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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/24/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

John McCook (Eric) does a voice over welcoming the viewers to a very special "The Bold and the Beautiful" Christmas. They are at the Union Mission in downtown LA. The people who are being interviewed are not actors. This extraordinary home is for people in need.

Maya tells everyone she is ready to help. Eric explains they all better be because they are going to serve around four thousand people. Othello is shocked by that. Eric says that they are going to want to greet everyone and serve them. Eric explains that if anyone seems tired it is because they have been up all night preparing for the meal. He wants them all to make sure that they don’t get to busy to make time for the residents and the people who are living on the streets. Eric tells them all to go.

They all get dressed and prepare for the meal. Hundreds of serving trays everywhere. They decorate tables along with actual workers. Carve a turkey. Eric is glad that Carter made it. Eric is glad that a man named Andy is here. He thanks them all for coming. Eric wonders how he has been hanging in there. Andy explains that he has a sore foot but he is not going to let that rise above him. Eric wonders what the hardest thing about this place is. The hardest thing is trying to make sure there is enough founds for what they need and raising that. They need to make sure that there is enough for the eight hundred folks who are living underneath there roof. He has to wonder about the two thousand people that are still living on the streets. Eric asks if he is constantly concerned about those he cannot help. Andy says certainly. When someone has turned their life around and they go back to being destructive and they don’t know where their friend has gone. He thinks that spending time with someone is a way to save lives. It is not going to be a program it is going to be a friendship.

Rick, Ivy, Aly, and Maya all form a little circle. Maya is really glad they are doing this. Ivy thinks this is what the holidays are all about. Rick thinks that the stories of wisdom are all over this building. Eric walks over and is glad to hear that from him. He tells them he is proud and to get to it.

People are served food and they all talk with people.

Maya asks a woman what her experience has been like being here. She explains that at first it was like “whoa” but now it is like a lot of love. She feels a little bit better. Maya asks a child if they celebrate Christmas. He says that they do. Maya wonders what Christmas is for him then. He explains that it is presents, love, and stories. Things that you can share with people. Maya wonders if she has any photos with her. The woman explains that she did not have the chance to so it is basically as if she is starting over. She has to start over with everything. Taking a bus, credit check. Get a couch and TV. It is hard.

Rick and Maya are stopped by a volunteer and they are thanked for coming. Rick says of course. The woman understands that they have something special for their guests. Maya has a little something planned.

A man explains to Ivy that he finally decided to come here when he first got here all he wanted was to get another drink. Slowly he was able to stop though. He was able to get his sanity back. It was great to learn about discipline and owning up to mistakes.

Eric asks if a man is in a mentoring program. He explains that he has been to a couple of the programs. He asks what the best thing that a person can have done for them here. The man explains that they can stop a person who has been drinking and get them on the right track. Help them learn the underlining issues. Eric asks what they should all ask for, for Christmas if they could change the world. He wants us to all learn how to love each other like God loves his children. Eric thinks that should be simple. The man says it is not that simple.

Aly and Carter go and talk to a bunch of people. They introduce themselves as Sarah, Max, Damian, and Brendan. Aly asks what they would want for a Christmas wish. They just want their lives back. Sarah got into a car wreck, lost her car, the next day she lost her job. They were doing ok before that. She would like her kids to smile again and say that they are not different than anyone else. This place shows that you do not have to be fiercely independent. They almost have their lives back. One of the boys used to look at skid row as a place that he didn’t want to be but then he realized that these people are all just people and that they are trying to get better. Sarah can speak from her experience that sometimes you don’t want to say you don’t want the help. She has a degree, so it means that not every homeless person is here because they didn’t have a degree. She had a job. She is a mom. Every day they deal with hundreds of people and they are caring. Carter thanks them all for sharing their story and he thanks them all very much.

Eric asks an employee if he cooks here a lot. The man explains that he is the day time cook. He is here from four in the morning until two. Eric asks how many people he cooks for every day. He says fifteen hundred as they have different feeding times. Eric is shocked. He asks how many people today as there are thousands. Today there goal was to feed forty two hundred but they went over fifty two hundred. They have five hundred small turkeys and two hundred large turkeys. Eric wonders what he gets out of this. For him it is the satisfaction that people get the nourishment that they need. For him whenever he comes in his goal is to make someone feel valued and he does it with food.

Rick and Othello sit down with a family. The father explains that this is the only place he could get to help them. Othello wonders how they feel and what he would tell to others. The man would tell them not to feel ashamed. Everyone has a struggle. Everyone needs help in different ways. He wouldn’t really want to be living on the streets with his children so that is why he came here.

Maya wonders how long a woman has lived here. She explains about a month and a half. The woman explains that she has been homeless since 2012 and has been moving from place to place. Maya asks what it is like for the children. He explains that it has been hard because they go to different schools. Another one says that it is hard to move around a lot. That last child says that it is hard to get a good report card when you move around a lot. Maya asks if they have any joyful events. The mother explains that the people here help them laugh.

Carter asks a man about his life. He explains that he has had a decent life. The man would like to start working with teenagers against drugs and alcohol. He would like to help guide them.

A woman tells Maya that she got her dignity back and that she has her children back. They have helped her so much.

The show everyone talking with the people they have spoken with. They show them hugging with people and thanking them. Maya sings to them all on a stage. They all clap in excitement when she is done. Maya then invites the children on stage and they all jump up and down. Then Rick comes on stage dressed as Santa and gives them all candy.

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