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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/6/15


Written By Anthony
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Caroline reminds Rick that they are married. She thinks that marriage means fighting for one another. Rick tells her that she should have thought about that before Ridge. Caroline never didn’t see herself with anyone else. Rick asks if anyone has actually had a lasting marriage. No one that they know. Caroline’s mothers have had a long lasting relationship. She knows what a commitment looks like. She knows what she wants. Rick cannot turn back the clock and love her like he used to. Caroline thinks that is fine. Caroline will take the anger and the hurt and all the lies. She reminds him that he promised to love her till death to them part. She will make him keep that promise.

Maya thinks Ivy and her should be friends. Ivy shocked at what Maya has said asks her how. She points out that since they met all she has done is show how untrustworthy she is. Maya ignores her. Maya assumes that if Ivy was trying to be work best friends with the bosses wife and Caroline won’t be that for much longer that Ivy would like to be friends with Maya because could use a best friend too.

Carter explains that they do not have a grace period in the contract. Eric knows and he Carter told him that initially. He cannot believe that he told him that they wouldn’t need that. Ridge thinks this is all on Rick. Carter is not seeing anything here. Ridge reads something that states that if someone misrepresents themselves or commits fraud then the contract can be thrown out. Ridge believes they have something they can work with. Ridge thinks that it was obviously fraud. Eric doesn’t think that could work. Carter reminds them both that there is no clause in this contract about Rick’s personal life, any court of law would throw it out. Ridge asks why. It would work. Eric cannot honestly think Ridge would think that he would go in front of a court and explain to them that he bribed his son so that he could stop a scandal. It was foolish and interfering. It was an invitation for Rick to lie to him.

Ivy does not see friendship as being part of their future. Maya explains that Ivy was not there when Rick and her fell in love. Ivy rolls her eyes. Maya tells her that she was not their when Caroline went off the deep end when Rick fell in love with her. Maya almost feels sorry for her. Ivy thinks that is really big with her. Maya has to take care of a few things to take care of before Rick gets home. Ivy asks where home is now. Maya understands that she does not like her and that Ivy does not disguise her feelings but Maya thinks that she can be warmed up to because as of today she can afford integrity too.

Rick wonders how Caroline can talk about promises. He wonders if there is one they have not broken. Sometimes it is just too late. Caroline thinks that is just what people say. She wants to work hard. She is begging him not to leave.

Ridge recaps as he takes off his jacket. Rick scammed them all and they are all fine with it. Eric wonders what chance they have legally. Carter explains that a misrepresentation angle could possibly work if he fired Caroline. Ridge reminds him that he tried to fire both of them. Carter knows that Rick is too smart to do that. He isn’t going to make it easy. Ridge tells Eric not to do that. Eric asks him what he means. Ridge knows that he is thinking that it is only a year. Rick being completely in charge is going to be a war zone. Eric is not excusing what Rick has done but he is going to give him the chance to prove himself. Ridge knows he is because that is how he treats Rick. Eric explains it is just a year.

Ivy shows up at the Forrester Mansion and sees a few boxes outside. She looks worried. She remembers Rick threatening her and then Maya giving her two cents. She walks inside the house and finds even more boxes along with Maya and a mover. Maya asks if the mover got Rick’s desk. Ivy asks what is going on Maya tells the mover that she will be with him in a minute. Maya asks to set up the desk in the study and she will be a long shortly. Ivy asks if her uncle knows what is going on here. Maya gets a phone call from a Kyle. She explains that Rick asked her to call about tonight. Maya thanks him and tells him to have a great night. More movers come in the house and Maya explains that those go into the master bedroom. Ivy asks if she is moving into Eric’s bedroom. Maya asks what the problem is if he isn’t here. Ivy cannot believe that they are actually moving in. Maya tells her that they will live here while they do some updates to the guesthouse. Ivy means did Eric actually ask her to move in. Maya states that he did. Eric Forrester Jr.

