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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick cannot just put this behind him. He really can’t. Caroline cannot believe that he can’t. Rick screams why it had to be Ridge. Caroline thinks that they can go to Paris or New York and just get away from all of this. Rick is trying to run a company. Caroline is trying to save a marriage. What is more important to him she wonders.

Eric forced Rick to fix things with Caroline he realizes now that he needed time not an ultimatum. Ridge knows that he is trying but what he did was not good. Ridge thinks he was thinking like an angry little boy and now he has control over every single one of them. Eric points out that Maya does as well.

Maya brings in a box and cannot believe all of this. Ivy explains to her that she should probably not try to believe anything until Eric comes home. Maya once again says to her that the papers are signed. Rick is in command and she is the woman behind the man. Ivy does not doubt that. She has been playing this for a while now. Maya tells her to be careful with what she says. Ivy asks her why she is doing this. Maya asks her if she can understand what it is like to have to scrape by her entire life and now she gets to live with Rick of all people in this mansion. She is living her dream and Ivy can be a part of it. Everyone can. Ivy just thinks that she should give it sometime. Maya knows that Ivy would like it to be that Caroline and Rick get back together and they come walking through the door arm to arm. Ivy thinks she should wait until Rick gets home. Maya asks why. Ivy just wants her to see how this actually all plays out. Maya explains to her that they have both been sitting back watching as holidays go by yearning for one another. Ivy points out that he was living a lie with Caroline the entire time. Maya does not need to hear that. Caroline made her bed when she started this whole thing. Ivy can’t listen to this and decides to go to her room. She asks Maya to tell her when Rick gets home. Maya explains that Ivy and Aly will not be staying here tonight. She would like some privacy with Rick.

Eric thinks that Rick needs to be brought to his senses. Eric believes that this business with Maya is just a passing thing. Ridge tells him not to underestimate this woman. Eric won’t. Ridge knows that Maya loves Rick and he has been depending on her. Eric knows that as much as he might love and care about her his heart is still with Caroline. He believes in the two of them.

Rick does not think that it is so easy. Rick wanted it to work more than anything. He loved her that much. He didn’t like to see him suffer but every time he tried to think about them as a couple he couldn’t. He tried to think about them having kids. He tried to think about holidays and running the company and he thought that she shared it with him but she didn’t. The thing he needed most from her was loyalty and she broke that pack. She broke it.

Eric is supposed to be meeting John so they can go to Europe. Ridge tells him to go and play with his brother then. He promises that he will not mix it up with Rick. Eric wonders what will happen with Caroline. Ridge does not know. Rick will hopefully wake up and see what an incredible woman he has in front of him. Eric thinks that she is very special. Ridge believes she is talented. Eric needs both of them. Caroline and Ridge work really well together. He almost wishes that he didn’t. Ridge thinks that together they can create anything better than they could on their own.

Ivy cannot believe that Maya is kicking her and Aly out of their own home. Maya just wants it for the night so that she and Rick can have a night a lone. Ivy wonders where they are supposed to go. Maya will arrange a really nice hotel. Ivy thinks that she is moving way to fast. Maya thinks that is in her own opinion. The pace is perfect for the two of them. Ivy will leave when Rick comes home if he asks her too.

Rick explains that trust and commitment he was let down. Caroline can be all those things again. She wants another chance. She won’t make those mistakes again. Rick explains they were mistakes with the wrong man. Caroline thinks that Maya made everything sound worse than it was. Rick believes it was a betrayal plain and simple. Rick tried to let it slide but then he wouldn’t be the man who he is. Caroline does not think that Rick love Maya. She has just been a rebound and someone to fall back on. She has been targeting him from the start. Caroline asks if he has told her that he loves her. She knows that he hasn’t. Caroline thinks that Rick wanted to have children with her. Rick did want a family with her. Does he still want it maybe? He has to forget. Caroline does not think it is over. Rick takes off his ring and puts it on his desk. His marriage is over and he can never trust her again. He says goodbye to her. Caroline takes the ring and leaves. Rick starts to cry. Caroline stands outside the office door and cries. She tells herself it is not over.

