B&B Friday Update 1/16/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/16/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Caroline is in Ridge’s office trying to draw and she starts to think of when Ridge asked her to work with him. She smiles. She thinks about all the times that they kissed together. She finds Ridge behind her and he asks if he is thinking what she is thinking. Caroline asks if they can make this happen. Ridge does not see why not. Caroline asks what her uncle will think. Ridge does not care what anyone else thinks. He also is letting her off the hook she doesn’t have a choice he is not letting her go. Caroline smiles. The two of them kiss passionately.

Carter is working out, outside and Othello finds him. Othello seems impressed and asks if he has a lot of steam to blow off? Maya walks outside very happy. She goes over to the two of them and says hello. Othello seems happy to see her but Carter explains they are in the middle of something. Othello says that they can always make time for Maya. Carter asks what Maya is up to today. Carter says that she is the mistress to this whole empire. Maya tells him that not even his rudeness can deflate the high she is on today. Carter is just trying to warn her to not get head over heels for a guy who is not committed. Maya explains that Rick told her last night and throughout the day. Maya tells him that Rick loves her.

Rick looks at pictures of Maya on his computer and smiles. Ivy is in his office as well and asks if he has heard from Wyatt. Ivy is not sure if she should email him about her new designs or wait until he gets back. Rick has not heard from him but thinks that he shouldn’t be much longer. Ivy wonders if he has heard from Hope. Rick has not heard from her either but he knows she is strong and she can get through this. Ivy thinks that is what she loves most about marriage. When you remember your vows even when you are facing your worst. Ivy thinks that it could get him through some things. She cares about Rick and Caroline as well. She wonders if he really can say that he does not love her anymore.

Maya says that what Rick has with her is real. She is his lady and he is her man and he loves her. Carter starts to laugh. Maya wants to know what. Carter thinks this is all happening to fast. He asked her if Rick really loved her and Maya didn’t have an answer and now he does. Maya wonders why that is important. Carter asks if he just said I love you spot on or did she have to confront him about it. Maya does not think that it makes a difference. Carter believes it makes a big difference. Maya knows that Rick loves her and she knows they are in love. She asks how much more proof he is going to need.

Rick does not want to have this conversation with Ivy. Ivy is just concerned about him. Rick asks what she has to be so concerned about. Ivy knows that he is trying to deliberately hurt Caroline and acting out at everyone else. Rick tells her to stop being crazy. Ivy says that Pam was devastated when Rick hung that picture. Rick is sorry for what he did to her before the truth came out but he needed to see if he had allies. Ivy never told anyone and believes that she can obviously be trusted. Rick thinks that she can. Ivy tells him that if that is the case then he needs to trust her when she says that there is only so much a woman can take.

Ridge thinks that they are two artists and they have a little fear. Caroline does not think this is just thinking this could be something that could be to forget about Rick or Katie. Ridge believes that they need to find out if they work well together. Caroline needs to take things slow. Ridge does not want this to end before they ever had a chance for it to begin. She starts to smile and he starts to kiss her.

Rick is no longer concerned about Ridge and Caroline. He is only concerned about running this business. Rick has only ever had one dream. He always wanted to make his mark at this empire and make his father proud. Ivy believes that it is pretty risky to do that by tricking him. Rick believes it is a choice that he can find successful. Ivy asks if he really thinks that a contract is going to stop Ridge from trying to undermine him. Rick does not think that. He knows though that Eric’s favoritism towards Ridge no longer tips the scales though. Rick has control over the company for a year and can show what he can do. Ridge has tormented him since he was a child. Rick appreciates her concern but he has a lot of work he needs to get done. Ivy leaves. Rick gets out his phone.

Caroline cannot believe this. This is the first time in a very long time that she has not been completely miserable here. Ridge tells her that she is welcome. Caroline feels kind of guilty that she feels relieved. No more tears for a man who does not want her. Ridge thinks he is an idiot. Caroline asks how this is going to work. Ridge asks if they cannot talk about Rick right now. He is here. Ridge gets a text from Rick and explains that he wants to see the designs.

Othello cannot believe that Rick replaced the portrait of Stephanie with a portrait of her. Maya was just as shocked as he was at first. Carter asks if she came up here just flaunt the affections of Rick Forrester. Maya says that and to tell him that he was wrong. Maya knows that he thought that Rick loved Caroline over her but she knows he is wrong now. She admits that she was intimidated by her. The hold she had on Rick but not ever again.

Caroline looks at her designs and starts to imagine Ridge and her in bed. Ivy walks in and explains that she has some pieces to show her for the collection. Ivy notices that she is smiling. She asks what brought this on. Caroline cannot make a choice about Ridge until he gets back because Ridge and her are a team. Ivy says they will wait for Ridge then.

Ridge walks into Rick office and Rick asks where the designs are. Ridge tells him that it will be a cold day in hell before he takes orders from him.

Maya just feels like this place is to old fashion. She would love to jazz it up a bit. Carter hates to break it to her but she is not the CEO. Maya is behind the CEO. Carter explains that Ridge is committed to Forrester. Maya asks if he is committed to his boss because she will not let anyone put him down. Othello thinks that she is speaking like the first lady of Forrester Creations.

Caroline thinks the jewelry is really beautiful. Ivy is sorry. She is happy. She wants to know what has changed. Caroline explains that she has. She gave so much of herself trying to save her marriage and she realized how much she had to offer. Caroline was reminded that she was strong. Ivy asks if it was Ridge. Ivy asks if they are together. Caroline says they are taking it slow.

Rick is CEO and is asking his lead designer for designs. It is not unreasonable. Ridge knows that this is not about business. Ridge thinks that Rick is disrespecting everybody. He moves a woman into his father’s house. He asks why he would move his mother’s picture for another woman. Rick tells him that her name is Maya and he lives in that house and he can do whatever he pleases. Rick tells Ridge that Eric is not his (Ridge’s) father and Stephanie is not his (Rick’s) mother. Ridge tells him that he is an arrogant child. Maya walks in and asks how someone who has caused so much pane can be so self-riotous. She tells him that if he can’t leave his personal drama at the door maybe he should go design somewhere else.

Caroline thinks this whole thing with Ridge is new and delicate. A young girl knocks on the door and asks if they can help her. She is looking for Maya Avant. Ivy says that she must be at lunch. She wonders if she has an appointment. The girl explains that she doesn’t think that she needs an appointment. She is Maya’s sister. Nicole Avant. Ivy and Caroline look at each other shocked.

Othello asks Carter how he is cool with his ex talking about the love of her life. Carter wishes that she would dial it back. She acts like Rick needs to be nursed back to health. Othello thinks that he would be suppressed. He has known Rick for a number of years back when they used to go snowboarding together in Aspen. Othello thought he had everything imaginable. That wasn’t the case though. Stephanie had control of the entire company and family. Rick was just a reminder to her of the relationship between Eric and Brooke. He is Eric’s blood but Rick has always felt like the bastard but now he has someone in his life that cares thanks to Maya. Ridge better be careful.

Maya knows what Ridge is really like. Rick has been hurt his entire life by Ridge. He hurt his mother and now his wife. Maya tells him that he can either respect him as a boss or get out. Ridge storms out. In the hallway he bumps into Carter. Ridge asks if he is alright. Ridge tells him that he has deceived him, his father, and everyone. Ridge will not let this happen.

Maya asks Rick if he is ok. Rick is fine. Maya tells him not to hide his feelings ever. Rick thanks her. No one has ever done that for him his entire life. Maya is here for him completely. Maya thinks that the future is up to him. Rick tells her that it is up to them. They kiss passionately. Maya smiles and so does Rick.

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