B&B Wednesday Update 12/17/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric asks Rick if he really wants him to sign these papers. Rick believes it would mean a lot to him. It would show that he has trust in him. Eric knows that if he signs the papers he would lose any leverage he had. Rick reminds him that he is the company and has been for a long time but due to generosity he doesn’t own the company but does control voting rights. Rick tells Eric that everything that he has done with Caroline and Ridge is over. He has changed. Eric thinks that he has. Rick doesn’t want to pressure him but he wants to run the company with Caroline into the future but he can’t with Ridge plotting against him. Rick knows that Eric can understand that. Eric looks at the papers.

Justin needs a meeting with the union. He wonders if Bill is paying attention. Bill says whatever he wants face to face. Justin knows that he is not with him. Bill thinks that something is up with Katie. Justin is shocked that he is just figuring it out. Brooke has been gone for a while now. Bill explains this has nothing to do with Brooke. It has to do with Katie.

Katie pours Ridge another glass of wine. Ridge thanks her and explains that he was only late because of another one of Rick’s meetings. Katie asks what he is working on. Ridge goes over to his portfolio and pulls out one of his designs to show her. Katie looks at it and thinks that it is beautiful. Ridge explains how the design works. He thinks it is good. Katie asks if he did it on his own. Ridge says no. Caroline and him are working together again. Rick and Eric insisted on it. Katie asks how he feels about that.

Rick stands in his office and Maya walks in behind him and kisses him. Maya thinks that his mood has changed. Rick explains that Eric did not sign the papers. Maya assumes that means that he does not have control of the company. Rick says not yet. Maya cannot believe they have to continue this ridicules game. Rick tells Maya that she cannot be kissing him like that. He asks what she would do if Caroline or anyone walked in. Maya would tell them that she is trying to seduce him. Rick is being serious he has to let this play out. Rick needs to pretend to be loyal to his wife. Rick is going to call on a meeting. He is going to put on a show.

Justin wonders about Brooke. Bill explains that she will not return his calls and has taken him out of her life. Justin knows that Katie is available to him though.

Ridge just wants what is best for Katie. Katie asks what he thinks that is. Ridge does not know. He just wants to be happy and do the work that he knows they are both capable of doing. He doesn’t want to be awkward about it though. Katie looks a little distressed. Ridge asks what is going on.

Maya doesn’t know about this. Rick knows that she can do it. Rick has to convince his father that he is trustworthy of this position. Maya wonders how long they have to play the game. Rick does not think long if they play the game well. Then no one will have the power to tell him who he can and can’t fire.

Justin asks if Katie is over there with Ridge. Bill guesses. She had a spread laid out when he was over there earlier and he can only assume it was for Ridge. Justin thinks this is more than just a friendly concern for his ex-wife. Justin thinks that Bill wants her back.

Katie thinks that the ribbon is falling apart. Ridge wants to do something about it then. Katie hopes that tonight changes things then. Katie has to do what is right for everyone. Ridge knows that she does. Katie understands that she needs to work with Caroline because they are great together. She needs to finish this. He came into her life at the right time. When he talks about his work a light goes on in him. It has nothing to do with her. Ridge will always be grateful to Caroline. Katie asks if Ridge loves her.

Carter explains that the sales keep going upward. Eric thinks that is excellent. Rick wishes that Ridge was here right now. He deserves to know that this is happening. Eric thinks this is very encouraging. Eric could not be more pleased with him. Eric wonders if they are done. Rick has one more thing. Rick picks up the phone and asks if she can be sent in. Maya walks in and asks if he wanted to see her. Caroline asks why she is here. Rick believes that Maya has been a big asset to this company. Rick appreciates her efforts but he thinks that Maya move on with her career. Caroline is the future of the company. She can’t feel threatened. Maya asks if she is being fired. Rick will offer her a very generous severance pay. Rick explains that Caroline is his wife. He is sorry. Eric and Caroline smiles.

Bill wants Katie back so he can call him an idiot. Justin tells him what he tells his sons. He needs to do something about it. Bill knows that he waited too long. He chased a dream and all along it was there in front of him. Now she is going to be with Ridge.

Katie understands that Caroline can give him something that she can’t. Ridge thinks that it is different. Katie understands they are artists. Katie thinks it is natural that they would be drawn to each other. Ridge loves her. Katie loves him too but it is not enough. She understands and he is not being blamed. She is not telling him to stop. This is who he is and what makes him happy. He needs to be happy. Katie is going to take off the ribbon. Ridge doesn’t want her to do that. Katie has to do this because she knows how this ends. She does not want to regret being loved by him. He came in her life when she needed to be loved and she will never forget that. She takes off the ribbon. She holds it in her hand and she starts to cry. She doesn’t think that was so hard. Katie smiles.

Bill looks at a photo of Katie. He thinks about the day they got married. When they first saw the baby. When Katie held Will. He puts the photo back on his desk moving it from the back. He looks back at the wall.

Ridge is sorry. Katie is not. Ridge thinks it is just professional though. Katie doesn’t want him to lie to her or himself. Katie wishes that she could be the one to inspire him but that is not the case. Katie knows it is not the truth. Ridge doesn’t know what his truth is anymore. Their time together has been magical. The way they are together. It was what they needed at the time. The two kiss each other. Ridge grabs his coat and portfolio. He walks out but looks back at her. They both smile at each other. Ridge walks out. Katie looks at poetry and she reads it to herself. She smiles. She puts the ribbon on the page that she was reading. Katie hugs the book and rocks back and forth as she cries.

Maya tells Rick that he cannot be doing this. Maya cannot go back to waiting tables. Rick will give her a good recommendation. Rick did this all by himself. Rick has to do this for the good of the company. Maya has committed herself to this company. Rick is back together with his wife and he loves her. Maya will stay away from him. Rick knows that he has to do this for the right of the company. Eric tells Rick that Maya is not going anywhere. He has more than proven himself. Maya thanks Eric. The meeting is over according to Eric. Caroline goes over to Rick. She thanks him. She can’t tell him what his loyalty means to her. Rick is doing it for him. They hug.

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