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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/20/15


Written By Anthony
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Maya walks away from Bill unaffected by why has been said to her. Bill gives her twenty four hours. He wants her out of this home and out of Rick's life by this time tomorrow. He asks if she understands him. Maya tells him that he has made himself perfectly clear. Bill assumes that she gets it. Maya gets it. He is telling her to listen to him, and tell her who to love. She wonders if that basically sums it all up.

In Rick's office everyone goes over designs. Pam loves a purple gown in particular. Rick walks in and wants to start. He slams the door behind him. Caroline explains that she has displayed some of the designs for him to see. Aly thinks that they are beautiful. Pam believes that even she would look good in something like this. Caroline thanks her. Oliver tells Rick that he has mock ups of Ivy's jewelry. Caroline tells him that they are open to all suggestions. Rick walks around the room. Rick asks where the head designer is. Caroline explains that Ridge could not make it but said that she could handle it. Rick disagrees.

Katie is in Bill's office doing some work and she looks up to find Liam. She asks how long he has been standing there. Liam jokes and says about an hour. Katie thinks that is funny. Liam asks if she is getting up to speed. Katie believes that she is and asks if he is as well. Liam is trying to. They both joke about their new titles at the company. Katie does not think that Bill has ever ceased to surprise her. Liam thinks that Bill must really respect her business sense. Katie guesses. Liam does not think that he would have given her the title if he didn't want her back in the company. Katie thinks that he wants her back in his life. Katie is happy to be back and glad that Bill respects her as a business woman. Liam thinks that he respects her as the mother she is and the wife she was. He feels that Bill knows what he lost and had. Katie knows that family is everything to Bill. Liam knows that before she came along that was not entirely true. Liam knows that he should get credit for that. Katie points out that Bill heard about Rick and Maya and rushed out of here. Liam asks where he went. Katie is not sure but wouldn't want to be in Rick's shoes right now or Maya's.

Bill thinks that Maya betrayed Caroline's marriage. Maya points out that she betrayed Rick with Ridge. Bill knows that she swooped in like a vulture. Maya tells Bill that this is her home. Bill asks if she is a Forrester. He knows that she will never be a Forrester. She has no chance. Maya thinks that Rick might have something to say about that. Bill tells her that Rick is married. Maya knows that for the moment he is married to his niece. Bill believes that is the point. He asks if she knows what that means. Maya thinks that Bill is here just to plea for Caroline's case. Bill does not do that. He calls her delusional. Bill tells her that this is not her living room. Bill gets what he wants. Maya tells him not this time he is not. Rick needs a woman who is devoted and that woman is her. She is not going anywhere.

Rick tells Caroline that she is not head designer. Rick tells her that Ridge should be here. Caroline explains that she told him she would take notes. Rick says to her that this is a concept meeting the head designer is required to be here. Rick asks if there is anything else he needs to do. He will run these by Ridge later. Caroline tries to say something but Rick talks over her and tells her that he will run these by the head designer not the helper. Rick wants to move on. Caroline looks ticked off.

Bill looks at the photo of Maya hanging above the fire place. Bill thinks that she is pathetic. Maya is trying to be respectful but he is making it very hard for her to be. Bill asks her to be respectful to his nieces marriage. Maya asks if Caroline didn't then why should she. Bill is telling her to. Bill does not think that anything good will come from this. Maya thinks something good has already come. The best thing that has ever happened to her. Bill cannot believe what she is saying. Bill is trying to help her. She is a young woman who is out of her depth. She does not belong in this home or in this family. Maya asks if she is nothing because she is a girl who did not go to the finest schools or grow up around all of this. Maya tells him that none of what he is saying is working. Maya thinks this is her home. She is with Rick. That is her photo on the wall. Bill asks what she is to Rick. Maya is the woman in his life. The lead model of the company. Bill tells her that the company changes lead models constantly. She is an employee. Maya tells him to leave right now. Bill takes a picture of the photo so that he can remember when she was hanging on the walls. He can get a little laugh out of it. Bill thinks she is a pathetic joke.

Liam wonders if Bill is confronting Rick or Maya or both. Katie hopes that it is just Maya because Rick can get ugly. Liam thinks that Rick needs to be put in his place. Katie asks if Liam has other issues with Rick other than how he is treating Caroline. Liam does as he is treating Ivy badly lately. Katie is shocked to hear that. Liam explains that Ivy is the one who caught Rick and Maya kissing outside of her apartment and has been treating her badly ever since. Katie asks how. Liam doesn't really know just with attitude. Liam knows that he is her nephew but he is completely out of control. Katie asks if she needs to talk to him. Liam says no. Liam is the one who wants to do it. Katie thinks that he is becoming more and more like his father every day. Laim thinks that at one point that would have been an insult but lately he is seeing things differently. Liam knows that sometimes you have to have the big stick especially when the people you love are being threatened.

