Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) hope that the audience is enjoying the show so far and that they will be right back.

In fast forward it is shown how the crew for the show set up each of the sets and decorate them.

John asks if the audience has ever wondered what it is like to work on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He goes on to say that his co-stars and he are going to show the audience what that day looks like. From hair to rehearsing and it is all a big day.

The actors every day enter through what is called the artist entrance. Then they walk past the cast photo as well as a photo of co-creators Lee Phillip Bell and William J. Bell. John gets in an elevator with Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer). John explains in voice over that they have to be quick because time is very important.

Scott explains that the first thing they have to do when they get on set is go to the director and discuss blocking. From there they can discuss shooting and prepare with fellow actors before they start filming. Scott explains that today Aly is filming a very dramatic scene.

Alley Mills says that she takes a quick stop at craft services and she only eats healthy snacks. Then they must go to hair and makeup and it typically takes them about an hour, maybe a little bit longer for her.

Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) says that after hair and makeup, she goes to get fitted for a costume and tries to see if she needs to get it altered in anyway.

Scott explains that his mornings can be pretty busy because after hair and makeup, he has to go upstairs and be part of a live Tweet chat with fans all over the world.

John and Alley are then called to set. John says that it is finally time to go to work.

Darin Brooks (Wyatt Fuller-Spencer) explains that during his first reading, Kim Matula (Hope Logan) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer-Forrester) both came up to him and started to mess around. We are then shown test footage of his audition with Scott Clifton. Darin explains that it was great and the rest was history.

Linsey Godfrey explains that she got the audition from her agent and everyone was doing their audition very sassy and she was going to do it differently. To her shock and pleasure, she got the part.

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) explains that he will never get used to getting naked on TV. Karla Mosley says that being on a soap means lots and lots of soap opera sex. Heather Tom (Katie Logan) tells us that it is not that bad of a job to have to roll around with hot guys. Scott says that lovemaking scenes are about the most awkward thing you can do. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) remarks that it is already hard enough to do at home. Kim Matula says that they will be looking up at a teleprompter telling them where to move their hands while they are on top of each other. Scott explains that they will be in full body make-up trying to move around. They all explain that they are directed on how to move around.

Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) never thought that the sex scene with Quinn would ever actually be filmed. Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller) didn’t really know if they were going to do that but then they aired it.

Brad explains that when it comes to being really bad, he can only take it so far then he has to look to his actors.

Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe) thinks that Deacon is an incredibly flawed guy. He will do something bad but then he will turn around and be doing something that makes him relatable.

Rena explains that she and Brad had a conversation about who Quinn is and that is when they realized that she was just bad. It has been so much fun to play.

KKL and Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) ask the audience if they can believe that it has been 7000 shows. Jacob thinks that it is amazing. They both tell the audience to stick around because more is to come.

Don Diamont says that the audience is watching episode 7000 of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Brad explains that they had been on the air for about five years when Greece started to get into it. John explains that Italy had a huge response to the show. Scott says that the first overseas trip they took was to Italy and it was like they were The Beatles. Heather Tom remembers fans camping outside their hotel rooms, which is something that they never really get that in the US. Jacqueline says that they were in Johannesburg, South Africa, and they didn’t expect that it would be as big as it would be. It was crazy with thousands of fans there. John tells us that when they were first popular in the Netherlands they were able to fill a huge stadium. Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra) would come out and introduce herself. People would scream for her. They were shooting a scene where she had to fall into the water, and she was not sure if she could do it, but then the fans gathered and they had a stunt person ready. She then shouted get out of her way and she jumped into the water and said that she is going to get them and pay for that.

Sean explains that he had just started to do the show and was reading his lines when all of a sudden Darlene went off book and just said "Mr. Deacon Sharpe" and he was thinking to himself that is not the line and she went off on a monologue that was huge and he thought it was incredible.

Scott would have to guess that one of the reasons that they have such a huge international audience is because they take the dubbing seriously. Spanish, Italian, and French are shown. Jacob Young thinks that the voice for Rick in French is much better than his own.

Brad explains that they are shown in over 100 countries and they are able to sustain it.

Jacqueline really loves to do her own stunts. She loves to be hands on and is always up for a challenge, but there have been times that they do need stunt doubles.

Kim confides that when Hope fell down the stairs, it was padded with foam and it all looked very realistic.

Zach Conroy (Oliver Jones) says that when he did the jousting, the people were all very nice and actually acted like real knights.

Jacqueline remembers when she had a stunt double for when Steffy fell off the side of the cliff at Hope and Liam's Italian wedding. Apparently the stunt double looked very beautiful in a long wig and then it turned out that it was a man.

Brad says that digital technology allows them to do things that they never were able to do before. They are able to write things in script and they can free their imagination.

Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) shares that she did not actually go into the river in Paris. It was done with a green screen. They actually shot everything in LA where they recreated everything and it all looked real. Thorsten Kaye says that one of the better parts of becoming an older actor is that they don’t have to do stunts like they did back in the 80’s. Now they have green screen and will create things.

Don thinks that this is as close to being a family as it could be. Brad sets that tone. Heather is truly grateful.

Angelica McDaniels (The head of CBS daytime) reiterates that today they are celebrating 7000 episodes. Colleen Bell (Ambassador to Hungary and Brad Bell's wife) explains that some might only see a studio, but Brad sees it as a place that sets them free. Angelica is glad on behalf of CBS to announce the dedication of studio 31 to Bradley P. Bell. Brad says that his true favorite experience with the show is when he enters the studio and is greeted with smiles, hugs, and handshakes from a team that means the world to him, and he cannot thank them enough.

The actors thank the fans for watching the show for over 7000 episodes. Without the fans they would not be anything. They all thank the fans. They hope we stick around for the next 7000 episodes.

Episode 7000 is dedicated to "Bold and the Beautiful" fans all over the world.

Congratulations to "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 7000 episodes. Hoping to have another 7000 to watch!

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