Caroline asks how many ways she can say she is wrong. Rick does not think that if she didn’t get it then, then she won’t get it now. He is honestly very tired of explaining it to her. She clearly knows so little about him. Caroline knows about his relationship with Ridge. Rick tells her to just stop she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Caroline wants to know then what information she is missing. It was not just a few kisses. First she lies and says that it was a learning experience. Ridge can’t draw he needs help. Caroline does not think it was a lie. Rick can forgive anything except that.

Carter will try to work up a petition to null and void the contract. Ridge thinks that is great but Eric overlaps with saying that he doesn’t see the point. Carter walks out of the room. Ridge cannot believe that he really doesn’t get it. He has created a monster. Eric points out that he would say the same thing about him. Ridge thinks that Eric has a guilty mind about not being the father to Rick that he should have because of Stephanie. Eric can’t believe that Ridge won’t accept any blame. Ridge accepts his part in the blame. He is not trying to deny it.

Ivy asks if Maya is getting a little too ahead of herself. Maya believes that Rick needs a partner that is there for him and that is what she is doing. Ivy wonders about the rest of the people that live here. Maya asks if she sees an eviction notice on the door. This house is big enough for all of them. Maya has a great idea and she thinks that Aly and her will love it. Ivy asks if it had occurred to her to ask if either she or Aly would even want to live with her. Maya is not suggesting anyone move out. She is looking for solutions. Ivy points out the fact that as of right now she and Aly are still Forrester’s and Maya is still a wannabe.

Caroline would like to make a point and fact. She is not trying to make excuses for herself here with this but Maya is the one who created the public humiliation. Not her. Rick wonders how. Caroline and Ridge are the ones who did this. Rick could have got past it if it was a limo driver or something but it was with Ridge. Caroline asks who he is trying to convince. Rick thinks that his gaze made her forget all the bad that happened. Ridge the great man and artist needed her and only her. Things always come easy for Ridge. Women especially. Every single women in his life has all had her heart broken. The difference is he will not be there to mend her heart when she gets it broken. He did too much of that in his life when he was a kid. Caroline does not think that there was or is anything between Ridge and her. She thinks they are over. Rick tells her to keep telling herself that but no woman is ever really over Ridge Forrester.

Eric wonders if they are really at this thin skinned place again. Ridge asks when they are not at that place. Even when he was a kid they would be father and son one minute and rivals the next. Eric never remembers it that way. Ridge thinks that is how it was. It was always over Stephanie’s attention. Eric does not think it was much of a competition then. Ridge was always number one in Stephanie’s eye. Ridge wonders if that is the reason for his actions then. He had to be with Brooke. He favored his son with her over him. Ridge doesn’t even know why he brought this up. Eric knows why Ridge came on to Caroline. He needed her but he didn’t like that he needed her help. He had to have power over her and he did only it worked a little too well.

Maya tells one of the movers that those are Ms. Spencer’s clothes. Ivy corrects her and says Mrs. Forrester’s. Maya just says they are Caroline’s clothes and they go in the little place. Maya explains she will know soon enough. Maya does not need to keep making this point to Ivy. When things settle down, she will realize that Maya is a good person and then they can go back to being friends. They need to be civil. She is not taking anything away from her. Ivy believes she is taking away her privacy, her uncle’s bedroom, and her choice of who she wants to live with. Maya believes that she will grow on her. She wants to be her friend and she usually gets what she wants. Ivy can see that.

Rick wants to know if they are done here. Caroline is not like any girl or woman she has ever known. Rick understands that her being unique is important to her. Caroline what other women would stand here and beg for forgiveness knowing that he was shacking up with another girl and take the scorn and insults like hiking her skirt up for the mail man. What Rick did is killing her but she understands Rick. She wants to love him. Rick thinks the door is closed. Caroline tells him that he wins. He is stronger and he got them all. Caroline thinks that he made a fool of his father and he used their love against them. She demands that he undo it. Caroline thinks that they can do this. Caroline knows that they will be furious but they are in love with each other. Caroline will not let him throw out all of this. She won’t let him.

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