B&B Thursday Update 1/22/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/22/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Brooke smiles and Deacon explains to her that it is nice to see her. Brooke explains it is nice to be back. Deacon is glad that she came to see her. They are in Quinn’s loft. Brooke knew that he wanted to hear about Hope. Deacon asks how she is doing. Brooke explains that she is getting there. Deacon is glad that Wyatt is with here. Brooke is too. He is doing everything to keep the marriage alive. Brooke is shocked about Deacon and Quinn being an item. Deacon knows that it is kind of strange. Brooke asks what Deacon is drinking. Deacon sarcastically says that he thinks they call it tequila. Brooke wants him to pour her a drink as well. Brooke thinks that she could use it in case his new girlfriend comes home.

Liam opens his front door to find Ivy. Ivy has a red flower and she walks in. She is enchanted by the candles and music. Ivy asks what he has in mind for tonight. Liam starts to laugh.

Ridge and Caroline are in his office and he asks her what Rick said to her. Caroline tells him that he said every rude thing he could possibly think of. Rick went on about the designs and about them. He then started to go off on Ivy. Ridge thinks that he should have been there. Caroline can handle herself, especially now that she knows that Rick is not going to be the husband that she expected. Ridge touches Caroline’s face.

Rick and Maya kiss passionately in his office. Maya asks well. Rick asks her what she means by that. Maya tells him that he cannot hint at a surprise and then not say anything. Rick explains that there was one thing. Something that she has been asking for. Maya smiles. Rick tells her that Chris is on his way over. Maya wonders if he has divorce papers. Rick says that they came in. Rick explains that Caroline gets them today and they can finally move on. Rick is smiling and Maya hugs him.

Deacon asks if Brooke has any idea when Hope is coming back. Brooke does not think that it will be anytime soon. Brooke knows that the whole situation has had a profound effect on her. Quinn walks in. Deacon gets up and says hello. Brooke explains that she can go if they want to be along. Quinn tells her that she does not have to go. Quinn asks about Hope. She wonders if Hope and Wyatt have come home with her. Brooke says no. Brooke can’t speak for Wyatt but she is pretty sure that Hope is going to stay there for a while. Quinn says that she can’t. Brooke says excuse me. Quinn believes that Brooke has to get through to her and convince her to come home. Brooke looks a little annoyed.

Liam hands Ivy a drink and says thank you. Liam starts to make a toast but Ivy stops him. Ivy wants to toast him for everything that he has done for her today. Liam only put some flowers in a vase it really wasn’t that much. Ivy doesn’t mean that. She means at the Forrester office. She has seen the whole Liam hero thing before but it hit her today that he has her back no matter what. She wants him to know that she has his back as well. Liam cheers to that. They click glasses.

Rick is glad to see Chris. Chris says hello to both Rick and Maya. Rick wonders if there will be any surprises. Christ explains it will be just as they talked about. Chris has him sign on a few pages. Maya asks if he is ok. Rick says yes. Maya doesn’t want him to pretend that ending his marriage is easy. Maya tells him to sign and she will get ready. Rick asks her what for. Maya tells him that he is coming home to a celebration tonight. Maya kisses Rick and leaves. Rick wants to get this over with.

Caroline explains that Rick asked if they kissed again. Caroline knows that her look totally gave it away. Ridge doesn’t think that he should be surprised. Caroline would think that after he forced himself to move on with Maya he lost it. He forced everyone to get out of the meeting and he lose it on the two of them. Ridge hoped that he would grow up a bit but he really hasn’t. Ridge does not think he needs or deserves that. Ridge tells her to let him rant and rave because it does not concern her anymore.

Brooke tells Quinn that Hope can decide on her own when to come home. Quinn thinks that she needs to think about someone other than herself, she has a husband. Deacon reminds her that he is over there with her they can get through this together. Quinn asks if they really are. She flew off to Europe and left Wyatt alone. Quinn asks if she would have even been in touch with him. She asks if Hope’s feelings are the only ones who matters here. Quinn does not like how Hope is handling this. She does not like it at all.

Ivy does not think it will take too long to clean up. Liam agrees that it won’t take too long to clean up in the morning. Ivy cannot believe that Liam is so scandalous. Her mother would never approve. Liam points out that her mother in Australia and she doesn’t have to know. Liam thinks they are lucky Caroline will take care of them when she gets home. Ivy thinks that is mean. Liam jokes and tells her that the girl needs to earn her keep around here. Ivy agrees that she probably does owe him a lot for defending her in front of Rick. Ivy feels so safe and protected when she is near him. She does not think that anything can harm her when she is by his side.

