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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya lays in Eric’s bed. It is a new day. She looks at Rick who is just waking up next to her. Rick asks how long she has been awake. Maya tells him that it has been a while. She has been thinking about everything that has happened. She can’t believe that this is there life together. She love being able to share this bed out in the open. Maya loves that there is no more hiding or sneaking around or any judgment. No more Maya the gold digger the husband stealing tramp. Rick will not let anyone call her those names. She is officially under his protection. Maya wants him to know something. This house and the view, the good life it is wonderful. It is a dream come true and she will gladly live the life style, but the only reason that she is here is because she is madly head over heels in love with him. Rick thinks that she is nice to wake up too and they kiss in bed.

Pam bursts through the front door of the mansion angry. Aly and Ivy follow. She wants to get this straight. They spent the night in a hotel. Ivy tells her that Maya wanted her first night with Rick to be special. Ivy tells her that Maya is with a Forrester man now so it is ok in her opinion. Ivy’s jaw drops when she notices the portrait. Aly says it is Maya. Pam turns around and screams where is her sister?

Caroline is laying on Liam’s couch with all of her boxes next to the fire place. Liam hands her a cup of coffee and explains that making coffee is one of his two talents. Caroline is sorry for landing on him like this. Liam appreciates the company. He is sorry about the circumstances though. Caroline cannot believe she got kicked out of her own house. Liam does not know what to say. Maya knows what to say. Maya stole her husband. Liam frowns.

Maya thinks that this tie is the one for Rick who is getting dressed. Maya asks how long they will be staying here. Rick believes that with the plumbing and electrical upgrades they are going to take as long as they take. They might take a couple months. However long though she is to feel comfortable. Maya wonders if she is the lady of the house. Rick says that is indeed her. Rick thinks that she will adjust. Maya thinks this is crazy. Rick is CEO and they are going to run the company together and live in the mansion even if only temporarily. This is important and she wonders how this can get any better. Rick believes they are about to find out. They kiss.

Liam tells Caroline to stay as long as she needs. Caroline plans to make this the shortest stay ever and she is not giving up on her marriage. Liam thinks that is the Spencer in her not giving up. Caroline wonders if she is stupid for not giving up after what happened. Liam is the last person to be judging. She is fighting for something that is already hers. Maya is an interloper. Caroline cannot underestimate Maya. She is too clever and dangerous. Liam was fooled by her. Caroline knows that she has been clocking in everything until she got exactly what she wanted. It wasn’t just Rick it is the power and the money and the family. Maya is a social climber but not with her husband.

Pam is hoping that her eyes are just playing tricks on her. That is not Maya up there instead of her sister. She is furious. Ivy says that it is. Pam thinks it is Stephanie’s place of honor. Ivy tells Pam not to worry because as soon as Rick sees this he is going to put Stephanie right where she belongs. Rick walks down stairs and Pam turns around. She asks if he has seen this. Rick thinks it is beautiful. Pam asks him what he means by beautiful. Rick especially likes how it captures Maya’s spirit. Pam asks if he knew that the picture was up on the wall Rick knew because he put it there. Pam looks horrified.

Liam needs help understanding something. He wants to know what is this thing that is so strong with ridge it is bulldozing her marriage. He pours her a cup of tea. Caroline thinks it is hard to explain. She is getting better at it, not that she hasn’t thought about it to death. Ridge is a very powerful man. Intellectually and creatively. She didn’t even think she was vulnerable. Rick was everything to her but they had such chemistry. She tried to explain that this was normal and that the excitement she was feeling was just because of what they were creating. It was breath taking. Liam thinks this explains it. She has always kind of idolized Ridge’s work. Caroline asks if he means hero worship. Liam doesn’t know. Caroline gets that but that only can get it so far. There was an electricity between them and Ridge started to feel it and then she stopped it before anything happened. Caroline didn’t want to stop it though. She wanted Ridge to kiss her and she wanted to feel him in his arms. Her marriage was the last thing on her mind. Liam gets that because she couldn’t stop until she was done. Caroline is focused on getting her husband back now. Liam respects her decision to keep her marriage together but he wants to weigh in though. Caroline tells him too. Liam explains that something that she does not know but that he and Ivy didn’t want to tell her this. Ivy has a friend who lives in Maya building and Ivy saw Rick and Maya kissing. Ivy confronted Rick about this and he lied. Liam thinks that it is really important that she is trying but at a certain point she is going to have to start standing up for her and that might mean letting go.

