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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/30/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick holds the papers in his hands and tells Eric that he needs this confidence from him. Eric believes that he got that when he was appointed CEO in the first place. Rick notes that he is second choice. That is ok because now he has the chance to show that he has confidence in him. He reminds Eric that he will not be here to keep Ridge in line. He will take advantage of power in his absence. Eric is at a loss. They have never been a dictatorship. Why does he want absolute control now. Rick can see it Ridge will try his hardest to get what he wants. He will push his power in any way that he can. The more he questions his ability it will happen again. Rick knows that Eric is more understanding to Ridge. He grew up in Ridge’s shadow. Rick has big plans for the company but he can’t do anything with Ridge trying to undermine everyone. His track record is impeccable. He just wants him to sign the papers.

Caroline asks why Maya is always here. Maya reminds Caroline that she still works here. Caroline wonders if she should be out in the world trying to get a life. Maya snickers at her little joke. Maya’ life is fine as is. Caroline wonders if she feels rejected or humiliated. Maya wonders if she should feel that way because Rick broke up with her. Caroline reminds her that she thought that Rick was going to share his life with her. It would be a love that lasted the ages and it turns out that is not so much. All the schemes blew up in her face. Now she is the sad cliché with the rest of the women who are left to go back to the wife. Maya explains to her that she actually has plans in life. She is permanent here at Forrester. So why should she not enjoy the perks. Caroline explains to her she probably shouldn’t feel like that. The only reason she is still around is because Eric saved her. If Eric has not stepped in Rick would have fired her and next time she might not be as lucky. Maya will take her chances.

Carter is working out and Ridge walks up with a sketch pad. Carter wonders if he is working on a new line. Ridge just needed a change of scenery. Carter wonders if he still has Caroline helping. Ridge says yes. Carter is still surprised that Rick was ok with that. Ridge thinks it is a good business choice. Carter wonders if they are still making magic. Ridge explains that if he means they are still working well together then yes. Carter knows that they are not together. He knows that Caroline woke up and is trying to work things out with Rick. He knows that Katie was lost because of it. Ridge knows it was a costly relationship. Carter asks if it was still worth it. Ridge says yes. Carter asks if he slept here last night. Ridge did. He thought that it was symbolic. Carter believes that it must have been strange for him to not be with Katie. Ridge knows that he got distracted and now he is going to suffer. Carter believes he can find a new girl now. Ridge doesn’t think that it will be like that. Carter wonders if he is still pining after Caroline.

Maya knows that it must really bug Caroline that Eric stopped the firing. Caroline believes that it would have been nice to never have to see her again. Maya does not think that is happening anytime soon unless she plans to come back to New York. Caroline would never make it that easy for her. Maya knew that would never happen. She is not going anywhere either though. Caroline suggests that they stay out of each other’s way. Maya does not think that is possible as they have both inhabited a world where they are stuck being close to one another. Caroline thinks they are in two different worlds. She is married to Rick and Maya is just employed at Forrester. Maya knows that Caroline is the one who Rick sleeps with. Not that she deserves him. Caroline explains to Maya that even though she hurt her husband Rick has forgiven her. So she can take her thirst somewhere else. Maya has a glass half full and the water is rising every moment.

Rick can only think of one way to really move forward is to sign the papers. Eric does not see that. Rick wants to remind him of history. The last time Ridge was put in charge he kicked him out of the company, then he pushed Thorne out of a job that rightfully belonged to him. He will not be Thorne. Rick wonders who will stop it when Eric is gone. He will be getting progress reports from Carter and Ridge. Two best buds who have their best interests at heart only. Rick knows that Ridge will convince him to kick him out of the company. Rick cannot do his best work with Ridge looking over his shoulder. Rick knows that Eric says he believes in him but he hasn’t put it in writing. Just like any other business deal. He tries to hand him the papers but Eric walks to the other side of the room.

Caroline thinks that Maya is a vulture. She orchestrated Rick’s pane and then didn’t even wait a day to go after him. Maya does not think that she did that at all. She believes that Caroline did that all on her own. Maya was there for Rick when he needed her. It wasn’t like Caroline who was lip locking Ridge every shot that she got. Rick and her are over through and she got her husband. Maya asks how the line is going. She thinks it must be just like old times fighting her attraction to Ridge. She thinks that she needs to be practical and just be with Ridge. Caroline asks where that came from. Maya is just trying to play it real. She suggests that Caroline try it some time. Maya leaves the room.

Eric wonders if he should cancel his trip for a while to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. Rick doesn’t want him to do that. He made a commitment that he can’t just give up. He will disappoint a lot of people. Just he needs to sign the papers. Eric could not go past one year. Rick could work with that. Eric thinks what he is asking is unprecedented. Eric has complete faith in him. Rick thinks that he should have no trouble trusting him then. He needs this.

Eric is at the Forrester Mansion it is now night. Carter walks in and asks if he wanted to see him. Eric wonders if perception is truth. Carter thinks that it is true. Eric shows him the papers. Rick wants him to sign them.

Rick shows up at Maya’s. Maya says that he is home. Rick thinks that he will sign really soon. If he does sign then it will only be for a year. Rick knows that Eric will never budge on that but they do not need to worry because a year is just enough time to show what an amazing CEO he can be. He will be growing profits and expanding globally. Maya would feel a lot better about this if he could kiss her. Rick and Maya start to kiss passionately. Maya thinks that was a good start but wonders if she wants to finish it in the tub. Rick thinks that she read his mind.

Caroline is still at FC working on designs. Ridge walks past the office and sees her. He walks in and wonders if she is still working. Caroline just wants to go home and not have work on the brain. Ridge looks at the design and says he likes it. The only thing he would do is drop something down. Caroline does not think they should do that. Ridge did not mean to hurt her. Caroline knows that. Ridge thinks that things worked out. Caroline explains that she told Rick that she wants to have a baby. Ridge thinks that is great she will make a great mom. Caroline knows that in order to get pregnant certain things have to happen. Ridge realizes what she is saying.

Eric explains that it would be changed to only one year. Carter thinks that sounds a little bit better but wonders why Rick is pushing this. Eric thinks that it is outlandish but he wants complete control over running the company. Carter thinks that Rick would do whatever he wanted. Eric wonders if it is maybe a smart idea to give him what he wants. He thinks that he has worked hard for it.

Maya thinks that they are close to getting everything that they want. Rick cannot wait to see everyone’s faces. Maya wonders how they left things. Rick explains that Eric will probably come around. Rick knows that they have to come out as a couple. Maya will get what she wants which is everything. Maya loves the sound of that. She starts to kiss him.

Ridge wonders if she has been loving with Rick. Caroline knows that she should not be talking about this but she feels like the way he acts at work is all an act. Every time she tries to kiss him at home things don’t work out for her. It is all heartbreak at home. She just wants to hold her husband again.

Rick and Maya kiss passionately in the tub.

Caroline looks sad and Ridge does as well. He looks at her with guilt.

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