B&B Thursday Update 1/15/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/15/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Caroline continue to kiss passionately. Caroline breaks the kiss and looks at Ridge in shock and disbelief. Ridge tells her to say what she wants. Caroline says nothing and just starts to kiss Ridge again.

Maya asks if Rick ever slept in this room before. Rick can only remember one other time that he ever slept in here. It wasn’t overnight though. He was alone while everyone else was at a tennis match or something and he was alone except for the staff. He just wanted to see how his father slept. When he was a kid he used to crawl into bed with Brooke and Eric and it was great. Maya smiles as he tells the story. Rick explains that his dad had moved on and he was curious to see how his father had slept now. He got into the bed and didn’t move a muscle. He crossed his arms and stared at the ceiling just wishing that he could have his father back. Then out of nowhere came a blood curling scream and there was Stephanie who had come home. She was mortified to see Brooke’s son lying in her bed looking like a corpse. Maya can only imagine that Stephanie was rather awful to him. Rick explains that with Stephanie you never knew what you would get. That isn’t even why he took the picture down. Maya asks why. Rick explains that some people like guessing what side they are going to get of a person but not Maya. Maya believes she has had a fair share of mistakes so she should not be loved because he thinks she is good but rather because she wants to be good to him. Rick tells her that is why he wants her picture on the wall. Maya says she will make the best wife for him. She promises. He kisses her and Maya hugs him.

Aly and Ivy walk into the Forrester mansion from work and Aly wants to hear more about the earring designs. Ivy thinks that they have heard enough about them. Aly knows that they will talk more about them. Aly thinks that Ivy is old enough to retire. Ivy notices that Maya and Rick are nowhere to be seen. She wonders if they are on the patio. Aly does not know but just hopes that there is dinner. Ivy asks her why she is whispering. Aly doesn’t really want to call out for Rick and Maya and asks if Ivy does. Ivy doesn’t but it might be better than walking in on something that neither of them want to see. Ivy looks at the stair case and notices that their clothes are all over the place. They both hear a thump up stairs and they know that they are home. Ivy jokes that they must be on the patio. Aly rubs her forehead and laughs.

Maya says that she thought she heard a car. Rick thinks that it might be someone just coming in. Maya asks if they would ring the doorbell. Rick explains to her that people are coming and going all the time. If it isn’t a maid or watchman it is Aly or Ivy or anyone else who has a key to the house. Maya tells him that she found some fruit on the landing. Rick looks at a small orange and asks what type it is supposed to be. Maya jokingly remembers that Rick Forrester has never had to go to the grocery store. Rick takes offence to that. He went one time. Maya tells him that he does not have to worry about that because she will get him whatever he wants. Rick has changed his mind. He has never had anyone talk to him like that. He thinks that there is so much love and care with Maya. He is not sure if he even deserves it. Maya does not think that people get what they deserve in this lifetime. They get what they are given and what they take. Maya tells him to take her. They start to kiss passionately.

Caroline stops kissing and tells Ridge she is so sorry. Ridge does not need to be told that it is his fault. Caroline says no it is not him. Ridge wants what she wants. Caroline tells him that if they do this they cannot go back. Ridge knows it is a given. Whatever they do or don’t do it is lost. Katie is gone and Rick is with someone else. Good behavior is not going to bring that back. They both want to try something they have never had before.

Ivy thinks that they really should have stopped to get something to eat before they got home. Aly does not know if they needed to. The cook asked if they want to have dinner in the dining room or in the living room. Ivy asks how she knew if they were home. Aly says that she didn’t but she was already cooking for Rick and Maya. Ivy would love to know where they are. Aly asks if she really wants to waste the food being cooked. Ivy says no. Aly told her she wasn’t perfect. They start to clear the coffee table for dinner.

Maya explains that her family never thought she would amount to anything. They always thought that every choice she made would be a complete catastrophe. Maya knows that to be fair some of them were. Rick believes they have all had people in their past like that. Unfortunately they are related. Maya just wishes sometimes that her family could see how she has turned out. Rick thinks that they would be more than impressed. Rick thinks she is amazing. Maya asks if they will last. Rick thinks that is up to them but if he is honest unforeseeable things do happen. Rick can’t see the future. Maya thinks that must be her super power then because she can.

