B&B Friday Update 12/19/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy puts her bag down in the Forrester kitchen. She thinks about what she had seen when she went to go look at a friend’s apartment. She had seen Rick and Maya kissing at her front door step. Ivy does not appear to be very certain of what to do. Rick walks into the kitchen and says hey. Ivy looks back at him and says hi to him. Rick tells her not to mind him he is just looking through the fridge. Rick wonders if everything is alright. Ivy lies and says yes. Then she changes her mind and explains to him that they have to talk.

Maya has a glass of wine in her hand. She smiles as Christmas music plays in the background. She has a knock at the door and Othello is there. Othello was suppressed to get the text that she had moved. Othello looks around the room and is impressed. Maya thinks it is great but explains that it is all just temporary. That is until she gets her own mansion. He looks at her kind of funny.

Caroline sips wine and takes selfies of her trying to get the best pose of her drinking. She hears a noise outside and rushes to the door. She pours another glass of wine and walks towards the door to find Aly. She is shocked that she opened the door because she had not even knocked yet. Caroline is a little disappointed as it turns out that is who she heard coming home. Aly saw her light on and wanted to just check up on her. She wonders if Caroline is all alone. Caroline looks a little awkward holding to glasses of wine in her hands.

Ridge tries to sketch in the conference room. Carter walks in and asks if Rick is anywhere. Ridge says that he already left. He would sign the papers for him but he doesn't think that his signature means anything around here. Carter will wait until the morning then. He puts the paper work on Rick's desk. Carter thinks it is good to see that Ridge is sketching again. He does however believes that he looks a little rough. Carter thinks that he should go home and sleep. Ridge tells him that Katie ended their engagement earlier tonight. Carter is sorry to hear. Ridge says that is ok. They both dogged the marriage bullet. Carter thinks that he got out by a miracle but he assumed that Katie and Ridge were happy. Carter wonders if Katie gave a reason. Ridge explains that it was Caroline.

Aly doesn't want to interrupt. Caroline tells her no she isn't and to come on in. Caroline explains that Rick had to go back to work for some reason. It is part of the life of a CEO. Caroline thought it was Ridge at the door. Aly promises to get out of the way when he gets back. She wonders if she is ok. Caroline tells her that she just thought things were a little bit scary for a little bit there. Aly thinks it really was. Caroline wonders about how she is doing with Oliver. Aly says that things are great. He treats her very well and he is very honest. Caroline says that is just like Rick. She takes a drink.

Othello thinks that Maya must be doing alright afford something like this. Maya reminds him that she is the head model. Othello is still shocked. Maya knows she was living above a coffee shop but how does he like her now. This is all thanks to Rick.

Rick wonders why Ivy seems upset. Ivy is trying not to be. Rick asks if something happened with her line. He tells her that he can tell him. He is no less approachable. Ivy comes out and explains she knows what is he has been doing. She saw him tonight with Maya.

Carter is shocked that Katie called off the engagement because of Caroline. Ridge tells him that it is because of his feelings. Carter thought that he didn't have feelings towards her like that. Ridge does not know. When they were working together they had a connection and a spark. Carter thinks that it was just a work connection. Ridge explains they kissed. Carter thought he made it sound innocent. Carter assumed that Maya just over exaggerated things. He explains either way Caroline is back with Rick. He asks if Ridge plans to pursue it. Ridge tell him no. Caroline and him were attracted and Katie will not let that go. Ridge would never act on it though. Ridge was married to her aunt and now it almost seems like he is back with her. Something about her spirit makes him stumped. Carter says that he has to be careful and not to get to into it. Ridge thinks the door to the past just won't close. The memories captivated him. The first Caroline Spencer was amazing. Carter thinks that the second Caroline Spencer is just as captivating.

