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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/29/14


Written By Anthony
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Liam thought that Rick and Maya had broken things off. At least that is what he had heard. Ivy kept thinking that there must have been an explanation but Rick said that it was a one last good bye kiss. The more they talked about it though, Rick told her that she needs to get over it and mind her own business.

Maya asks what Rick means by he talked with Caroline. She wants to know what it was about. Maya doesn’t even want to know. All that matters is they are here and together. She hugs him. Maya stops hugging him and wants to know for how much longer. She looks scared.

Eric explains to Ridge that Madison is finalizing things for him. Ridge wonders what schools Eric will be lecturing at. Eric explains it is a long list but exclusive as John has made sure of that. Ridge wonders what Eric and John will be doing for New Year. Eric says that he wants to do something out there. Eric believes it is a good time to be getting out of the office. Rick is settling into his position just fine and Caroline is doing well with him. Eric does not think there will be any problems. Ridge thinks it is ridicules but it is done and over. Eric makes him know that he is not to do anything to undermine Rick while he is gone. He is also sorry to hear about Katie. Eric wonders if there is anything he can be done to get Katie back. Ridge tells him no. Caroline walks in and explains that she can come back. Eric thinks they have work to do and she can come back.

Deacon thinks that Quinn makes a lot of sense. Quinn believes that Wyatt needs to be with Hope. They both need each other. Wyatt thinks that he reminds her of what they lost. Every time Hope sees him she sees Quinn. Deacon knows that Quinn did not use the best judgment that day but what is important is he go help Hope heal. He needs to go to her before Liam beats him to it. Wyatt thinks about it for a moment as a possibility. Quinn is not trying to attack Liam but she wants Wyatt to get to Hope before Liam can. Deacon thinks he should take the Spencer jet. If he leaves now he will be there in time to have breakfast with her in the morning. Wyatt believes that the two of them are right. His wife and him have a lot to resolve but first he has to do something. He walk out on them.

Ivy believes that this is more Rick lashing out than anything. Ivy knows that it does not make it right. Liam asks if Rick is still seeing Maya. Ivy only knows that when she confronted Maya about it she was not backing down. She kept going on about how she will be part of the next power couple at Forrester. Liam can’t believe that his cousin has no idea what is going on behind her back.

Caroline asks Ridge about Katie and him being over. Ridge says they are both ok. Katie ended it. Caroline asks if it was because of them. Ridge tells her that it only has to do with them having run the course. Ridge gets up from his seat and tells Caroline that he is happy for her and Rick trying to get things on track.

Rick tells Maya that nothing has changed. Maya thought that the way he was talking that something had changed. Rick explains that it was the pressure. It was the pretending with Caroline and Ivy. He does not know how much longer he will be able to keep this up. Maya rests her head on his shoulder.

Liam wonders if there is any way that they could be wrong about all of this. Ivy thinks that Rick was being very defensive about the whole thing. He was going on about how Caroline cheated on him with the man who treated his mother like dirt. Ivy really believes that if it were any other man that he would have forgiven Caroline by now. Liam almost feels for the guy but Caroline does not deserve this. She wants the marriage to work. How does she repaid for all of this by Rick playing her.

Ridge is happy. Caroline thinks that things are good. Ridge is happy but if there weren’t he would do something. Caroline explains that Rick is just putting a lot on himself as being CEO. Ridge knows how hard it is to be CEO. He thinks that Rick is doing his best though here and at home though.

Maya understands that it is hard for Rick to put up this lie twenty four hours a day. Especially when he is at home. He has to stick to the plan though. Rick knows but Caroline. She is talking about starting a family. Rick explains that Caroline senses that something was off. Maya asks if he slept with her. Rick says no. Maya thinks that he wanted to though. Rick wants to go public with Maya. The only person that can ruin that is Ivy and Rick is clearly worried.

Ivy knows that it is taking everything in Liam to not go and talk to Rick. Liam asks why he shouldn’t. Ivy explains that she could end up jobless and on the street. Liam doesn’t think that he would dare do that. Ivy thinks that he should think about how Caroline could be. If Rick is doing the right thing then Caroline could be spared from all of this. Ivy thinks that people have the option of changing things. Liam thinks that Ivy understands love and forgiveness. Wyatt walks in while they are kissing. Wyatt needs to talk to Liam about Hope.

Quinn gets out her phone. Deacon is hoping that she does not plan to call Wyatt. Quinn just wants to make sure that he is ok. Deacon wonders if it is not enough that he stopped by and spoke to her. Quinn is afraid that she almost lost him for good this time and if Hope gives up on him then he will never speak to her again. Deacon thinks that if they are meant to be then they will be. Quinn knows that they are. Hope is the love of Wyatt’s life. He is devoted to her and the child does not change that. He needs to go remind her of things. With a little bit of time they can have another child.

Ivy is going to go so that they can talk. Ivy tells Liam to call her later. She leaves. Wyatt asks if he has heard from Hope. Liam says no. Wyatt asks if there were emails or texts. Liam wants to know what is going on. Wyatt is trying to respect her time and space but every day feels like they are just farther apart. He is going to Italy right now.

Rick can only keep Ivy quiet for so long. Eventually she will feel guilt and will blab to Eric. Maya thinks hell will break lose. Rick might not even be president if Caroline finds out. Rick is going to get Eric to sign the papers right now. Then the two of them will figure out where to go from there. Maya wishes him good luck explaining she has all the confidence in the world.

Caroline sits down and starts to design. Ridge wonders about Caroline trying to start a family. Caroline asks what he means. Ridge wonders if they are going to have kids. Ridge does not want to make her feel uncomfortable. Caroline tells him that he is not. Ridge thinks that Caroline is beautiful and talented and would make a terrific mother.

Deacon wonders if Quinn knows how proud he is of her. Quinn asks for what. Deacon explains that she gave Wyatt advice and then she stepped away. She might actually win reformed mother of the year.

Rick stands outside of his office and thinks about his conversation with Eric. When he demanded that he get back with Caroline or he would be fired. He opens the door.

Liam tries to get him to listen. Wyatt has made up his mind. He lost his child a boy that they both wanted and they are not even together. They both need to say things to each other and he will not let this be the end of marriage. Liam knows that they have been at each others throats since they found out they were family. Liam knows what it is like to lose a child. Whatever he feels he needs to do he has his support.

Caroline draws in Ridge’s office. Maya walks in and wonders where Ridge is. Maya just heard that big things are going down here. Caroline wonders who told her that. Maya knows she is just the discarded girlfriend but she still makes it her business to know things. Caroline does not think that anything big is happening at Forrester. Rick would have told her. Maya looks at a press release with Rick’s photo on it. Maya will not pretend that she does not miss Rick but she is happy that Rick is CEO. He may not be a designer but Rick knows what he is doing.

Rick is shocked that Eric is going snowboarding. Eric just wants to go sit in front of a fire place. Rick thinks that things could not be perfect. Rick wonders if Eric is worried about how things will go with Ridge in his absence. Eric thinks that he is trying to be supportive. Rick thinks he is for now. That is at least what he wants everyone to believe. He is not naive. This is just a game until Ridge has Eric away from the office. Eric does not think that is true. Ridge is going to fill his head. Rick demands proof that he does not play favorites. He takes out the papers. This is his security. He needs to be able to decide when he wants to step down. Make it more than just words.

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