Caroline does not know if she is ready. Ridge is not pushing her. She can take or leave him and he will be fine with either of them. Caroline has not been good with either. Caroline does not like these feelings that are out of control. Caroline does not like feeling like she failed. She wanted to stay married. Ridge knows. Caroline could have made it last. Ridge says that it is not up to her. He wanted to be a better person so there is a lot of failure to go around. Ridge could not get passed his ex-wife having an affair with her sister husband and then he did the same with his brother’s wife. Caroline does not think they had an affair. Ridge agrees but they both knew that it was always more than that.

Rick gets a phone call and Maya remembers she asked the cook to make dinner but she totally forgot. Ivy is on the line and explains that Aly and her are home and was wondering if he was busy or on another call. Rick says to her that she is the one who dialed this extension and knew exactly where he was so she was wondering what. Ivy was just wondering if he was going to come down for dinner. Rick has changed his mind he is not hungry. Ivy says she will seem him tomorrow or sometime.

Ivy gets off the phone and tells Aly that it is there food now fair and square. Aly asks if Maya was with him. Ivy thinks that is what she got the gist of when she was on the phone. Aly believes that Maya has cemented herself to his wallet. Ivy has a feeling that it is not his wallet that is at play right now. Aly asks how she can be so calm about all of this. Ivy thinks that it must be a great feeling to have someone back them no matter what and that is exactly what Maya is doing for Rick right now. Aly agrees that and she does have that with Oliver. Ivy hopes she has that one day too. Aly asks if she were Caroline would she give up. Ivy can’t exactly figure out why she hasn’t. Rick has not exactly given her any reason to think it will work out unless she is afraid of drowning if she lets go.

Caroline needs to know something. She needs to know what he sees when he looks at her. Ridge sees fear right now. Caroline asks if that is how she looked to him. The other Caroline. Ridge tells her that she is not her. There was fear but not of each other. Just of what was going to happen. She does look like her and sometimes she does remind him of her. She was a study woman and deliberate and sweet. Caroline is not reckless and she is not sweet. Caroline laughs. Ridge is not living in the past and he knows exactly where he is going. Caroline knows she is not sweet or reckless. This thing that is leading to him if it was just wanting or physical they would have done it already. Ridge is not seducing her. Caroline thinks that maybe she is seducing him. Caroline wants to lead this. Caroline asks if they can do this in real life though. Ridge knows it will be hugely difficult but it will be fantastic. Ridge asks what she wants. Caroline wants him but also time. Ridge gives her all the time she needs. Caroline wants this to last. The getting to know each other part. Ridge just didn’t want her to run. Caroline can’t just close her eyes and jump but she won’t run. She starts to kiss him. Ridge thinks that it can be easy to filter out what others say. Caroline asks if anyone actually does that. Ridge does not think so. Ridge thinks that this feels good. Caroline thinks it feels right. Caroline feels that an hour ago this felt impossible but now it feels great. Ridge thinks it is happiness for a minute. Caroline has been trying to find happiness all her life. Caroline asks if all along it was trying to find her. Ridge holds her in his arms.

Maya asks if the wine cellar is just in the basement. Rick says that it is more like a vault. Maya believes that is very interesting. Rick tells her that this is California they don’t want Earth quakes collapsing on it. Maya will then get some cheese and a bottle opener in the kitchen. Rick knows that if he looks hard enough there is a bottle opener somewhere in this room. Maya says she will be right back. Rick starts to look through the nightstands. Maya walks back in and asks if something happened. Rick just realized that this must have been Stephanie’s side of the bed. Maya asks what kind of wine he wants. Rick says anything just don’t take too long. Maya can take a course on wine. Rick can teach her he lived in France for years. Maya will be a good hostess. She will never embarrass him. Rick does not think she ever could. Rick tells her to bring the wine opener. Rick takes out a gun and gets a little freaked out.

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