Rick looks through sketches of shoes and asks Aly how long she has been working on them. Aly says a month or so. Rick had no idea. Rick asks if she has shown anyone these. Aly has shown Caroline and Ridge and Eric knows about her passion. Caroline believes that they are great. Rick is not sure that he is ready to commit to this just yet. Caroline asks why. Rick tells her that it is a risk and profits are up and company is in good shape. Rick tells Aly they are good and he would like to look at them again. He welcomes back Eva. Eva thanks them all for the California sun. She thinks it is lovely to be here. Rick asks her what is the buzz at international. Eva says that it is Ivy. Rick wonders if it is her jewelry. Eva says her modeling too. Ivy asks if he has seen her web numbers. Rick has and he thinks it is a mistake. Rick points out that she is not a model but she is a great jewelry designer. Pam thinks that she is all over the internet. Rick knows that but not all of that is good. Caroline does not think that it ever is but that publicity is always good. Rick knows that she is Caroline's friend but they have to be objective here. Maya is the lead model. If he had been in control at the time he would have used Maya. Rick tells Oliver to schedule a reshoot. Caroline points out that they just got a great word from international. Rick tells her that Ivy is not a model. Caroline asks Rick has talked to Nicole yet. Rick does not think it is relevant. Caroline believes it is if Maya plans to put her in the fold. Rick tells her this meeting is over. Caroline tells him not to take it out on this company. Rick yells that everyone leave but Caroline and Ivy are to stay. Everyone leaves the room. Rick asks what the hell Caroline thinks that she is doing.

Bill walks in his office and Katie is sitting at his desk still. He thinks that she has never looked sexier. Katie is just trying to catch up on a few things. Bill thinks she looks focused. Bill has been on a sensless mission. Katie asks if it was Rick or Maya. Bill says Maya and she is not leaving without a fight. Katie asks if he thought she would. Bill wonders if she is siding with Maya. Katie is not. She is clearly on the wrong and she is not going anywhere without a fight. Bill asks if she does not know who he is and what he is capable of. Katie asks just what he is capable of.

Pam asks if they all believe Rick. If Stephanie was here she would set him straight. Eva asks why Rick has such a problem with Ivy modeling. Oliver says it is personal. Eva asks if it has to do with his break up with Caroline. Oliver tells her that everything has to do with his break up with Caroline. Aly explains that he is taking it out on all of them. Pam thinks especially Caroline and Ivy. Aly does not think there is any excuse. He should not be speaking to them that way. Liam shows up and asks if Ivy is here. Pam says that Ivy is in Rick's office. Liam is about to go in but Oliver tells him it is not a good time. Liam asks who she is with. Aly says with Rick and that it is pretty intense.

Caroline is fighting what is best for this company. Rick does not think that is part of her job description. Caroline thinks he is trying to ignore it. Ivy has a following and Maya does not. Liam explains that Ivy is not a model. Caroline points out that neither was Maya until he decided to make her one. He was not CEO until Eric slapped the label. Rick tells that her focus should be on her work. Ivy asks what that is supposed to mean. Rick will get into that with Ridge if he ever shows up. Caroline asks him what he means. Rick does not think that these designs are her best efforts. Ivy asks if he is being serious. Caroline tells her it is fine and asks Rick what is wrong with them. Rick will tell Ridge when he gets here. Ivy does not think this is about the dresses but about Ridge and Caroline. Rick tells Ivy to bite her tongue. Rick explains that Caroline betrayed her. Rick knows it was more than a couple of kisses and he can see it is not over. He asks Caroline if it is.

Katie tells Bill that he cannot control everything. Bill hates that. Katie knows but thinks it can be liberating. It can be more responsibility. Bill asks if he is not responsible. Katie thinks that he does not need to be involved with his sons or niece problems. They all are in control. Bill thinks that she is the vice president and it is only the beginning. Katie asks if she is going to become CEO. Bill wants her to be CEO of his life. Bill wants her back and he is ready. Katie thinks that him being so positive can get him in trouble. Bill is ready.

Aly thinks that Rick is on a power trip. Oliver knows that Rick will come around. Aly thinks that he is being unreasonable. Oliver knows her designs are amazing and he will see that when he is back to normal. Aly asks why he does not see that. Aly asks if it would be amazing to see Forrester footwear. Oliver thinks it will all happen for her. Aly thinks it already has. The two kiss.

Liam asks if Rick is really acting like that. Pam says yes and he referred to Caroline as Ridge's little helper. Eva points out that the two girls held their own. Liam thinks that he is out of control and asks why he asked them to stay after meeting. Pam says he is giving them a piece of his mind. Liam is about to walk in but Pam tells him that they can defend themselves. Liam does not think that they should have too.

Rick asks if Caroline was really only designing. Ivy asks how he can get lashed out by a bunch of kisses. Rick wonder if Ridge and Caroline are together. Ivy thinks this is unfair. Liam can hear from outside. Rick does not want to hear another word. Rick fires Caroline. Liam bursts in and pushes Rick to the floor. He tells him to never speak to these woman that way. Rick starts to laugh.

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