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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya looks outside on the observation deck and Rick starts to walk her way. When Rick gets close to her she seems worried. Rick explains that his attorney just called. Maya asks if this is it. Rick needs Eric to sign those papers. He cannot wait anymore. Rick knows it is not everything he asked for but it is a year that he gets to prove himself. It is enough time. Maya knows that it is a year that he gets to spend with someone that he loves. Maya is so excited. Rick will text her as soon as he is done. Maya wishes him good luck. He thanks her and goes off.

Ridge tells Caroline in his office that he knows that Rick is up to something. Caroline does not want to hear it. Ridge tries to get her to listen to him. Caroline thinks that this is all going to work out. Ridge believes that he is asking a lot of him and Eric. Caroline cannot believe he is talking about the paper work. Ridge wonders why he needs a piece of a paper saying that he runs the company. Caroline thinks that if it makes him feel more secure than Eric should give it to him.

Eric tells Gordon that he is really going to miss him around here. Gordon explains that he will miss him as well. Eric wishes him a good retirement. He walks out. Eric walks over to the papers and Carter walks into the room. He wonders if he is sure that he wants to do this. Eric explains that it is only for a year. Carter closes the door behind him. Carter says that it is a big choice and that if things don’t work that a year is a very long time. No one will be able to contradict him, not for a very long time. Rick walks in with his attorney. Rick wonders if Carter has met him and Carter has. Rick assumes that Eric had him look over the paper work. Carter confirms this. Rick is glad and would like to get this meeting started then. Carter will but as long as he realizes that Eric isn’t going to give him an immediate answer. Rick wonders if there is something that he needs to be said to him. Eric says no. Rick’s lawyer explains that the paper work is very straight forward. Carter chimes in and explains that as counsel for Forrester Creations he feels that he has an impact in this. Rick tells Eric that he was already made CEO. The paper just makes it official. He needs to be focused without someone looking over his shoulder. Carter quickly gets out his phone and texts Ridge.

Ridge gets the text and explains to Caroline that Rick is making his move.

Othello finds Maya on the roof and Maya is glad that he got here so fast. Othello couldn’t pass up the chance to hang out in a building full of models. Othello wonders what is going on. Maya explains that Rick and his attorney are down stairs right now. Othello wonders if that a good thing. Maya tells him that if it works it will be. Rick cannot play the happy husband forever. Maya hopes that Rick gets Eric to sign the papers before someone catches on.

Eric understands that he is concerned about Ridge. Rick is worried about the company. If Ridge has the authority to undermine his ever choice then the company will become hectic. Eric doesn’t believe that Ridge would want that to happen. Rick asks what happens when Ridge doesn’t like something and Eric is not here to remind him who is in charge. He would just like the opportunity to prove himself by himself. Rick reminds him that Eric originally made Ridge the CEO but then took it away from him. Rick needs to know that he has his complete trust. Eric thinks that Caroline and him were the future of the company. If he ever doubted that he doesn’t anymore. Eric puts the papers on his desk and he signs them. He hands them Rick.

In the hallway Ridge tries to get into the conference room and Pam tells him that Rick is in a meeting. Caroline is right behind him. Ridge doesn’t care what Pam has to say and pushes her aside. He walks into the room and explains to Eric that he knows about the papers and he needs to talk. Rick tells Ridge it is too late as the papers have already been signed.

Maya is now sitting at a table and Othello walks behind her with two coffees. He wonders if she has heard anything. Maya says not yet. Othello sits down. Othello wonders if it really doesn’t bother her that Rick is doing this to Caroline. Maya asks if he thinks that she thinks that he could do this to her. Maya is not a liar and neither is Rick. Maya does not hide what she wants and neither does Rick. Maya thinks that today it could finally happen. She has to go but she will tell him when they can finally be CEO and married. She walks off smiling.

Pam thanks someone as they go off to shipping. Pam listens in on what is going on in the other room. Ivy sneaks up on her and is wondering what is going on. Pam explains that is what she is trying to find out. Ivy asks who is in there. Pam tells her that it is Rick and Eric as well as his lawyer, Carter, Ridge, and Caroline. Ivy wonders how long they have been in there for. Pam tells them that Rick and Eric have for a long time but Ridge and Caroline pushed themselves into the room. She wanted them to wait but they didn’t listen. Pam continues to listen. Ivy asks what is going on. Pam tells her arguing. Ivy asks if it is arguing amongst Caroline and Rick. Pam says no Rick and Ridge. Ivy wonders if it is work or something else. Pam cannot make it out but wonders what she is thinking. Ivy is trying not to think about it at all.

