B&B Wednesday Update 1/21/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/21/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick gets off the ground he still has a laugh in his voice and asks if Liam is being serious right now. Liam tells Rick that he is being out of line right now and he knows it. Liam tells him that if he ever speaks to them ever again he will do this again. Rick explains to him that this is his company and he will speak to his employees however he needs to. Liam says no. Caroline is his cousin and Ivy is his girlfriend and if he disrespects them then he will go through him.

Katie looks outside the window of Bill’s office and smiles. She says that she forgot how much she likes that view. Bill asks if she wants his office. Bill will build himself a new one. Katie thinks that Bill is really working hard. Bill is going to do anything to get her back. Katie asks if one of those things is bestowing her with the vice presidency. Bill is not going to lie it does sweep the pot but she is perfect with the company. Bill thinks that Katie helps Spencer benefit from all of this. Katie believes that she is looking at a new future. Bill agrees. Bill is going to accomplish something unprecedented and not just at the office but at home too. Katie does have one reservation about taking this job. Bill tells her to say the word. Katie is used to spending her time with Will and that means a lot to her. Bill already agreed to give her flex hours and he is getting back daycare. Katie wonders though if he really means that. She remembers him telling her that the female employees taking care of their brat’s defeats the purpose of being at the office in the first place. Bill tries to deny that. Katie knows that he said it. Bill supposes that he did say it. Katie wants him to admit that he was wrong. Bill says that he is wrong. Katie thinks that is the sexiest thing he has ever said to her. Bill thinks it was painful but the truth is that everything Katie did for the company was actually good. The employees liked her. Katie is shocked that Bill has learned from his wrongs.

Rick asks if Liam really thinks that barging into his office and pushing him is going to do anything. Liam was just standing at Pam’s desk and he heard yelling. Liam tells Rick that these two girls are his people. Liam asks them what he was doing to them. Caroline mumbles that he was be raiding them. Ivy explains that Rick was being rude to Caroline because he wouldn’t let her speak about her own line. Caroline ads in that Rick then brought up Ridge again. Rick tells her to tell everyone that she has not given up on him and that it really has never stopped. Rick knows that she is still with him. Rick explains to Liam that his cousin is not exactly blameless in all of this. Liam knows that he isn’t either and asks how his new roommate his. Liam asks if this is when he started yelling. Ivy says yes and that he threatened to fire her if she stood up for Caroline and then he fired Caroline. Rick does not want a faithless liar around him all day. Liam wonders if he realizes how hypocritical he sounds right now. He points out that he is living with Maya right now and sleeps with her every night. He knows that he is in pain but he does not get to be a bully just because he is hurt and because he can.

Bill says that because of Katie and her influence he has learned to live as a better man. That is why he needs her so much. Katie wants to get this straight. She is supposed to take him back because he is a nicer person. Bill asks who makes her laugh more than anyone. Katie knows that no one else does. Bill knows he does more than the uptight dress maker. Bill can just imagine what Ridge’s idea of a joke is. Katie thinks that he just has a more subtle humor than Bill’s. Bill asks about the piece of string she wore around her finger. That was hysterical. Katie tells him that he can stop. Bill asks when she wants a real one she can just let him know. Katie thinks he needs help with his self-esteem. Bill believes that he is a humbled man. Katie asks since when. Bill thinks that since she has agreed to take him back. Katie will agree to take it one day at a time. Katie asks if they can do that. Bill says for the moment. Katie would like to move on now and make daycare the first priority. Bill thinks that is great for the two of them. Katie is excited about this. She thinks it will be fun working with him and Liam. Bill wishes that he had something to offer to Caroline so she could get away from Forrester. Katie does not know about that seeing that she is going to be a major designer with two lines. Bill knows that and he also knows that one will be with Ridge. Katie knows that he does not like him but he has taken her career to the next level. Bill knows that it might seem that way but instead of her being able to celebrate she is drowning in guilt and remorse over the discretion that was not her fault in the first place. Katie thinks that minor discretions have consequences. Bill thinks that sometimes they have good ones. Bill cannot believe they are back here.

