B&B Friday Update 1/9/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/9/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline says no. She asks Rick what he is doing angrily. Rick is getting a dust pan apparently. Caroline tries to stop him. Rick explains to her that Maya likes to walk barefoot sometimes. She has tiny feet. Caroline asks how he could let her put that up there like that. Rick tells her that Maya didn’t do it. It was his little house warming gift. Caroline looks mortified.

Maya looks at lingerie in Eric’s bedroom and smiles. She gets ready and hears a noise. Maya looks outside and sees Caroline’s car. She looks worried.

Ivy is in the office and Liam shows up with two coffees. He wonders if she got his text. Ivy says no and looks at her phone. She turned her phone on silent. She reads it and it asks if she would be interested in a latte. She is but not as interested as she is in the cute delivery boy. Liam laughs and Ivy thanks him. Liam smiles. Ivy just needs two seconds to make sure that an order went through. She has had to work extra hard ever since his brother want to Italy. Liam asks if he has been in touch. Ivy says no. He did respond to a work email but he didn’t respond with any news on the Hope situation if that is what he is referring to. Liam wishes that he knew what is going on. Ivy thinks they will find out soon enough. Liam asks if he has upset her. Ivy tells him no. Liam asks if she is preoccupied. Ivy doesn’t think he is going to believe this. He asks what. Ivy tells him it is something that Rick has done. Liam wonders if it was as CEO. Ivy says it was at home. She tells him about the portrait of Stephanie and how it is gone and a portrait of Maya hangs in its place now.

Maya asks herself why Caroline is here and she has a flashback to when Caroline was broken up with Rick and Maya was with him. She remembers how rude Caroline treated her. She remembers how terrible she was and all the insults that she gave her.

Caroline figures out that this is why he had her come here. He needed her to make sure that she saw the picture of Maya. Rick explains that she is the one who wanted to talk. She called him. Caroline wants to show that it is not too late. She wants him to understand that she is to blame but forcing her to think he loves Maya and to put up the picture. Rick gets angry and explains that Ridge was always Stephanie’s favorite, her Marone bastard she passed off as a Forrester. If Eric wants to look at her disapproving eyes every day that is his business but he is not here. He is. Caroline tells him to put up the Picasso or the Van go. Rick happens to like this photo. Caroline thinks that being honest is what got Maya into her bed. She tells him not to do this because he does not love her.

Maya has put on a red dress and is looking at herself in a full length mirror as she puts on ear rings. She gets a phone call from Othello. He wonders how she is doing. Maya is doing well so far even if she is a little intimidated. Maya really is. Maya tells him that the picture of Stephanie has been replaced by a picture of her. Othello can’t believe it. Maya thinks that she is living a dream that she doesn’t deserve. Othello agrees but thinks that Maya is the perfect woman for Rick. She is the only one who has been honest with him. She deserves everything.

Liam asks if Ivy thinks that Maya is just using Rick. Ivy does think that. Liam does not know. Ivy thinks that all Maya cares about is becoming the next Rick Forrester. It has nothing to do with Rick it just has to do with the last name. Liam knows that is what it seems but she was not there when they first met. He tells her not to tell Caroline this but he thought they had a genuine connection. He doesn’t think what they are doing is right with how Rick is treating his cousin and Maya swooping in is not cool and replacing the picture is all kinds of wrong but he thinks that there may be more to their relationship than she realizes and unfortunately more to their relationship than Caroline realizes.

Caroline knows that he is just lashing out. Rick is moving on. He knows that she is trying to live in a fantasy. She betrayed him and now she is suffering the consequences. Caroline thinks that is all he wants to do is make her suffer. Rick can’t believe that she thinks he cares that much. He doesn’t. Caroline knows that Rick let her come over just so she could see the picture. His plan worked she is hurt. She wonders if it has helped him the way that he had hoped. If he really wants to heal from this than shutting him out is not the way it will happen. His feelings are not going to chance because he is with Maya. Rick tells her that she betrayed him with the one man that he can’t stand more than anyone. Caroline tells him they are married. This does not have to be the end for them. They can get through this. All he has to do is brake up with Maya and take that thing down and come home. She begs him. Rick walks towards the door and walks out. Maya walks down stairs and asks what she owes the pleasure. Maya is smiling.