Ridge thinks that this is ridicules. What Rick wants is unprecedented. Rick’s lawyer looks at the papers with Rick. Rick wonders if all the papers are in order. He confirms they are. Ridge does not want those papers leaving the building. Eric does not think that there is any reason to argue about this. Caroline thanks Eric as it means a lot to Rick. Ridge does not think that he knows what he has done. Rick has his lawyer sneak out. Eric tells Ridge that he now has security to run the company the way he wants. Ridge does not think that it is security. Caroline does not think that he is going to do anything to hurt the company. Ridge wonders if she is sure about that. Eric explains that Rick and Caroline are back together as a couple. They will move this company into the future. Ridge wonders what will happen if he makes a bad choice. He has made them in the past and he made Eric make one right now. Rick thinks this is a waste of time and that they are done here. Ridge demands to know why he needs this so badly. He is already CEO of the company. What else could he possibly need with these papers?

Othello runs into Ivy. Ivy asks if he has seen Maya. Othello tells her that she just missed her. Othello wonders where she was going. Othello thought that she had to get back to work. Ivy asks if she seemed normal. She wonders if she was worked up about something. Ivy thinks that something is going on between the two Maya and Rick. Ivy is just trying to find out. Othello thinks that it is complicated. Ivy believes that if he knows something she realizes that he does. Othello is not sure that he knows what she means. Ivy cannot do this anymore. She saw Rick leaving Maya’s apartment. Ivy saw them kissing. Ivy told Maya it has to end and. She wonders if it actually has. Caroline is a friend of hers and she won’t let her get hurt. If they are planning something if something bad is going to happen today she needs to end this.

Maya walks over to Rick’s office and Pam explains that Rick is in a meeting. She offers to buzz her when he is free. Pam thinks they will be there for a while. Maya will wait. She sits in a chair. Pam wonders if someone else can help her. Pam doesn’t actually think that is possible because Brooke and Hope are in Europe and everyone else is in that meeting. Maya asks if Ridge and Caroline are in the meeting. Pam tells her that if she wasn’t invited to the meeting then it does not concern her. Maya explains that she can do what she wants but she is not going anywhere.

Ridge does not think that something feels right. Caroline tells him that it is fine. She believes that they all have been getting along really well. Eric thinks that Rick has proven himself to him. He has dealt with things with a great deal of maturity. Ridge thinks he had a tantrum. He wonders how that is mature. Eric says that he asked him for unconditional support and that is what he gave him. Eric thinks it is over now. Ridge thinks that something is not right.

Maya gets a text telling her to get ready from Rick.

Caroline thinks that Rick is making the right decisions for the company. Ridge points out that now he can make any choice he wants. Rick is not going to be running the company alone. Eric points out that Forrester is a group effort and always has been. Rick tells him that is not about to change. Rick will not run Forrester alone. Forrester has always had a history of strong couples. Caroline starts to smile. He intends to keep that tradition alive. Over the past few weeks he has learned to value a great partner. He presses send on his phone.

Maya gets a text that says now.

Rick could not have done it without her. Someone that is completely loyal to him. Caroline thanks him and is so proud to be his partner. Maya walks in. Caroline tells her that she cannot just barge in here they are having a meeting. Maya asks Rick if he wanted to see her. Caroline looks at Rick.

Pam listens in. Othello walks down the hall. He thinks it is kind of quiet in here. Pam says it is in there. Pam explains that there is a meeting going on a really big one. Othello wonders what it is about. He knows that she knows as she knows everything going on here at Forrester. Pam was not listening in or anything but she did hear Rick ask Eric to sign papers. Ridge is not really happy about it. Half the company is in there. Maya included. She doesn’t know why. Othello thinks that is interesting. Pam doesn’t think he sounds surprised. Othello doesn’t work here he doesn’t know who is in these meetings. Pam wonders what he is doing here. Othello tries to leave. Pam wants to know what he knows. Othello can just come back. Pam begs him to share with her. Othello tells her that there will be some big changes. He is kind of looking forward to them.

Eric tells Maya that whatever Rick wanted to see her about he is sure that it can wait. Maya got his text. Carter doesn’t think this is the time. Ridge agrees and tells her to leave. Rick says no. Rick wants Maya to hear this. Caroline does too. Caroline was just telling Rick that he was proud and grateful for all his kind words. Maya asks what he said. Rick tells her that Eric just signed the papers. He is full CEO for a year. Maya thinks that is a big deal. She congratulates him. Rick thanks her and explains that he was just about to tell them all about what he plans to do to get started. Rick is determined to be a great CEO. They all have to work together. Himself, Ridge, Caroline and Maya. Maya will do anything he needs him to do. That was what Rick was saying. He does not plan to do it alone. He needs a person who is going to be there for him. Help him celebrate everything and help him through the challenge. Caroline looks forward to it as his wife and partner. He can depend on her. Rick was not talking about her. He was referring to Maya. Caroline is shocked. Rick thinks that the cat is out of the bag. Maya and him are still together. Caroline explains they are married. Rick tells her that their marriage is over. It ended the day that she betrayed him with Ridge. Rick will not be sharing the company with Caroline. Maya is Maya smiles as Caroline starts to breath heavily.

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