B&B Friday Update 12/12/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam knew that Hope would be here. Hope asks how he knew that she would be here as she didn’t even know that she would be here. Liam just had a feeling. They both sit down on a bench. Hope thinks that he knows her very well. Liam can’t stop thinking about everything that has happened. Hope can’t believe her baby is gone. Liam asks if there is anything he can do. Hope tells him that he is doing it.

Quinn tells Wyatt that he knows her better than anyone. She is impulsive and makes bad choices but she owns up to them. She never went to Hope with the intention of hurting her especially with the baby. Quinn just wanted her to change her mind and forgive her. She just wanted a place in her grandchild’s life. Wyatt says son. She was going to have a grandson. Hope and he were going to have a boy.

Katie walks into Bill’s office and asks if it is ok to come in. Bill says please. Bill could use the company. Katie was hoping that he would say that. She didn’t want to intrude on him but she wanted to check in on him face to face. Bill thinks it is a nice face. Bill thanks her for thinking of him. Katie says of course, he has suffered a loss to and she will be here for whatever he needs. Katie asks if he wants to talk about it. Bill doesn’t think that there was much to say. He had a grandson on the way and Hope lost it. Katie is shocked to hear that it was a boy. Bill says yes. Katie thinks that it makes her sad. She asks how Wyatt is. Bill has not seen him since the hospital. He figured it was better to let things heal than to give a pep talk. Katie thinks that he is right. Bill doesn’t think that any of this is right. So many kids come into the world unwanted but this family was extending their arms. His first grandchild. Katie knows and hugs him.

Quinn cannot believe that it was going to be a boy. She whispers it. Wyatt does not think he did a good job. Quinn asks him what he means. Wyatt was supposed to protect his family. Quinn wanted to be good for his family. The mother who always adored him and be a good mother in law. She asks him to believe in her. He has believed in her more times than he can count. Quinn didn’t want this to happen. Wyatt knows that she never does but the things she does they spiral out of control. He is not blaming her but he is trying to accept responsibility for everything. Hope wanted her out of their lives. Wyatt tells her the baby is gone and he should have listened to Hope and not her.

Liam asks if Wyatt is waiting inside or if he is meeting her. Hope tells him that she came alone. Liam asks if he should leave. Hope tells him no. Liam wants to take some of her pain away. Hope cannot believe her baby boy is just gone. He had his entire life ahead of him. One second she wasn’t careful. Liam thinks that this is because of Quinn and she is not to be blamed herself. This was an accident.

Bill is not one to sit around moaning about fate. That said this is not fair. Hope and Wyatt should have been able to have their child. He should have had a shot at life. Katie knows she is sorry. Bill wonders if this is a sin of the father. Katie asks what he means. Bill points out that both his boys have lost their first child. Katie does not think that is his fault. Bill thinks that he can always count on her to keep him humble. Katie tries. She just keeps thinking about Hope’s baby shower. She was so happy. Bill is not good at helpless. Katie knows but sometimes that is all a person can be. Bill doesn’t think that this had to happen. Quinn was told to stay away. She had no reason to be on Quinn’s property. This is all her fault.

Wyatt thinks that Quinn being so over protective is funny. He should have emulated her when it came to protecting Hope and his son. Wyatt could have. He should have been more protective. Quinn makes mistakes but she owns up to them. She takes responsibility. Quinn is not responsible for killing the baby. Wyatt knows that but she was only there in the first place because of Quinn. Wyatt knows that he couldn’t just stay away. She couldn’t just wait. Hope couldn’t just heal. Quinn had to have what she wanted right away. He has lost everything because of her. Quinn starts to cry.

Liam knows that Hope is going to want to understand but sometimes there just aren’t any good reasons. Sometimes things just happen. Liam tells Hope that no matter where life takes them he is here for her. Hope is there for him too.

Katie asks what Quinn is planning. Bill asks her what she is talking about. He never said anything about a plan. Katie tells him not to lie to her. She knows when he is up to something. Bill tells her to ask fashion boy. Katie doesn’t know what that has to do anything and he unless he plans to drive up to some religious place to take things up with the gods there is not much he can do at all. Bill thinks that he will do just that. Katie tells him not to do anything he will regret. Bill thinks that she cares about him. Katie says of course she does. Bill starts to kiss Katie passionately. She kisses him back. Bill runs off and Katie tells him not to do anything he cannot take back. Katie touches her lips and smiles.

Wyatt thinks that after everything that has happened he thinks that Hope is going to leave him. Quinn doesn’t think that Hope should be blaming him for anything. They should be sharing grief and helping each other through this. She asks if he really believes this is her fault. He does. Her suffocating love has hurt him. He is done. He tells her goodbye. Quinn starts to cry again.

Liam asks if she really is here for him. Quinn tells him that the last couple of months her life has revolved around her pregnancy. It is all gone now. Her life continues and she has been thinking about all that has happened and why. Hope wanted to be with him more than anything but when she got pregnant she had to stay with Wyatt to give the baby something that she didn’t have growing up. A loving father. She couldn’t stop loving him though. She smiles. She touches his chin. Liam touches her hand.

Quinn walks out on to the roof of her building. She looks down and sees how far it is. Quinn thinks about Hope and all that has been said about her. She remembers Hope falling. She remembers everyone blaming her. She looks back and Bill tells her to do it.

Liam and Hope walk. He asks what happens now. Hop needs to breathe. She needs to sort through things. Hope needs her mom. Liam asks if she is going to go visit Brooke. Hope says yes. Liam asks how long. Hope does not know but for however long she needs. Liam asks when she leaves. Hope says now. Liam is shocked. Hope is leaving. Hope tells Liam that she loves him. She will always love him. Liam kisses her passionately. Liam touches her hand and kisses her forehead. Hope lets go of him. She smiles. Liam looks sad. Hope walks away smiling. Hope stops walking and looks at him. She smiles as she walks off, she disappears into the distance.

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