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Rick tells Caroline that their marriage is over. From this point on, he will be running Forrester Creations with Maya. He is very serious. Ridge thinks that he is unbelievable. Carter is shocked that he conned his own father to get control of the company. Eric tells Rick that if he thinks that he will accept this is wrong. Rick does not care as he signed the papers. Eric was under the belief that Caroline and him would be married. Rick reminds him that the contract never stipulated that. Eric screams that it was part of the deal and he knew that. Rick says to look over the contract then. Ridge wonders about Caroline. Rick tells them all that she isn’t her problem anymore. Caroline is sobbing hysterically.

Pam knows that Othello knows more than he is pretending to know. Othello does not know anything. He takes a deep breath. Othello explains that there will be changes around here. Pam wants to know who told him that. Othello tries to walk away but Pam begs for more information. Othello just has a vibe about it. Pam asks if her job is in trouble. Othello tells her no. She wonders if Charlie might be in trouble. Othello doesn’t know who that is but would assume that he isn’t either. Pam is glad about that. Ivy runs past them explaining that she can’t find Maya anywhere. Pam tells her that Rick just texted her to come into the big meeting. Ivy does not feel comfortable to keep this secret anymore. Pam asks her what secret. Othello says he is sorry to Ivy but he thinks that it is too late. Pam looks confused.

Eric asks how Rick could do this. He played him. He will get this reversed. Rick explains that it is already too late. The papers have been signed and witnessed. Eric cannot believe that he has a full year now to control the company. Rick does not think that this changes anything as he still is able to run the company without Ridge trying to intervene. He will be able to prove himself. Rick thinks that Maya will be a great asset to the Forrester. Maya tells Eric that she knows that he can trust Rick because he is able to run the company properly. Eric is sorry he would not have done this if he knew what he was signing. Ridge believes that he is acting just like he always does. Rick tells Caroline that the family she wanted with him that she should have it with Ridge. Caroline begs him to stop it. She thought that she was forgiven. Rick thought that she would be faithful. Rick guesses they both lied. Ridge will find a loophole. Rick is not giving up his power. His attorney has the contract so he would really suggest not trying to do anything. Rick will fire him. Eric tells him that he is not going to fire anyone. Eric thinks that he is out of control. Rick may be young but the one thing that he knows about this company is that the designers are not as special as they think they are. They are all replaceable. They should think about that the next time they decide to hold hands in front of the sketch pad. Rick believes that the company is in good hands so he should be able to go on vacation. He will keep it a family business but he will run it the way he sees fit. They are all to treat Maya with respect though. She is his new partner. Caroline looks at her through her tears with anger.

Pam just cannot believe that Rick and Maya would do that. Othello explains that it is true. Ivy says that no one is supposed to know though about this. Pam will not say anything but Caroline will be devastated. Ivy wonders if she should say something to Caroline. Pam tells her to wait and see how the meeting plays out. Ivy cannot believe she kept this to herself for so long. Pam does not think that there was anything else she could do he threatened to fire her. Ivy just feels so bad. Othello really wants to know what is going on in there. Ivy does not have a good feeling about this.

Eric understands that he got hurt but for him to treat them like this is not the way his son runs a business. Ridge cannot believe that Caroline was used to get the company. Rick had to choose. Maya explains that Rick and her are very committed to each other. Rick tells Eric to go teach and live his life. He will exceed his expectations to the company. He will donate to hospitals he will donate to charity. He will keep the Eric Forrester foundation going. He will be the son that he raised. Rick will make him proud. He should go enjoy his time off. Ridge cannot believe that he thinks it will be that simple. Rick tells Ridge as vice president and head designer he will remain. They can do whatever they want though. He will have zero effect though. Eric thinks they need a break now though. Rick is having someone pack Caroline’s things and he wants to know where she wants them delivered. Maya is moving in. Caroline gets angry and screams that everyone get out because she is talking to Rick alone. She screams that they get out. Ridge is the first to leave. Carter demands that Maya leave too. Maya leaves along with Carter and Eric. Caroline asks if this was all just a put on. Rick says yes. The moment she turned to Ridge.

Maya stands on the roof and remembers the first time she met Rick. Then after she tried to pay him when she thought he was poor and he kissed him the first time. She remembers when she first found out he was a Forrester. Maya remembers when Rick first told her about the CEO position. She remembers all the pivotal moments of her time with Rick leading up to moments earlier. She smiles. Ivy finally finds her. Maya tells her she is too late. Rick told her right in front of Eric and Ridge right after he secured the Forrester position. Maya explains that Rick finally has the power he deserves.

Ridge thinks that Rick committed fraud. He signed the papers under false pretenses. Carter tells Ridge that nothing in the papers states that Rick must remain married to Caroline. Eric thought that Rick was solid with Caroline. He thought that he still loved her. Ridge believes that he does still love her that is why he is doing this.

Caroline feels sick. Rick felt that way too when he found out about her and Ridge. Like his whole world had been taken away from him. Now she knows how it feels. She asks if he wants her to feel pain. She does not deserve this. She has never been more stunned or hurt in her entire life. Caroline thought she was working on her marriage. She slept net to him night after night and she felt so bad. That isn’t it though. It was because he was with Maya and he was sneaking around with her. She congratulates him as he got her.

Eric begs Carter to find something. Carter tells him that he gave up right for removal. If anyone tries anything Rick has the right to sue. Ridge thinks that Eric is getting out of here just in time. Carter should have figured this. Eric is not thrilled with Maya but Rick has known about this all along. Ridge believes that this is all just part of his game and Maya doesn’t even know it yet.

Ivy thinks that Eric and Ridge would ever stand for this. Maya explains to her that no one can do anything about it. Ivy wonders if she really thinks that Rick is going to stay with her. Maya has no doubt. Ivy believes that she is being used. Maya does not think she understands. Maya will sleep just fine tonight right next to Rick. Maya has been waiting for this day. The woman in Rick’s life is not Caroline but her.

Caroline is so mad at Rick for lying to her and carrying on with Maya. She knows it is because of what happened with Ridge. Rick thinks this has nothing to do with Ridge. Rick wants to be CEO with Maya. Rick does not think that she really believes that he doesn’t. Caroline hates that he is doing this. Caroline is using every bit of strength she has right now not to slap him. She is willing to try and understand and for the children they might have one day. She still wants everything they signed up for. She knows he wants that too. Caroline demands that he look at her. Caroline is giving him one more chance. She is sorry that he is hurt. She knows that he does not love her and she is still the love of his life. It is not too late to save their marriage. She begs him to say he is willing to try. She begs him. Rick starts to cry.

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