Rick is not going to stand here and be lectured by Liam. He asks who the hell he thinks he is. This is his company. Liam asks if this is how he normally manages his staff. Does he send for them and just yell at them and threaten their jobs. Rick does not have to explain anything to him. Rick asks if he knows what his cousin did. She betrayed him. Everyone is so concerned about her feelings but no one cares about his. He has to work with both of them every single day. He was not the one who created this terrible situation. Caroline did that all by herself. Now she has to deal with the fall out or she can leave which he believes is the better situation for all of them. Liam is not unsympathetic but this is not how you treat people. At least if he would just fire her but he is just breaking her spirt. He is breaking her heart and rubbing his relationship with Maya in front of her. Ivy thinks that it is because he still loves her. Rick yells at her and tells her to stay out of this or she can follow Caroline on the way out. Liam tells him to chill out. Rick is CEO and can fire anyone he pleases. Liam tells him to back it up and stop acting like an angry little child. Liam asks if Eric would be proud of him right now. This is not fair. Liam knows that if anyone in this company knows what it is like to be treated unfairly it would be Rick. Rick asks why he is listening to this. Rick tells Liam that if he ever touches him again he will have a fight on his hands. He tells Ivy and Caroline that both of them are officially on notice. He demands that they all get out right now. Liam knows that he is on a power trip right now but he will not allow Rick to treat them this way. They are not unprotected. Caroline is a Spencer and Ivy is his girlfriend. He will be back. Rick thinks that Liam is his father’s son. Liam is when it comes to protecting the people he loves he is. Caroline slams the door behind her.

Bill takes note that Katie does not want to be referred to as Liam’s replacement. He takes note of that. He tries to get her to allow him back in the house full time. Katie says no. Bill tries to convince her that it would be the best thing for Will to know that his parents were under the same roof working together. Katie knows it would make him happy. Bills knows it would make him happy too as well as her. So he asks why she is stalling. They need to get back to the way that things were. Katie does not think that it is so simple. This is not about them just taking a leap of faith again. Katie notes that he is the reason she trips. Katie believed in them once when they were together but things didn’t go so great. Bill takes full responsibility for that. He knows that she was not well. He did not fully appreciate her. Katie reminds him that he picked Brooke. Bill knows Bill knows that it still stings and he wants to make it up to her if she will let him. Bill promises that she can trust him. Bill wipes her tears from her face and kisses her hand.

Liam, Caroline, and Ivy go into Ridge’s office. Liam couldn’t believe what he was hearing when he heard Rick going off like that. Liam asks if that happens all the time now. Ivy says yes it does. Caroline explains that he usually just gets angry but today was different and they both know why. Ivy knows it is because he still loves her. Caroline corrects her and says it is because she hurt him. Liam asks if Ridge and Caroline are still connecting. Caroline goes off on him and asks so what if she is. Rick is living with Maya and posting photos all over his wall. Liam is not judging he just wants to know how close Rick needs to be watched. Caroline says that Rick is just hurt. Liam is over that. People do not do that. Liam will not let him get away with doing this to either of them. Liam is starting to think that Eric made a big mistake making Rick CEO. He can only imagine what Eric would think if he was here. Liam asks if they could call him. Caroline tells him that Eric is unreachable. Ivy ads that even if they did Rick cannot be fired for a year. Liam is shocked. Caroline explains that Rick conned Eric into thinking that Rick would be married to Caroline so he could have the company. Ivy explains that before Rick told everyone about Maya he tricked everyone. Caroline does not want to lose her job she really needs it. Ivy needs hers as well which is why they need to find a way to deal with it. Liam asks how they are going to produce under these conditions. Caroline does not think they have much they can do. Liam is going to keep looking into it. Caroline has to leave. Ivy tells her to go get some rest. Caroline thanks Liam for all of this. Caroline is going to go home and get some rest. Caroline leaves. Ivy feels awful for her. Liam knows they can’t do anything right now. The two kiss each other. Ivy tells him that him standing up for them was a thing of beauty Liam thinks that she will not be disappointed. Liam needs a few minutes head start and explains that he has something special planned. Liam means that he loves her. Ivy does too Liam tells her to hold that thought all night long. The two continue to kiss.

Rick pours himself a drink. He has a look of anger in his eyes. He remembers back when he was much younger saying that Ridge will not get away with this. He will not let hurt his mother be again. Rick then remembers when Caroline told him about Ridge. Rick drinks all in his glass. He goes to his brief case and puts it on his desk. He opens it and gets out a silk bag where he finds the gun that he found in Eric’s room. He holds it and looks angry.

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