Rick walks around his office and Eric walks in. He asks him why. Rick tells him that he would never have signed it if he hadn’t done it this way. Eric asks if he wanted to play him or a fool. He is his father. Rick is sorry. Eric is very disappointed in him. Rick is going to make him proud. Rick notes that he made it clear that Rick couldn’t run this company without Caroline by his side but she was too busy being at Ridge’s. Eric thought he forgave her for that. Rick gets angry and explains that Eric forgave her for that. Rick cannot be with someone he does not trust. Rick trusts Maya. Rick is not using her. Rick knows that she would never do to her what Caroline has done.

Maya explains to Ivy that Rick should be home soon. Ivy cannot believe that she is so certain of his commitment to her. Maya knows that Rick loves her and it is even hard for her to believe that. No one has really loved her before. Not like Rick. Maya better get changed and get ready for Rick. Help him forget about Caroline. As Maya walks away she turns back and tells Ivy that he loves her. She knows she does. She seems very sincere about this. Ivy looks a little saddened by this and confused.

Ridge finds Caroline in his office and closes the door. He asks if she talked to him. Caroline says yes. He officially ended things. Ridge is sorry. Caroline tells him that he is not to blame. Ridge is the one who got her into this mess. Caroline knows that she is the one to get herself into this mess. Ridge thinks he is acting like a spoiled little kid. Caroline knows he his hurting. Caroline does not know what he is going to do. Ridge tells her that he will get over Maya. Caroline doesn’t think that he is. Ridge thinks that she is a tough woman to pluck from some one’s mind. Ridge is going to go to Paris for a little bit and make this a Ridge free zone to make it a little bit more bearable around here. Caroline begs him not leave. Ridge doesn’t think that she needs him around here. Ridge will communicate with her through the internet. He never wanted this for her.

Rick walks through the front door and calls for Maya. He asks if she is here. He walks into the living room and starts to take of his tie. He sees the Stephanie portrait and he talks to her. She is Ridge’s biggest champion. The abdominal Forrester matriarch. He wonders if she could only see them now.

Caroline explains that she tried to change Rick’s mind. Ridge thinks that he will be back. Caroline does not think that he will. He took off his ring. Ridge thinks that she will get through this. All she has to do is pull herself through this. Ridge tells her that she can draw out her emotions. Caroline can’t do that without him. Ridge can’t draw without her either. Ridge likes to see her laugh. Part of him wants to just tell her to forget Ridge and come find a place with him so they can be happy. He won’t do that because her commitment to him is amazing and so is she. Ride has to go work. Caroline tells him that he is ever women’s unattainable dream. Caroline could just easily be with him but that is what got her into this whole mess. She is not giving up on her marriage. She knew that he was the one man she couldn’t cross the line with and she did. Caroline believed they would have children and maybe that makes her a romantic fool but she still believes it. Ridge walks out of the room.

Maya walks down stairs in a red silk robe and is happy that he is home. She wonders if he is tired. Rick says he is. Maya tells him that she has been getting things ready up stairs. Rick poured them some martinis. Maya is a little confused and asks if this is what they drink at the house on the hill. Rick says yes. They click glasses and drink. Maya thinks it is a little strong but she will get used to it though. Maya asks if he talked to Caroline. She can assume that she tried to talk him out of it. Rick explains that nothing will change his mind. They are together. They hug. Maya thinks that it feels like home. Rick spins her in a circle and he has her look above the fire place. A photo of Maya stands where Stephanie’s photo was. Rick couldn’t handle having a photo of Stephanie and her disapproving eyes look down on her. Maya believes she is a guest in this house. She is not an institution like Stephanie. Rick believes she will be soon. Maya tells him that until that time they should probably take it down. It just does not feel right. She has not earned it. Rick thinks that this is her home now. It is there home. Rick believes that good things happen to good people. She has worked hard for this dream. He believes it is about time that the dream started to come true. The two of them hug. Stephanie’s photo is the last thing shown looking at them.

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