B&B Tuesday Update 12/23/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/23/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam looks at a mini carousel that is playing Christmas music and lights up and moves around on a table. Maya thinks that she really gets into the Christmas spirit. Pam explains that this has been in the Forrester family for a very long time. Rick wonders if Pam’s necklace lights up. Pam turns it on and it blinks between red and green. They all laugh. Ivy believes that they might just have to add battery powered jewelry to the collection. Pam turns it off so the batteries don’t run out. Maya wonders what everyone is doing for Christmas. Rick explains that Eric is having an open house. Maya smiles and asks if she is invited. Pam wonders if that might just be a little too awkward. Ivy thinks she has a point considering. Maya makes a mean batch of mashed potatoes. Rick just asks that everyone pays there admission. Maya wonders what he is talking about. Rick says that they go to a shelter to feed the homeless every year. Pam thinks it is an amazing experience. Maya would be honored to be a part. Rick thinks that is great. Ivy wonders if Pam is making lemon bars. Pam asks if Santa has elves. She then dances out of the room. Ivy cannot believe this is her first Christmas in America. Maya loved her act of being in Christmas cheer. Rick asks Maya what she is doing. She asks if Ivy told her. Ivy came over to her house last night to confront her about their kiss.

John tells Jared (the reporter) that he has not lived until he has seen the sun set over Tibet. It is like the circle of life and all that. Jared is happy to help him out today. He has brought in the help of many dog experts. John believes that Pam has been mourning over the death of her dog for far too long. Jared thinks Pam is different. John believes that a dog would be the perfect Christmas gift. He thinks it will be great and that she will love this.

Wyatt is in Ridge’s office trying to design something. He looks at a Christmas tree on a desk. Pam walks in and asks if he wanted to see her sweater. It is two snowmen. She also shows him the necklace. Wyatt likes it. She wonders how he is doing. Wyatt is just trying to get work done. Pam asks if he has heard from Hope. Wyatt did for a total of five seconds. She has no intention of leaving Italy. Pam believes that maybe Hope does not want to leave Brooke alone at Christmas. Wyatt does not know about a lot of things.

Rick asks what Ivy was thinking. He wants to know why she would go over to Maya’s. Ivy is concerned for him and Caroline. Rick told her to drop it. Maya says it was one kiss. Rick told Ivy to not tell anyone this. Ivy thought he was connected to Caroline. Rick plans to do that. Ivy is to not say anything to anyone if she wants to keep her job. That is to be understood.

Pam looks through her desk for order forms with Wyatt. Wyatt picks up a photo of a dog on her desk. Pam explains that is her dog Tiny. He was her best friend before he passed away. Pam misses him a lot. Pam finds the papers. Pam tells Wyatt that Eric is having an open house and he should not be alone for Christmas. Wyatt just wants to lay low for the holiday. He thanks her for the invite though. Pam starts to think about her dog. John shows up and is happy to see her. He wants a hug. Pam gives him one and is happy to see him again. He wonders if Charlie is around. Pam says it is his day off. John thinks his Christmas gift has been granted then. John has a Christmas gift waiting for her on the sky lounge. John tells her to come on as the trotting dog gets the bone.

Ivy is sorry that she is over stepping her line but she is just trying to help. Rick does not need her help. Maya agrees. They were doing just fine before she stepped in. Maya tells her to go on about her business. Ivy thinks that Rick is still in love with Caroline and that is why he is still with her. Rick reminds her that he is the boss and that is all he wants to be to her. Maya explains to Ivy that they were a serious couple before Caroline Spencer twisted them apart. Ivy only knows that Rick is still married to Caroline. Rick is not losing anything because Ivy will not say anything. Rick will see Ivy at the mission. Ivy storms out. Rick does not like that she knows. Maya does not think they need to worry. She likes Caroline too much and she enjoys her job just as much. Rick needs to secure his position really quickly.

Ivy tells Wyatt that these designs are really great. Ivy asks if Wyatt is ok. Wyatt is just not concentrating really well. Ivy is surprised that he is trying to work right now at all. Wyatt wonders what else he is supposed to do. Hope is not coming home for a very long time if she ever does. Ivy is so sorry. Wyatt knows she is hurting and heartbroken but he cannot understand why she pushes him away. Ivy feels sorry for Hope but he lost a baby too. Wyatt knows and he should be supporting Hope but he does not know where things stand with his wife. Wyatt is questioning his relationship. It should be the last thing he should do especially during Christmas. Ivy thinks this is just Hope’s way of doing things. She just has to have a little faith. Wyatt wonders what she is doing for the Holidays. Ivy is spending her time with Liam. Wyatt is shocked that Liam is not going to be in Italy. Ivy asks what he means by that. Wyatt is sorry he just assumed that they might have been talking. Ivy doesn’t know. Ivy has not asked and he hasn’t said anything. Wyatt thinks it might be a good thing if he found out.

Maya wonders if after Christmas they could sneak away and have their own little celebrating at her house. Rick wonders if she still likes it. Maya loves it but it would be better if he was there and she was not sleeping alone. Rick knows that it is not idea. Maya knows it is only for the time being. Maya asks if Rick has been with Caroline at all. Rick says of course not. Maya thinks it is a good answer. Rick reminds her that she is supposed to be mad because of him trying to fire her. Maya can’t forget. She gave the performance of a lifetime. She just cannot wait until she is hosting the Forrester party with Rick. Rick thinks it will happen next year.

John has Pam open her eyes and Jared comes out with a dog. She wonders what he is doing here with the dog. John explains that Jared set this up. Jared says it is his pleasure. He knows how much she misses Tiny. So this is Bernie. Pam asks what is going on. John explains this is her Christmas present. John explains whatever dog she likes the best is hers. Pam smiles. Pam and John sit behind a desk and Jared brings out Brando. John asks why the dog does not have a tale. He thinks the dog is a taco without hot sauce. Pam explains that the dog is purposely like that. John remembers a story. Diablo comes out next. Pam thinks he is adorable. John keeps to make jokes and Pam looks a little uncomfortable. Jared then has Pixie come out. Pam thinks that she has the most beautiful coat. John asks if she can breathe out of her nose. John wonders if they could somehow combine them. John wonders who will be getting lemon bars tonight. Pam thinks they are so beautiful but maybe next year she just isn’t ready. Jared says it is ok because people in the building have already called dibs on some of them. Pam is glad because she didn’t want them to not have a home. Pam wants to thank him so much as it has been so special. She thinks it is sweet of John. John puts up some missile toe and Pam kisses him.

Rick and Maya get to the mission and explain that tomorrow they will be a part of it all. Maya is in awe.

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