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Written By Anthony
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Rick washes Maya’s back. Maya can’t believe she has a gorgeous condo and a bathtub in the living room. Maya asks how she can thank Rick. Rick knows this is a lot to ask of her. Maya knows that it is not forever though. It is only until Rick knows his position will not be lost then the real fireworks begin. Rick thinks if not sooner. Rick has hired an attorney. Maya wonders what is going on. Rick believes that if things go according to plans a certain two some are about to get the shock of their lives. Maya smiles. The two kiss.

Ridge asks Caroline what she thinks of the design. He wonders if she thinks it is crazy to design the show stopper first and then design everything else around that. Caroline thinks it is great but maybe they need to run it by Rick first. Ridge doesn’t believe that Rick cares about the process so long as the outcome works out for the company. Caroline still thinks that Rick allowing them to work together is something that should be made known to him that they are grateful. Ridge looks at her in the eyes.

Katie plays with cars along with Will in her living room. Bill walks in and thinks that it looks like fun. He wonders if he can join in. Katie asks Will if can join in. Will tries to throw a ball to Bill and they think it is safe to say that he can join in. Bill wonders if Will is happy to see his father. Katie thinks he is. Bill asks if his mother is happy to see him as well. Katie smiles.

Katie cleans up the living room and Bill walks back in explaining that Will insisted on a story but not just any story but the story. Katie assumes that he means the story about the Spencer Empire and its iron fist. Bill explains that is true. However she is forgetting about the dark knight and his queen or ex-queen. She wonders if he happened to mention how she became the ex-queen. He thinks that the dark knight didn’t fully appreciate what he had. Bill hears something and Katie asks the chef if everything is ok. He comes in and tells her all is fine. Bill wonders what is going on. He asks if she is planning a special evening. Katie says no. Bill can’t believe she is planning something for Forrester.

Ridge is surprised by Rick’s change of heart. Caroline believes that what Rick said about him wanting to all get along is what happened. Eric walks in and explains that Rick wants the line to flourish. Eric sees they are already back at it. Caroline tells him that Ridge has just come up with a brilliant idea. Eric wants to see it but Ridge does not think it is ready. Eric wonders where Rick is. Caroline says that he is up to his neck in hot water. That is what he said to her on the phone a minute ago. Ridge asks if it was something urgent. Eric says no he just wanted to praise him for how well things have gone so far.

Maya opens the front door and asks if the man is Chris. He says that he is and asks who she is. Maya introduces herself. She welcomes him in the room. He asks if they are doing a photo shoot here today. Rick pops back into the room and says they are always looking for new locations. He asks Chris if he has it. Chris has the documents that will make him the only one in charge as CEO at Forrester Creations. Maya’s eyes widen in shock. Rick however looks a little nervous by this. Rick and the others are now sitting down. Rick figures that Eric is going to have to sign this. Christ states that as the person with final authority and voting rights yes he will have to sign it. Eric can then point the control to him. Maya asks what exactly that means. Chris tells her that it means that Eric will never be able to overrule Rick as CEO. Chris has to ask though. This is a family company. The company is doing well why push this. Rick has his reasons. He wonders if he will need another attorney or if Chris is going to do what he wants. Chris said that he would do it so he will go through with it. Rick is glad.

Eric thinks that Rick is making a good effort. He has reached out to Caroline again and is reaching out to both of them as designers. He is being the CEO he thought that he would be. Eric wants Ridge to do what Rick wants. Ridge is trying. Eric tells him to try harder. Eric asks what he has to do to please him. Ridge thinks he could step aside and give him what is rightfully his. Eric thinks that a successful design house is only as good as its lead. Eric knows he lost his gift and he worked really hard to get it back but now he has it back. Rick realizes that and he supports them one hundred percent. It shows them both how he is able to get over things and look at it from a business perspective.

The chef tells Katie that these are beautiful roses. Katie thanks him. Katie asks Bill if he has some place to be. Bill is not leaving until he finds out what the heck is going on. Katie explains that something significant is going to happen tonight. Bill wonders what that is. Katie does not think that is his business. Bill has had time to reflect and his time with Katie was the best time of his life. He had it all going for him until Brooke happened. He wants his family back. He wants them back. Katie cries. Bill made the biggest mistake of his life by letting him go. Bill hopes that she doesn’t make one. Bill wants a chance to make things right. They can be great together. He never stopped loving her. He knows that she never stopped loving him either. Bill hopes that she doesn’t do something that they are both going to regret tonight.

Eric walks back into the office. Caroline says hello. She explains that Ridge just stepped out. She wonders if she can do anything for him. Eric would just like her to track down her husband so he take them both out to a very expensive dinner on him. Caroline gives him a kiss. He thanks him for whatever he did as Rick has never been so committed to her before.

Rick thanks Chris. He cannot wait to stick it to Ridge and his arrogance. He has to deal with this his entire life. Caroline will get hers too. They were newlyweds and he loves her so much. He believed in her and what they had. He asks how she can betray her marriage like this. Once Eric signs his life begins. He can tell them all to go to hell.

Ridge walks into Katie’s house and sees a romantic dinner set up. Katie is smiling. Ridge wonders what is going on here. Katie thinks it is a special evening for both of them. She hands him a glass of wine and they both drink.

Bill sits at his desk and just stairs at the wall thinking to himself about kissing Katie the other day.

Ridge wonders if Will is asleep. Katie says yes he went to be bed a little early tonight. He didn’t forget anything. She just knows it has been a rough time for the two of them and she would like things to go back to normal. She wants to move forward tonight. Katie wanted to do something special and she felt like it was time. Ridge looks at the ribbon and explains he should replace the ring a long time ago. Katie thinks that it symbolizes a lot of things.

Maya leaves Rick a message explaining to call when he is done with his dad. She cannot wait to begin her life with him. Maya hangs up the phone and smiles.

Rick walks into his office and finds Eric. Eric explains that he just missed Caroline but she is probably still in the office. Rick wanted to talk to him. Eric asks if he has another big business deal. Eric is very impressed with how he handled himself in the meeting today. Rick knows exactly what he needs to do though. Eric thinks he is doing it already. Rick loves that he has trust in him. Eric has taught him so much. Rick intends to follow the same things as him. Rick had papers drawn up. Rick would like full control here at Forrester. These papers will make sure that his role at the company cannot be undermined. Rick knows that Ridge has it out for him and he knows firsthand how it can go. Rick can do this. If Eric really believes in him then Eric will show him by signing the papers.

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