B&B Thursday Update 12/18/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/18/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Katie blows out the candles on her coffee table and looks at the poetry book she had just put her ribbon in. Bill storms in and is happy that she is still here. Katie asks what he is doing here. Bill wants to know where he is. Katie assumes she is talking about Ridge. Bill wants to know if she is married. Katie explains that he is not here because she broke up with him. Bill smiles. Bill tells her that is her Katie. Katie smiles.

Rick takes a deep breath in his living room. Caroline walks out of the bathroom saying hello. Rick tells her she looks beautiful. Caroline thinks it was done deliberately. Rick thinks it doesn’t matter because of how great she looks. Caroline is again sorry about all that happened but is glad he was able to forgive her. Rick explains that it is ok because sometimes people screw up in marriage. What matters is that they survived. Caroline is sorry. Rick tells her to stop saying sorry because they survived. Caroline wants to make the reunion official. She starts to kiss Rick but he does not look into it at all.

Bill wants to make sure that Katie has is not just putting him on. He wants to make sure that he is gone. Katie wouldn’t exactly say that. Bill just needs her to say it one more time to make sure. Katie doesn’t want to. Bill just wants her too. Katie did end things with Ridge. Bill thought things were going in the other direction. Katie claims to have just made him think that. She had something really good going with Ridge for a while but then she lost it. They stopped connecting with each other. Bill thinks this means that she is free to come back to him. She sighs.

Rick asks Caroline how he managed to snag the sexiest wife on the planet. Caroline can live up to that. Caroline wants to go to bed with him but Rick stops her. He explains that he has to get back to the office. Caroline is starting to get sick of this position. Rick knows that she is. Caroline wants to feel close to him again. She doesn’t feel that he feels anything. Rick has never felt this tired in his life. Caroline misses snuggling with her husband. Rick is going to have to take a rain check. He will try not to be too late. Caroline asks if they are ok. Rick says they are never better. Outside he takes a deep breath.

Katie is just a little confused. Katie wants to know where this sudden desire to reunite there family is coming from. Bill does not think that it is sudden. He has thought what really is important and matters most. It started to drive him crazy that she was going to give that all to Ridge. It was not ok that she was going to let that happen. Bill thinks that the reason she broke up with Ridge is because of them. Katie broke up with Ridge because of them. She was not connecting with him. Ridge losing his ability to draw was a big deal and then they started to not function as a couple. Bill is sorry and he knows they had something but he is the most self-indulgent human being he knows so he is glad he is gone.

Caroline walks into the mansion kitchen and sees Ivy sitting at the island. Ivy wonders what she is doing here. She thought that she had a night in with Rick. Caroline explains he had to go back to work. Caroline thought she would camp out here for a while. She wonders if she is bothering her. Ivy says no. She was just texting a friend to see what they were going to do. She asks if Caroline is ok. Caroline just can’t get any quality time with her husband. Ivy believes he has a very big job. Caroline knows and she is trying but she has a lot of making up to do for Rick but for that to happen she needs him awake, alert, and in the room.

Maya opens her front door and explains she was happy to get Rick’s text. Rick tells her that he had to get out of there. Maya thinks it was a great surprise. Maya and Rick start to kiss passionately. All Rick needs his her eyes. Maya tells him not to forget that. Rick wonders if she is settling into her apartment. Maya cannot tell him how much she loves it here. She thanks him. Rick believes that she deserved it. Maya does not like sneaking around but once he has control they get to come out of hiding. Rick still doesn’t know how to get Eric’s signature. Maya thinks he will think of something. Rick is having trouble being around Caroline. Rick thinks it is easy to be faking it around others but alone he cannot give her a relationship. Rick has been telling her that he is tired. Rick does not think that there was anything wrong with their relationship. That is on her not him. Maya tells Rick that he cannot lose sight of the motivation. Caroline cheated on him with Ridge of all people. She wants to pretend that this never happened. Rick can only think about all that has happened. Rick has to wonder how far it actually went. Maya wants this apartment to be a Caroline free zone and a happy place starting now. She starts to kiss him passionately. Maya walks him away.

Caroline explains they are working on things. Ivy can assume that it was hard for her to see Rick and Maya together. Caroline thinks that she is the reason this happened. She practically left Rick as a gift to Maya. Caroline did not see that happening. Ivy believes that Rick made it pretty clear about how he felt about Maya when he fired her. Caroline just wishes they could get away for the weekend. Ivy thinks she can make that happen. Caroline does not think that Rick can do anything as of late. It is part of her punishment. She feels like this might just be part of a guilt thing. Caroline does not feel that she deserves to be forgiven. Ivy thinks that strong marriages survive. They will be fine. Ivy has to go check on a friend and her new apartment. Caroline tells her to go ahead. Caroline wants to be back at the guest house when she gets home.

Katie thinks that Bill is missing something very important. Katie reminds him of Brooke. Brooke will be back. Bill thinks that Brooke will be happy. Katie knows what Brooke says and does are two completely different things. Bill thinks it matters what they feel not what Brooke feels. Bill wants to right a wrong. He wants and needs them back. Bill hurt them and he cannot go back and change that. He wants his family back together. Bill gets what he wants. Katie smiles and shakes her head. Katie has Will say goodnight to Bill. Bill shows Will a ball and says hello to him. He says that he loves him so much. He misses this. Bill guesses that he should get going. Katie tells Bill that he does not have to rush off. He asks if she means that. Katie says that she does. He hugs the two of them and kisses Will on the head.

Caroline sits down on her couch and thinks about when she first was married and all the candles were lit in the house. She wanted him to never stop surprising her. Caroline gets her phone and texts Rick to come home already. Caroline looks outside.

Maya hates this part because she misses falling asleep in his arms. Rick does not think it will be long from now. Rick gets the text. Maya is not complaining she knows what she has ahead of them is great. She knows it will not be long. Once he has complete control there is no limit to what they can be. Rick is going to try to get them signed again soon. Rick walks out into the hallway and Ivy starts to walk down the hall. She notices Rick and quickly goes where she cannot be seen. Maya tells him that this is hard on her. When things get tough though all he has to do is bring things to her. She kisses him and Ivy watches. She looks mortified.

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