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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/13/15


Written By Anthony
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Ridge tells Rick that he is trying to help him. He wants him to treat Caroline better and take her back. Rick thinks that is what Ridge wants. Rick knows that he is not worried about Caroline. Rick thinks that Ridge is here to tell him that if he is not there for Caroline that he will be.

Ivy and Aly come storming into the mansion. Ivy asks Caroline what happened. Caroline knows that she shouldn’t have called them it is just the stupid photo. Aly does not think that. Ivy asks if Maya is still here. Caroline tells her that she had to get back to her man. Caroline explains that she wants to become the Forrester matriarch based on her husband’s terrible taste in art.

Maya walks into Ridge’s office and finds Carter. Carter tells her that he is staying out of this. Maya says to calm down she just needs someone to talk to. Carter tells her to take down the picture and then maybe they can talk. Until then he is staying neutral. Maya does not think that he sounds very neutral. Maya assumes that Maya is good enough to sell their clothes but not good enough to hang over their fire place. Carter doesn’t think that it was cool of her to remove Stephanie’s portrait. Maya explains to him that anyone who doesn’t support Rick for doing it doesn’t understand. Maya is annoyed at Carter and everyone else who thinks otherwise. Maya tells him that when Eric gets back he can put up any picture that he wants but while they are living there. Carter does not think that it is just a picture. Stephanie is still incredibly important to this family. Maya knows that she is incredibly important to Ridge. She let him do whatever he wanted no matter how horrible or hurtful it was. Carter thinks that Rick replaced her the same exact way. Maya does not care what Ridge and Caroline think. Maya knew that the picture would not site right. It was Rick that insisted. She is not going to let anyone make her feel like she doesn’t deserve to be up there because Rick thinks she does.

Caroline came to the mansion because Rick asked her too. Aly thinks that Rick wanted to hurt her. Caroline wonders if he could be any more obvious. She is very upset. Her husband has moved his mistress into the family estate and put that terrible thing up like it is a giant under new management sign. Ivy thinks that Rick is only doing this because he is not over her. Caroline knows that but Rick and Maya refuse to admit what is really going on here.

Ridge does not think that Rick gets it. Rick trusted Caroline and she betrayed him. Ridge tells him that she is trying to do everything she can to earn his forgiveness but Ridge explains that everyone has a limit. Rick asks how many women he has pushed to their limits. Ridge says too many but Caroline is still willing to fight for him. Rick counts the women he has played with. Ridge does not think that his past matters. Caroline and Ridge are professionals that are working together. Rick points out that Katie didn’t see them as professionals seeing that she left him. He assumes that Katie thought that he was a bad bet. Rick bets that Caroline has figured that out too.

Maya understands that if Carter does not want to talk about this she can go. Carter asks where in this building she can go where people will listen to her. Maya tried to reach out to Caroline today and help her. Carter wonders what type of help she could give Caroline. Maya thinks that Caroline needs to get over Rick and move on with her life. Rick is done with her. The portrait proves it. Carter asks if she saw it. Maya says of course she saw it. Carter can only imagine that she was angry. Maya tells him that she was saying some delusional things. She thinks that the portrait is all about her. That he put up that portrait to get a reaction out of her. Carter does not think it’s that crazy. Maya tells him that Rick is living with her. Carter thinks that it is a classic rebound. Maya thinks that Caroline hurt Rick more than anyone else ever has. Carter asks her if she really doesn’t think that Rick is just using her to get back at Caroline. Maya looks angry.

Ivy asks Caroline why she was rushing out of the house when they turned up. Caroline needs to get back to work. Aly thinks that dealing with this is more important. Caroline would love to hear ideas if she has them. Ivy has a few ideas of what they could do with the photo. Caroline does too but like it or not Maya is in Rick’s life and as long as she is she will never be to get through to him. Aly asks why she needs to be sorry for this. Caroline explains that kissing another man is wrong. Aly asks about Rick. He is doing something much worse. Caroline thinks that Rick is finally starting to see that. Ivy tells her that Ridge is no longer engaged to Katie. Caroline knows this. Caroline will always be grateful for what Ridge taught her but they are in different places. Ridge and Katie's relationship is over and she is trying to put hers back together. Ridge is not trying to start a family he has had that already. Caroline just has to stay focused no matter how painful it is to chase some impossible dream.

