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Rick tells Maya that she knows how he feels about her. Maya needs to hear him say it. Rick tells him all the time. Maya knows that he makes her feel wanted and important but she needs to know that she is loved by him. Rick wonders if it isn’t obvious. Maya believes that Rick is the most wonderful man that she knows and she is excited about the future together. Maya asks if Rick can say the same about her.

Aly cannot believe that Maya is the new Forrester matriarch. Ivy thinks that she finally got what she wanted. Aly points out she got the benefits that come with it. Carter explains that Maya likes the finer things in life and makes no doubt about it but he thinks that she is generally into Rick. Ivy thinks that could be true to a certain degree. Aly is under the impression that she is completely using him. Carter tells both of them that Maya fell for Rick before she even knew he was a Forrester. She used to think he was just Rick the waiter. Ivy wants to pretend that Maya really has feelings for Rick. Do they think that Rick really has feelings for her or is he still hung up on Caroline?

Caroline points out that Maya’s picture is on the wall. Ridge knows that it is an immature stunt on Rick’s part. Caroline knows that this means her marriage is over. Ridge does not get why she puts up with him. Caroline asks if she is supposed to just give up. Ridge believes everyone has a limit. Caroline just is not there yet. Ridge knows and he thinks that Rick knows too. Ridge knows it is hard but at some point she has to say that enough is enough. Caroline is more frustrated with Rick than anyone. The way he has treated her and how he is living in his father’s home and bossing everyone. Ridge knows he is angry and unreasonable. Ridge asks her to promise that she will not play into it anymore. Caroline hates what he is doing but she is not ready to stop fighting for her marriage.

Aly explains that Rick claims to be the happiest he has ever been. He is living with Maya and life is grand. Ivy asks why he looks so miserable then. Carter thinks that it is because he is only with her for show. Ivy doesn’t think that they know that though. Ivy wonders if what Rick shares with Maya is not really anything like what Rick and Caroline shared together. Carter believes that she might be right. The last time he spoke to Maya he asked if Rick had told her he loved her. She said not yet.

Rick shows her how he feels. Every day and night and that should show her everything. Maya thinks that it does. It just so happens that she has wanted him back for so long. She thinks that those three words mean everything to her. She does not want him to say that he loves her if he really does not mean it but if he can’t then she is afraid that this is not what she hoped it was.

Caroline explains that when she married Rick she made vows and she wants to honor them. Ridge reminds her that Rick made vows too. He should respect her and his marriage. Caroline knows why he is lashing out. Ridge thinks that it is because he still loves her but wonders why he is not trying to work it out. Caroline wishes that she knew. Ridge just does not want her to be disappointed. Caroline just has to have faith. Ridge thinks that faith is good but wonders for how long. Caroline says until he forgives her. Ridge wonders what happens if he never does. He asks if she thinks the thing between Rick and Maya is serious. If he is going between all this nonsense why is he trying to hurt her? Ridge thinks she is better than this. She needs to have love and respect and wonders how much more of this she can take.

Aly wonders how Caroline would still want to take Rick back after all he has done. Ivy knows that Caroline understands what Rick is doing better than anyone. Aly thinks that Rick is family and they should want what is best for him but lately he just seems so cold. Ivy knows that Rick can’t get past what has happened between them. Carter believes he will eventually. Carter thinks it is payback. Maya is going to be let down in a big way.

Rick says that things have been really hard for him lately. He can’t do it alone. Maya says he is not alone. He has her. Rick explains that he is surrounded by a sea of assassins who want to see him fail, but not Maya. She has been faithful and supportive. Maya wants that too but that’s not it. If they are going to do this and be together she needs to hear him say it. She needs to know. Rick explains that they live together and he put her picture on the wall. Maya has gotten to know Rick pretty well lately and knows how he enjoys being on a power trip. Rick kicked Caroline out of the house. He is filing for divorce. He doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. Maya should leave. Maya explains that he either loves her or he doesn’t and he is not saying it. Rick tells her not to do this. Maya loves him but if he can’t say it then he shouldn’t be here. Rick stops her. He can’t let her leave. Rick does. He says he loves her. Maya smiles. Rick means it. He loves her. Maya thanks him and she needed to hear it so badly. Rick was meaning to say it he just didn’t know how to. Maya says it is ok. Rick does not know what he has done to deserve her. She has been patient and he wants her in his life. Maya is not going anywhere. They are just getting started. They kiss passionately. Maya takes his hand and leads him up stairs.

Ivy thinks that there is a good chance that Maya might end up hurt. Aly points out they could end up going into the sunset together. Carter does not see that happening. Ivy believes they can all agree. She wonders how much Caroline is expected to pay though. Carter wants to Rick to end his games sooner than later before this goes any deeper. Ivy thinks that Caroline is going to end up giving up on him soon. Ivy also points out that there is a guy who does like Caroline. If Rick does not come around soon he is going to risk losing her forever.

Caroline knows that everything Rick is doing with Maya is just to hurt her. He can’t possibly love her.

Rick and Maya kiss passionately in Eric’s room. They undress each other as they kiss.

Ridge asks if there is something that still gives her hope. Caroline thinks that she can have him come around. Ridge wonders about Maya. Caroline can’t even think about Maya. Caroline tries to call Rick. Rick picks up the phone and it is a video call. Caroline asks if she called him at a bad time. Rick says he is a little bit busy right now. He points the phone at Maya. Caroline asks if he is really in bed with Maya right now. Rick tells her that they live together why he wouldn’t be. Caroline hangs up. Caroline tells Ridge he is with Maya. Caroline cannot believe it. Ridge is sorry. Ridge tells Caroline her marriage is over.

Maya tells Rick that was incredible. It was even more special now. Rick asks if she is happy. Maya believe they are. They have everything they wanted. Rick thinks they are lucky. Maya knows they have each other. Rick kisses Maya. They hug each other in bed.

Caroline asks how Rick can do that. Caroline knows that he wanted her to see them together in bed and that is why he picked up the phone. She can’t figure out why he keeps trying to hurt her. Ridge tells her that this is enough. Ridge cannot believe she still thinks this is working. Caroline tells him that he is her husband. Caroline still thinks he is in there. He is just pretending with Maya. She feels sorry for him. Ridge feels sorry for her. He wonders how she fights this battle day in and day out. It is not worth fighting. Ridge knows that Rick wants to blame others for his short comings. She deserves better. Caroline asks why he would want her to see that. Ridge that that he wanted to her. He thinks that she can be strong. Caroline asks why she couldn’t make it work. Ridge tells her to just move on. Caroline asks how. Caroline asks how she moves on. Ridge starts to passionately kiss her. Caroline joins in and kisses with him.

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