B&B Monday Update 12/15/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/15/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn looks down from the roof of her warehouse. Bill tells her to do them all a favor. Quinn just came up for some air. Bill knows what is going on in her twisted little head. She feels guilt. She took his grandson. Quinn tells him that she didn’t. Bill asks if she didn’t then why is she standing on the ledge.

At Forrester in the conference room (Rick/ Eric’s office) Caroline explains to Eric, Carter, and Ridge that she wishes that there was something they could do. Carter asks if Rick has spoken to Hope. Rick explains to them that she is on her way to Italy and is going to spend some time with Brooke. Eric thinks that time with Brooke is what she needs right now. Eric thinks that this is a terrible loss. Caroline feels bad for her and Wyatt. Carter believes that she is strong. Rick tells them all that Hope wants them to work hard while she is gone. He changes the subject to the numbers the company has brought in. Couture is doing great. He congratulates Caroline and Ridge. He is proud. Eric is proud too. Carter explains that they are going up this quarter. Rick thinks they should both be very proud. Rick believes it is an exciting time to be at Forrester Creations. Carter says that is an understatement. Rick adds that they need to start looking forward if they are going to stay ahead. Caroline shows Eric their designs. Ridge shows his as well. Eric thinks they are good. He wonders though if they are still working as a team. Ridge says no. Eric understands. Caroline believes there must be a way they can work together without having to design together. Eric is sure they can. He has concerns though. Rick asks if he has any ideas. Eric believes that the designs lack flair. He thinks they should be a team again. Rick looks angry.

Bill tells Quinn that it can all be over right now. He can assure her that it will never happen again. Bill tells her to take one step and end it right here. Quinn takes a deep breath. Deacon screams to her not to do it. Quinn turns around. Deacon thinks they can talk about this. He asks her to please come to him. Quinn walks down. Deacon asks what the hell is wrong with him. She just lost her grandson. Bill believes his grandson is dead because of her. Deacon reminds him that she never touched Hope. Quinn asks Bill if he thinks that she doesn’t feel terrible about this. She has to live with this the rest of her life. Bill thinks that it all could have been fixed today. Quinn and Deacon hug. Quinn starts to cry.

Eric is very pleased that Ridge is designing again but he is not one hundred percent again. Ridge never said he was. If he needs to help out he will. Eric understands that if he is not comfortable being a team they should collaborate at least. Rick is going to address this head on. As far as them working together he is not asking he is insisting. Caroline thinks they can find another way. Rick tells him that what happened in the past is over. They all need to get along. Eric likes his new attitude. Rick is happy that they all trust him. He is a really lucky guy to have them all working for him. Rick tells him to design together. He trusts them. Caroline starts to tear up. Rick smiles as she hugs him.

Deacon asks if she is ok back in her living room. Quinn was not going to jump. Quinn thinks she should have though. Deacon is going to have to find a therapist for her. Quinn thinks that Bill right. Wyatt will never talk to her again. She took away his future. Deacon thinks in time they will have another child. Quinn tells Deacon that she took away his grandson and she would understand if he never wanted to have anything to do with her anymore. Deacon says to look at him as he is not going anywhere.

Maya walks back and forth and Rick walks in. He explains that he had to sneak out of the office. Maya thinks they have done a lot of sneaking around lately. Rick says it is only temporarily. Maya knows it is only until he gets full control of the company. She asks how things are. Rick has a surprise for her. He tells her to close her eyes. Rick opens the door and they walk into Steffy’s old apartment. Maya opens her eyes and she asks what this is. Rick says that this is her new apartment.

Caroline thinks they are back to work. Caroline and Ridge talk awkwardly. He is glad they are doing this again. Caroline was surprised that Rick was ok with it. Ridge thinks he must have been humbled by everything. Caroline wants to blend two of their designs. Rick is right they should do this for the company. Ridge agrees. Caroline is proud of her husband. He is more committed to the marriage than ever and so is she.

Maya is shocked that this is really hers. She thinks it is unbelievable. Maya thinks it is huge and so much bigger than her old apartment. She wonders how he found it. Rick explains that it used to be Steffy’s. Maya asks if that this is a bathtub next to the window. Rick explains that it was Jackie Maroney's tub. She is very famous for putting on press conferences from that tub. Rick is planning to put the tub to good use. Maya hopes he is over often then they can be together forever. Rick is insisting that Ridge and Caroline work together. Maya believes that is a bold move. Rick doesn’t care what they do. Maya thanks him for this and they kiss passionately.

Deacon tells Quinn he is sticking around and he doesn’t care what anyone says. Quinn asks if he really means that. Deacon wonders what it looks like. Quinn didn’t mean to hurt Hope. Deacon knows it was an accident. She never had any reason to hurt her. Quinn wants to do things differently. Quinn wonders why she couldn’t stay away. Deacon does not think that they can change the past now. Quinn should have stayed in the house and not gone out to the garden. Quinn should have just left. Deacon reminds her that she was nowhere near her when she fell. Quinn doesn’t think it matters. She feels so guilty. She has hurt so many people. Quinn asks what is the matter with her.

Rick and Maya sit in the bathtub. Rick wonders if she always uses this many bubbles. Maya asks why not. Maya doesn’t think they should ever leave. Rick gets a call from Caroline. She wonders where he is. Rick had something he had to do. Rick can’t really talk right now as he is up to his neck in hot water. Caroline will see him when he gets back. Maya kisses him passionately.

Caroline explains to Ridge that he is in the middle of something. Rick has been really sweet and attentive since they got back together. He is growing so much. He has proven his loyalty to her. She hopes this works out and them working together. Ridge doesn’t think it won’t. Caroline knows he is working so hard to fix things and she respects that. Ridge does too.

Deacon is not going to let her beat herself up like this. Deacon does not think anything will bring their grandson back. Deacon knows it was an accident. Quinn made her so upset. Quinn can still see her lying there. She should have stopped obsessing. Quinn couldn’t do it though. She didn’t consider anyone else. Look at what she did. She starts crying. Deacon yells at her and tells her to stop saying that. He is devastated for everyone but he is not going to let her pin this on herself. Quinn just wants to crawl out of her own skin. Deacon will not let her give up on life. Deacon will not live without her. They hug and Quinn starts to cry.

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