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Caroline cannot believe that Maya thinks that she will be the next Forrester matriarch. Maya realizes that it sounds crazy but it doesn’t to Rick. Maya wonders if Caroline would step aside if it wasn’t for Rick. Maya thinks that if she would just move on that it would make things a lot easier. Caroline knows it would for her. Maya tells her that Rick is not looking back. He wants what he wants. She realizes that is tough for her to hear. Caroline can’t believe that she is trying to keep it real. Maya thinks that she should try to think that way too. Maya believes Rick is a dead end for her but there is another man who has a lot of feelings for her.

Pam is in Ridge’s office and Ridge storms in with Carter asking what the emergency is. Pam is glad he is here. Pam thinks this is really serious. Ridge wants to know what Rick did. Pam asks how he knew this was about Rick. Ridge knows that it is always about Rick these days. Pam explains to him that Rick and Maya have moved into the main house. They are sleeping in Eric’s bed but they also took down Stephanie’s portrait and replaced it with a picture of Maya. Pam tells him that he has to do something about this. He can’t get away with this.

Aly gives Rick reports and Rick thanks her. Rick asks Aly if there is something else she would like to talk about. Aly still does not get it. She is trying but it doesn’t make sense. Rick asks if this is about Stephanie’s portrait again. Aly tells him it has nothing to do with that. Aly thinks it is all of it. She has to assume that he would know it would be upsetting. She wonders if that was the whole point. Rick has told her, Ivy, and Pam why he is doing this. Rick explains that Stephanie condoned every choice that Ridge made including the treatment of his mother. It didn’t matter how many times he stomped on her heart. She always got a free pass. The portrait was a reminder of that and he doesn’t need it. Aly can understand that but one thing else. She knows it is more about Caroline getting a message than it is about Stephanie. She wants to know if she is right.

Ridge isn’t surprised that he took the house but to take the picture down is what angers him. Pam explains to him that he believes that Stephanie always played favorites and that Ridge was always the golden one in her eyes and apparently her photo reminded him of that. Pam can only imagine how Caroline is going to feel about all of this. Ridge knows that is exactly why he did it.

Rick wonders if Caroline asked him to come talk to him. Aly says no. She cares about both of them and she hates seeing him so miserable. Rick asks why he would be miserable. He asks her to take a look around he has everything. He also has a beautiful woman that he can come home to that has not betrayed him. Aly wonders if May is really that important to him. Rick explains that despite what everyone thinks Maya has earned her place as Forrester matriarch for being honest and kind. Rick thinks that she deserves every good thing that is coming her way.

Maya doesn’t mean to pry about her relationship with Ridge. That is her business. Caroline does not think that there is a relationship with Ridge. She is just trying to save her marriage. Maya asks if she is really going to do this even if there is no marriage to save. Caroline knows that she basically handed her this opportunity. Maya is just like Caroline. She wants the finer things like anyone else. The thing is she would drop everything if Rick asked her too. She loves him that much.

Carter knows the look on Ridge’s face. He is thinking how he stops himself from decking Rick in the face. Ridge is not concerned about Rick but Caroline. She is trying to fix her marriage and he puts up a photo of Maya where Stephanie’s portrait should go. Carter reminds him that Katie ended things because she knew about the feelings with Caroline. Ridge stops him and explains that Katie ended things because she knew they were moving into different directions. Carter thinks that things are different. Ridge is saying that Caroline is trying to fix things with Rick and he is going to respect that. Carter asks if he really wants to do that even if he does not like Rick. Ridge says yes. To be fair though he started this whole thing and this is where they ended up so this is on him. He is going to go talk to him. Ridge leaves the room.

Aly knows she is young but she does get what it is like to carry around a lot of pain and anger inside for years after her mom’s death. She can assume that Rick is feeling that with Caroline. Rick thinks that Caroline crossed the line and if Maya had not exposed them then he wonders how long he would have been played a fool. He owes Maya and so much more.

Caroline thinks that would be really touching if she didn’t think… Maya interrupts her and finishes what she assumes Caroline was going to say by saying that she thinks that she considers Rick her meal ticket and nothing else. Maya asks if Caroline remembers how she met Rick. She didn’t fall in love with Eric Forrester Jr. she fell in love with Rick a struggling waiter who was working at Dayzee’s. It wasn’t until after she found out about the money that she walked away. Maya thinks that all that has changed and the person she can thank the most for that is Caroline.

Rick thinks about Caroline trying to win him back and when she saw the photo and freaked out. Ridge walks in. Rick explains that he better be here to discuss his latest collection. Ridge tells him to wait they need to talk.

Caroline is confused to why Maya is thanking her. Maya is. Maya thinks that Caroline has proved that a pedigree or a proper upbringing doesn’t necessarily mean a happy marriage. Which is ironic where she thinks where she came from. Maya never thought about happiness. She got pregnant, she did some stupid things and she served some time but that is all over. Maya has a lot of good qualities. She might not be Stephanie Forrester or even Caroline Spencer but she is ambitious, has drive, and she is a quick study and she will learn to be the person that this family needs her to be. She will surprise everyone even her.

Aly finds Carter standing next to Pam’s desk and Aly wonders where she is. Carter explains that Pam was pretty upset. Aly wonders if he knows then. Carter knows all about Rick removing Stephanie’s portrait and playing with Maya. Aly asks if Rick has heard. Carter tells her that Ridge is talking to Rick right now. He is determined to put a stop to all of this.

Ridge says this is not about business. Rick knows that this is because he moved Stephanie’s portrait. Ridge thinks that this is about Caroline. Rick tells him that just because he moved into Eric’s house while he is gone doesn’t mean anything. Ridge asks if Rick is just trying to stick it to everyone. Rick doesn’t actually sit around all day trying to figure out how to stick it to everyone like he thinks he does unlike his so called brother. Ridge wonders about his wife. Rick is not going to be with Caroline. Ridge knows that Caroline still feels that they are married. Rick asks if he is done. Ridge wants to talk to him like a man. Rick wonders how he is a man. He has two women in his life and two families but could never commit to either of them or maybe how he used a married woman to get what he wanted. Ridge is sorry. Rick asks if papa Marone still wears a ring. Ridge doesn’t want to talk about this. Rick wants to go down the list here. Thorne’s wife, Eric’s wife, his wife. He has no Forrester blood running down his veins who does nothing but take things. Ridge tells him that Caroline loves him and if he actually loves her back he has to do it now.

Caroline thinks that Maya thinks that she has it all figured out. Maya thinks that she does too. Which makes no sense because if she was really that happy with Rick then why did she turn to Ridge. Caroline didn’t turn to Ridge. Maya asks if she just got caught up in something then. Maya watches all of them use pretty words to justify things. Maya has class just because she doesn’t come from it. Caroline asks what she is talking about. Maya explains that the put-downs and telling her that she doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her. Maya will be a good wife and a good partner and anything else Rick wants her to be. She has something to offer the world and Rick knows that too and that is all that matters.

Carter wonders if Aly is worried this won’t end well. Aly was with Rick earlier and she thinks that Rick still has feelings for Caroline. She just hopes that Ridge knows what he is doing.

Rick asks what he doesn’t understand what is not getting through to him. Ridge asks why he can’t admit that he still loves her. Rick cannot admit to something he doesn’t feel. Ridge does not buy it. No one is buying it. Ridge asks if he knows what he is a sad boy. Ridge asks if he has told Maya he loves her. He knows he hasn’t because she is not Caroline because Caroline is the love of her life. Caroline has not given up and sees something in there marriage. Ridge thinks that speaks volumes. He tells him not to screw this up and take her back before it is too late.

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