Pam tells Rick how he dare disrespect her sister like that. Rick thinks this has nothing to do with Stephanie. It has to do with him running the business and the family. Pam wonders if Eric signed off on him sleeping in his bed with Rick’s mistress. Rick is not his father he does not do things Eric’s way. When he is here and the man of the house he would like things to reflect him. With that said he doesn’t need her permission or anyone else’s permission to do whatever the hell he wants. It is his family home. Pam tells him to sleep with Maya but it doesn’t matter because the fling will never last. Which is what makes this picture all the more upsetting. To replace her sisters painting with a home wrecker. Rick tells her that Stephanie picked favorites. That was Ridge. Ridge ruined his marriage. He doesn’t want to come down stairs and have to be reminded about that. When Eric comes back home he will put Stephanie’s photo back on the wall but until then Maya stays. He walks away. Pam looks at the two girls and they both look uncomfortable.

Rick sips his coffee while looking at the photo. Maya walks down stairs and asks if she heard voices. Rick tells her that it was mostly Pam’s. She was here along with Aly and Ivy. Maya asks if they saw the picture. Rick thinks that it is hard to miss. Maya can only guess how they reacted. Rick explains that Pam was. Maya doesn’t blame her. That is her sister. Maya thinks that it sort of erases her memory in a way. Rick made it clear that he wants to hang the picture. Maya doesn’t want it to cause a problem for his family. Rick thinks they can do what they want especially under their own roof. He doesn’t care who disapproves.

At the office Ivy explains to Aly that her jaw almost hit the floor when she saw that portrait. Aly knows. It is in her grandmother’s sacred space. Aly asks if she notices how unmoved Rick was. He is really changing. Pretending to be with Caroline the entire time that he is with Maya. Aly can’t believe that Rick has moved Maya into Eric’s bedroom. Ivy thinks that Rick is doing this to get back at Caroline.

Liam is not trying to stop her as marriage is worth saving but it fades too. Caroline knows. Caroline is really not in a place where she can accept that though. She believes that they had such strong feelings. They do not go away overnight. Liam thinks that a marriage can end that quickly especially if one party feels betrayed enough. She should try if she can but if it is not working then she needs to call it. Caroline loves him and that is such great advice but she is not going to take it today. She dials her phone.

Rick picks up his phone. He annoyingly asks what she wants. Caroline thinks they need to talk. Rick tells her that they just did and nothing is going to change. Caroline asks if he is at the office. Caroline wonders when he is going in. Rick looks at Maya’s photo. He tells her to come over here. Caroline says ok.

Caroline hangs up her phone. She tells Liam that he wants her to come to the house. Liam asks if Maya is going to be there. Caroline can only imagine that she has glued herself to the wall. It doesn’t matter because she is going to be gone. She is going to get her husband back and this time she will not let him go.

Maya gets off the phone. Maya asks if Rick would like to rethink the picture. She will not be offended if Rick takes it down. Rick tells Maya that he wants his lady to grace the walls. Rick wants her to get ready. Rick looks at the photo.

Ivy thinks that the ones that they cut the deepest are always the ones they love the most. Rick knew that it would hurt. Ivy thinks that the betrayal needs payback. Rick is trying to get a reaction from Caroline. Imagine how Caroline will feel when she sees it. Aly wonders if Rick and Caroline are done then. Ivy will not be betting against them.

Caroline knocks on the front door of the mansion. Rick opens it. Caroline didn’t like the way things ended last night. Rick asks if it because she didn’t get her way. Caroline thinks that they need to talk. Rick asks about what. Caroline wants to figure things out. Rick says Maya is upstairs. Caroline wants him to come outside so they can talk. Rick tells her that unless this is a long drawn out thing she won’t see her. Caroline walks in. Rick asks if she would like anything. Caroline takes a glass of water. Rick wishes her well just not with him. Caroline thinks they need to get past the anger and the hurt. They took vows to stay together. Caroline made a mistake and it will never happen again. She will do anything to take it back. She wants her to hear how she misses him. She thinks they were so great together. Rick turns towards the portrait and Caroline does as well. She looks at it and screams dropping her glass and breaking it on the ground.

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