Ivy asks if Caroline is at the house now. Liam tells her that the girl is determined to make her marriage work. Rick storms into the room. Rick tells Ivy that he needs to postpone the meeting. He asks if it can be the same time but tomorrow. Ivy says sure. He says hi to Liam. He wonders how Caroline is settling into his place. Liam says fine. Rick tells Ivy that he knows that she was a little bit thrown off by the picture of Maya but he would really like it if they could all live together peacefully and in harmony. Ivy thinks that kicking herself and Aly out on the first night was not a great way to start things off. Rick tells her it was one night. Ivy would like to say one thing. Everything he has been doing recently with Maya it all tells her something. Rick tells her that Maya and his relationship needs to be respected. Ivy thinks that he still wants to be with Caroline.

Maya asks if Caroline is here to see Rick. Caroline tells her that he left. She wonders if something broke. Caroline says it was her glass she was startled. Maya tells her that she was surprised to see it too. She never in a million years thought that she would see her portrait hung over the fire place at the Forrester estate in Beverly Hills. Caroline asks if she was so embarrassed then why didn’t she ask Rick to take it down. Maya tells her that she did. Caroline asks what people will think. Maya doesn’t care. Caroline thinks that she should. Rick has hung a giant picture of his mistress in the family home. Maya tells her that no one is replacing Stephanie. Rick is just out of his touch while they are living here. Caroline asks if she thinks this is at all normal that the day that they move in Rick does this. She wonders if she is that blind. Maya thinks that she should be glad that it is not a tasteful nude but she isn’t ruling that out for the bedroom. Caroline tells Rick that Rick wanted her to see that. Maya says ok. Caroline believes that it verifies everything she has been thinking that this all is for effect and Rick thinks that it will get him through the pane. Caroline knows that all her dreams are coming true but when Rick snaps out of it he will have no use for her and then she wonders what will happen.

Rick wonders why he would want to be with Caroline she betrayed him. Liam tells him to wait a second. He is still married to Caroline they don’t disappear overnight. Rick doesn’t think they have disappeared they just have evolved into hate and disappointment. Liam knows the pane his going through. Rick asks how because he never recalls his wife cheating on him. Liam knows the pane that he is going through. Liam thinks that Caroline is trying hard. Liam thinks a couple of kisses with Ridge can be considered cheating if he wants to but she feels bad about it and she is willing to forgive a lot worse from him. Rick can understand why she would support Caroline. They are cousins. They only get one chance though. So why would he want to be with a woman who would be so desperate as to go with the man that he hates. Rick needs someone honest and supportive of his needs. That is what Maya does for him. Maya believes in him and after everything Caroline has put him through that is what he needs.

Maya does not disagree with her. It is true. Rick is upset with her. It is because she betrayed him and lied to him with a man that he never trusted so yeah he wants to hurt her. Rick’s desire to punish her will go away and he will still want her. She failed where Maya wins. If she thinks that this picture ruins his reputation or shames him. Eric Forrester Jr. has proven that he can run the company. He has earned the right to put up a photo of the woman that gives him the respect he deserves. Maya appreciates him. She sees how hard he works. Maya asks if she ever appreciated what Rick did for her between posting selfies and kissing Ridge. Maya thinks that the photo proves that the photo is all about Caroline. She needs to realize that life on this planet is not all about Caroline Spencer. If the photo proves anything it is that she is on track to be the next leader of this family. Caroline thinks that this picture proves that this portrait proves that Rick is looking for revenge. It does not prove that she is the leader of the family. Maya knows but thinks that she can be a perfect partner. She will succeed where she failed. She will be the next Forrester matriarch.

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