Rick signs the papers. He asks what is next. Chris will file the documents and then he will come back to serve her. Rick asks if that will be tonight. Chris looks at his watch. He is sorry that things didn’t end up like this. Rick wonders if he can pour Chris a drink. Chris says no. Rick is happy that he likes to drink alone. Rick does have one more thing. Rick takes out the gun and asks him to get rid of it for him. Chris thinks that the gun is in great condition. Rick explains that it was Stephanie’s. He wants it gone. He does not trust himself.

Ridge looks at a sketch and asks Caroline what she thinks of it. Caroline does not think that it is her best work. Ridge does not think she can be objective anymore. He believes that it is beautiful. Ridge wonders if they should move some things around though. Caroline says yes but if they do that than they are going to have to change the back. Ridge knows that is too much work. Caroline thinks it is worth it. She smiles.

Rick explains that Stephanie kept it in her night stand. If she had one martini too many Eric could have been a goner. Chris asks if she kept it loaded. Rick says no but he did find bullets. Rick asks if he knows how to load that thing. Chris goes to the range once a month with his wife. He points the gun at the horse portrait behind Rick’s desk and tells him to pick one. Rick asks if he seriously plans to shoot. Chris says no. Rick asks if his wife has a birthday coming up. Chris explains his anniversary is coming up. Chris doesn’t actually think that he would give it to him. Rick thinks it is a bonus for all the extra work he has been doing for him lately. He also wants him to tell his wife that he is happy to know that a happily married couple still exists. Rick takes a drink.

Caroline and Ridge work on the dress and smile and laugh at each other. They pick fabric for it. They play around. They end up kissing each other passionately.

Brooke does not think that Quinn has any say in how Hope deals with grieving the loss of her child. Quinn believes that she does when it concerns her son. Brooke knows that if she didn’t come over to her house and confront Hope none of this would have happened. It is all her fault Quinn walks off. Deacon whispers to Brooke to lay off. She already blames herself and does not need to hear it from Brooke. Deacon walks over to Quinn. Brooke decides to leave. She just wanted to give an update on Hope. Brooke knows that Hope will do what she needs to do to get better. She will let them know if she has any updates. Brooke leaves.

Ivy and Liam kiss passionately. Liam asks if he can tell her something. Ivy says yes. Liam will do whatever it takes to save her. She is the one who came into his life and taught him that it does not have to be about overcoming obstacles. She reminded him that love can be fun. Ivy thinks that it is when you find the right person and she knows that she has found the right person. Liam does too. He walks her to his bedroom.

Maya is in red lingerie. She is lighting candles and someone knocks on the door. She wonders if Rick has lost his key. She opens the door and is shocked to find Brooke. Maya looks embarrassed. Brooke looks confused.

Ivy and Liam kiss passionately still standing up and undressing each other. Liam takes off his shirt and then takes off Ivy’s shirt. He starts to take off her skirt. He gets on his bed and starts to kiss her again.

Maya is shocked to see Brooke and says hello. She sees that she is back. Brooke sees that Maya is wearing her clothing line. Maya notes that. Brooke would like to come in. Brooke is actually looking for Rick. Maya explains that he is not home yet. Brooke was knocking on the guest house door and no one was answering. Maya explains that they live here now. Brooke wonders what she means by that. Maya explains that the guest house needed some renovations so they are staying here until Eric gets back. Brooke asks if she means Rick and her. Brooke walks into the living room and sees the portrait. She asks where Stephanie’s picture is. Maya looks nervous and says in the garage. Brooke tells her that it needs to go back up. Brooke asks what is going on. Brooke thinks this is disrespectful and wants to know what she is doing with her son. Maya frowns.

Chris tells Rick that it will not take long and he will see him soon. Chris leaves and Rick take a drink. Rick notices that he forgot the gun. Rick starts calling for him.

Ridge and Caroline start kissing on the couch passionately

Rick walks out into the lobby and then notices that the door of Ridge’s office is open. He sees Ridge and Caroline kissing He starts to hear voices in his head. He looks disgusted. He points the gun through the door and three shots go off.

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