Ridge is telling Rick this as a fact. Rick wonders if he is going to get a lecture. Rick does not need any advice from him. He has seen that song play out before. Brooke has told him countless times that it wouldn’t happen again that she was over Ridge. Ridge tells him to grow up now. Ridge tells him that nothing he did in the past has forced him to do what he is doing now. Rick is punishing Caroline. He is doing it because Caroline loves him and she believes he loves her. Someone is going to treat her better. Rick tells him to stay clear of her then because he has never respected a single women in his life. Ridge asks him to tell him one more time that he is done with his wife. He promises to believe him if he does it.

Maya says that Rick doesn’t want anything to do with Caroline. Carter knows that is what he says but he lies. Maya explains that he left her and is starting his life with her. Maya thinks that their relationship goes way back. Carter reminds her that she tried to get Rick for months and he didn’t budge and then now that Caroline has cheated he decides to go back. Maya believes that what Caroline did was a wakeup call to all the things that she had done in her past. Carter thinks it is a good story but what if she is wrong. Rick came back to her just like she said she was. Carter asks if he has said he loved her. Maya tells him not to give him that look. Carter wants her to be careful. She is putting her faith in someone who can’t say I love you then it is not worth it. Maya tells him that he will he just hasn’t yet. He will, maybe tonight. Carter does not think that she has to prove anything. Maya will say it to Rick and he will say it back.

Ridge sits in Rick’s office and tries to draw. Caroline walks in and notes that he is not Rick. Ridge says no. Caroline asks what Ridge did to him. Ridge says nothing and nothing he will say will make the difference. Caroline knows the feeling. Ridge is sorry. Caroline asks what he is working on. Ridge tells her that this needs work. Caroline likes it. Caroline can’t do this right now. Ridge asks what it is. Caroline thinks that it is hard right now. It is going to get better. Ridge asks what happened.

Rick goes back to the mansion and Maya is waiting with two glasses. Rick got her texts. Maya is glad that he could make it. Rick couldn’t wait. Rick explains that everyone had some issues. Maya thinks that is why Eric always had to end the day with a martini. Maya has never made one before so she has to look up the recipe. Rick asks I she just decided to give it a try. Maya thinks that it is his tradition. Maya thinks this is all new to her. The estate and life style and loving a man like him. She hopes that he feels the same way. Rick clicks glasses with her but says nothing. Maya looks a little worried.

Caroline explains to Ridge that she went from saying that no one was going to replace his mother and then she decided to say that she was going to be the new Forrester matriarch. Ridge thinks that it is all for now. The picture is only hanging by one nail. Caroline thinks it is payback. Ridge does not think that Rick really feels this way about Maya. Ridge does not think it is ok for her to have to wait and see. Caroline believes that Rick is seeing things differently. Caroline knows it is his pride and his history with him and trying to get involved with Maya. She knows the worse it gets the longer it goes on.

Carter tells Aly that he will have the contract done at the end of the day. Aly saw Caroline. Carter knows that she saw the picture. Rick is using Maya to get back at Caroline. Carter knows that he is but Maya does not know it. Carter is concerned for Caroline. Aly explains that Caroline still wants Rick back. She does not know if he wants her back though. He is still angry. Ivy thinks that if he didn’t he wouldn’t do this. Carter knows that there are motives but he does think that this is for real.

Rick thinks they are off to a good start. He wants to start working on how they will control the company. Maya thinks that it will be a little hard with Caroline. She was here today and she was having a fit. Rick is sorry but he just couldn’t deal with her anymore. Maya explains that Caroline thinks that this is all about his feelings for her and not his feelings for her. Rick tells her that Caroline thinks the internet will crash if she doesn’t take a selfie every twenty minutes. Maya knows that but she wants to know if Rick is doing this to get back at her. Rick does not even know the point. Rick just wants to live their lives. Maya loves her life with him the life they have together. She loves him. Maya wants to know that it means as much to him as it does her. Rick tells her all the time. Maya explains that he has never said he loved her. Rick tells her she is amazing and they will do incredible things together. Maya just needs to know. She loves him. She asks if he can say he loves her.

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