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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/26/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is painting her toe nails and someone knocks on the door. Maya goes to get it and it is Othello. She thinks that his timing is impeccable. Othello bets that she has a killer espresso machine. Maya informs him that she of course does. Othello wants her to make him one then. Maya is trying to do her nails so he can do it himself. Othello thinks that Maya is living the life. Maya thinks she is getting there. Othello wonders if Rick is with his wife. Maya corrects him and informs him that it is his pretend wife.

Rick sits in bed and Caroline comes in with coffee wishing him a good morning. Rick says thank you and takes the coffee. Caroline explains that she helped Pam clean up the other day. Rick thinks they served a lot of meals at the mission. They helped a lot of people. Rick wonders if Caroline had a nice brunch at the Spencer house. Caroline says yes. Caroline explains that Will is getting big and Bill loves being a father. It is cute. Rick says yeah.

Ivy sits down in Liam’s living room. She explains to him that they helped all these people at the mission the other day. She felt privileged to be a part of that but she couldn’t help thinking that she should be doing more. Liam thinks that every little bit helps. Ivy believes not just on the holidays.

Wyatt knocks on Quinn’s door and asks Deacon if Quinn is here. He is glad and walks in. Wyatt asks if he has talked to Hope. Deacon says no. He is guessing that he has not either.

Liam had a great time yesterday. It really meant a lot to Bill. Ivy asks who was all at the brunch. Liam mentions Will and Katie. Caroline stopped by as well. Ivy asks if Wyatt showed up. Liam says yes but he was not the happiest. Ivy cannot believe that Hope left for Italy. Liam just thinks that Hope wants to get her life together and figure things out. Ivy asks if Hope wanted him to help her with that.

Deacon thinks that Hope just needs to figure things out. Wyatt knows that but they both have to do this together. He understands that it is his fault that he didn’t keep Quinn away from her. Deacon stops him. He knows that Wyatt is going through a lot but Wyatt and Quinn are not at fault. Wyatt decides to leave before Quinn shows up. When he opens the door Quinn is outside shocked to see him.

Othello is really proud of Maya. Maya came from the streets. It was about time she gave back. She did try to stay away from Rick though. Othello knows she has to pretend that Rick tried to fire her. Maya couldn’t believe the way he spoke to people. He was compassionate and amazing. Once Eric signs the papers no more nights alone and no more Caroline.

Caroline asks if she can make Rick breakfast. Rick doesn’t think that she needs to do that. Caroline doesn’t consider it a chore. Rick asks if she really means that. Caroline is mad that she isn’t allowed to do things for him anymore. Rick is still here. Caroline knows that he is here but he is not. She wonders what she can do to get his forgiveness.

Othello asks if Maya is going to work today. Maya will unless Rick stops by. Othello thinks that Maya is getting a little ahead of herself. Maya doesn’t think that it is a bad thing. Caroline hurt him and broke him. Maya just wants to give Rick the life he deserves.

Rick asks why she thinks that he has not forgiven her. Caroline thinks that he is different. Caroline thinks that now it is just an effort. Rick wonders if it is for her. Caroline says no and how can he think that. Rick is past what happened. Caroline wants this marriage to work. It means everything to her. She was sure that they were on the right track but Caroline feels resentment and wonders if she is wrong.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he was just leaving. Quinn asks what he did for Christmas. He explains he had dinner at Bill’s. Quinn wonders if he had a good time. Wyatt says that he didn’t have any drama. Quinn has been worried about him. Wyatt does not want her to do that. Quinn can’t do that. Quinn knows he lost a child because of her. She is in desperate need of forgiveness. Wyatt angrily forgives him. Deacon thinks that Wyatt is right and she should move on. Wyatt looks very angry.

Ivy asks if Liam has spoken to Hope. Liam says that he has no since she left. Ivy asks where things stand. Liam thinks that physically she is going to be ok. Ivy reminds Liam that they have always been really honest with each other so she wants the truth. Ivy knows that he will always care for Hope but suddenly the landscape has changed for him. Ivy asks when Hope comes back to LA will Liam want her back.

Wyatt explains that he is still dealing with things. Deacon reminds him that they all are. Quinn knows that he does not want her advice but he is going to give it to him anyways. Quinn believes that Wyatt needs to go to Italy. Hope needs him.

Liam starts to laugh at the thought of wanting Hope back. Liam cannot answer that. Ivy asks if he can’t or he won’t. Liam thinks that things are changed but she is married. Liam is with Ivy. That is what is most important. Liam wonders if they can go to the beach. Ivy would love that. She needs a distraction from work. Liam tries to tell Ivy to ask for some help from Rick. Ivy explains that things are not going well for her and Rick. She saw him kissing Maya.

Maya puts a blanket over her and gets her phone out. She looks at photos of Rick and her. She smiles. Maya has a daydream about being a corporate business woman. Where Caroline walks in and asks where Rick is. Maya explains that he is away on business. Caroline asks who is in charge and Maya tells her that she is. Maya looks at her designs and tells her to keep working. Caroline tells her that she is not running this company. Maya explains she is the Forrester matriarch not her.

Rick does not have resentment. Caroline knows that they both know it is more than that. Rick has to get going. Caroline wants to resolve this. Rick does not think that there is anything to resolve. Caroline is committed to him and is not going to let him slip away. Rick knows. Caroline only wants him. She wants to prove that to him for the rest of their lives. Caroline wants to give him a child. It will be a part of them. She wants to love him. Rick has something really important that he has to take care of but he will be back. Caroline cries.

Wyatt tells Quinn not to tell him how to handle his marriage. Quinn is not. Wyatt reminds her that Hope left. Wyatt lost a son and his chance of being a father. Quinn remembers how Wyatt asked about his father. She knew what this child meant to Wyatt. Quinn knows that he wanted to do right by his son the way that she didn’t. Deacon knows that Hope feels the same way. He abandoned her when she was a little girl. Hope wanted that baby just as much as Wyatt. Quinn knows they are both suffering but instead of facing things they are lashing out and that isn’t going to help anyone heal. Quinn knows they need to do this together. They both need to be together. The pain Hope has is different. She needs him. The only way to heal is to be together.

Caroline looks at her wedding photo and thinks about when they got married and Rick told her that he loved her.

Rick comes to Maya’s and she is happy to see him. Rick does not look very happy. Maya wants to know all about everything. Maya explains this will be the last year they spend a part. Maya has a great idea she will make the perfect holiday drink. Maya thinks that Eric doesn’t want to sign the papers. Rick explains he has not discussed the papers. Maya thinks that those can wait. Rick explains it has been a difficult morning. Caroline and him had a talk. Maya asks what kind of a talk. She wants to know what is going on.

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