Caroline cannot say she didn't deserve everything. Her relationship has been complicated. Mistakes happen and they have grown from them. It is too bad that all of Forrester Creations had to witness the bad though. Aly agrees it was pretty bad. Caroline was just completely horrified the way Maya just blew everything up. Caroline knows people are talking. The conversations that happen when she approaches. Aly doesn't think that it is that bad. Aly thinks that almost every women in that building would jump at the chance to kiss Ridge. Caroline thinks it is easy to fall for him but she is glad she didn't go any further. She is very lucky to have Rick.

Othello wonders what Maya means. Othello thought he was going to complain about him once they broke up. Maya is not like that. She asks when the last time he spoke to him was. He tells her it was probably a few days ago. Maya has to tell somebody and he has been a really good friend and the only person to support Rick and her. Othello is sorry it didn't work out. Maya asks if he can keep a secret.

Rick wonders if Ivy means that she saw the two of them at work. Ivy says no a little while ago and it had nothing to do with work. Ivy has a friend who lives in the same building as Maya. She walked down the hall and found Rick and Maya kissing each other. Rick explains that it was a good bye kiss. Rick says that Maya was not taking things well. Ivy does not believe him. She knows that he is not ending things.

Othello asks if she is being serious. Maya explains that she is. Rick did not go back to Caroline. Othello sighs and rubs his forehead. Maya tells him not to take that tone. Maya believes this is a good thing. Othello wants them to be together but wonders if this is the right time to announce it. Maya believes this is karma with Caroline and the way she acted. Maya is someone that Rick can count on. Nobody can know about this. She asks him not to tell anyone. Othello's lips are sealed.

Carter wonders what Ridge is going to do about this. Ridge is not a home wrecker. Carter isn't implying that he is. He asks if Caroline feels the same. Ridge does not think that that it matters. Rick is trying to put his family back together over something he did and he is having a fantasy about being captivated about somebody. He will not let this happen again.

Rick tells Ivy that this not really any of her business. Ivy just is a little concerned. She thought that he had forgiven Caroline and they were back together. Rick tells her that they are. She wonders why she saw him kiss Maya then. Rick screams that his wife cheated on him with Ridge. Ivy asks if this is revenge then.

Aly asks if Rick took his car with him to work. Caroline asks what she means. Aly says that his car is back in the parking lot. Caroline is shocked she looks out the window and thinks that is weird.

Ivy is not judging him she just wants to know what happened. Rick wants her to forget what she saw. Ivy can't. Rick demands that she forget it. Caroline comes in over the speaker and wonders if anyone is there. Ivy wonders if he is going to get it. Ivy asks if he wants her too. Rick walks over to the phone and says hey. Caroline was just waiting for him. Rick got caught up with something with Ivy. Caroline wonders if it can wait. Rick needs to just make sure that he sees eye to eye with her. Rick tells Ivy that she is not going to say a word to anyone. He hopes that she understands.

Caroline walks into the conference room and Ridge asks if she had gone home already. Caroline explains that she did. Ridge wonders what she is doing back here. Caroline wanted to see what he was working on. She wonders if she can help. Ridge says sure and she starts to draw. He holds her hand and grabs it out of her own. The two of them look at each other and they kiss passionately. Ridge wakes up from a fantasy and looks around a bit confused.

Caroline wonders how long Rick has been back talking with Ivy. Aly tells her to make Rick leave work at the office. Caroline asks if that is even possible when you are CEO. Aly thinks probably not. Aly tells him that he needs to wait until tomorrow about sketches. Caroline cannot believe he gave her a chance on designs. To have his trust back means a lot to her. This really proves things are ok.

Ivy understands that Rick must feel upset by what happened. Rick believes she would be upset to if the person she loved cheated on her. Ivy thinks that he is over reacting. Ivy doesn't think he is even thinking right now. Rick realizes that they are family but this is not a smart conversation to have with her boss. She is shouldn't be talking about this. Ivy asks if he has considered talking to someone about this. Rick doesn't need therapy. Every relationship he has ever been in he has been lied to except for Maya. She has been honest. Rick cannot believe that Caroline cheated with the man who treated his mother terribly. Ivy needs to be loyal towards Rick and not Caroline. Caroline walks in and asks if something is wrong. Ivy looks frightened.

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