B&B Wednesday Update 12/10/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/10/14


Written By Anthony
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Hope and Wyatt hug each other while Liam watches. Liam tells Hope that if Quinn had anything to do with this he needs to know.

Quinn really hopes that the baby and Hope are ok. Deacon gets off the phone and is crying. He tells Quinn that she is not answering her phone. Quinn doesn’t know how all of this happened. She was leaving and then Hope was screaming and was at the bottom of the staircase. Deacon yells at her that all she had to do was leave it alone. He continuously told her to do that.

Katie walks into Rick’s office and asks for Ridge. She doesn’t find him. She looks on the conference room desk and sees designs. She looks at them and looks a bit saddened by them. She leaves.

Ivy is in the other office and is working on something. Katie walks in and notices that she is working. Ivy tells her that it is fine. She wonders if she is looking for Ridge. Katie says kind of. Katie asks if there is a meeting. Ivy is not aware of one. Katie notices that she is working on her new collection. Katie jokingly informs her that she can take a bit of a break in between lines. Ivy knows but she likes to get things done. Katie thinks that she is speaking like a true Forrester. Ivy thinks that this place is really starting to feel like home for her. Katie asks if Liam has anything to do with that.

Bill pours himself a cup of coffee in his office. Justin walks in. Bill thanks him for going to and getting the restraining order. Justin asks if it has been delivered to Quinn. Bill explains that he hasn’t been visited by her yet so probably not. Bill thinks that if they had not stopped Quinn it would have just gotten a whole lot worse.

Deacon begged her to not go to the baby shower. Quinn never wanted to hurt anyone. Deacon is going to the hospital and going to find out what is going on. Quinn wants to go with him. Deacon explains that for the safety of everyone she is not to go to the hospital. He will let her know what is going on. He leaves slamming the door. Quinn sits down on the couch and continues to cry hysterically. Quinn looks at the restraining order.

Wyatt does not want to think that his mother could hurt the two of them like this. Hope tells Wyatt that she fell. Wyatt knows but she knows that they were arguing and wonders if she touched her at all. Hope remembers the whole thing and tells Wyatt that no she did not do anything to cause the fall.

Justin asks if Bill is worried about how Quinn will react. Bill thinks that this is all that Quinn understands. Wyatt is telling her to back off and Quinn didn’t listen. Bill thinks that Quinn is obsessed with being a grandmother. Justin believes that there are worst things to be obsessed with. Bill knows that but when Quinn becomes obsessed it is not a good place for anyone to be.

Quinn walks around in a circle looking at her phone holding herself.

Ivy will never forget it. Lars gave them the key to the boat and all of Amsterdam was all around them. Katie thinks that is very romantic. Ivy believes that it was. It was a moment where she wanted to pinch herself but she does not dare. Katie says she is glad that Liam has finally moved on.

Deacon arrives at the hospital. He tells a nurse at the desk that his daughter is on this floor. She asks for Hope’s name. Deacon explains it is either under Hope Spencer or Hope Logan. She looks and then Liam finds him and calls for him. Deacon rushes over and asks Liam if she is ok. Liam tells him that she had a really bad fall. Deacon wonders if she has any broken bones or anything. Liam says nothing like that. Deacon tells him that Quinn was worried about the baby. Liam gets angry and tells him not to say her name. Deacon asks what is going on with the baby. Liam starts to cry. Liam explains that she had a miscarriage. Deacon starts to cry.

Hope says that she is sorry. She tried so hard to protect him. He was a part of her and now he is gone. Wyatt tells her that it is ok. Deacon sows up and she covers her face. Deacon pats Wyatt on the back. Deacon gives Hope a hug and she continues to cry. Liam leaves the room. He makes a phone call in the hallway.

Bill gets a phone call and he assumes that it is from Wyatt. He looks and tells Justin it is from Liam. He asks him what is up. Liam tells him that he has some bad news. Bill asks if it is so bad that he can’t walk across the hall to tell him about it. Liam explains that he is at the hospital with Hope. Bill asks what happened. Liam says it was the baby. He tells him that Deacon is here and he just assumed that Bill would want to be there for Wyatt. Bill says he will be. Liam is really sorry. Bill looks stunned.

Ivy explains to Katie that Amsterdam was a really big leap for her career and her relationship with Liam. Katie is really happy for her. Katie still really cares about Liam even after the divorce. Ivy thought that she was a big supporter of Liam and Hope getting together. Katie was but Hope loves Wyatt but now they are having a baby. Ivy is thrilled for them. Katie is to and for her as well she gets to start a new exciting life. Katie gets a phone call and it is Bill. Katie asks what is going on. Bill asks where she is. Katie tells him that he is at Forrester. Bill is coming to pick her up. Katie says that Will is with Rachel. Bill explains this isn’t about Will, it is about Hope. She is at the hospital. Katie gets scared and tells him it better not be the baby. Bill says it is. He doesn’t know the details but something happened and Hope miscarried. Katie starts to cry and says she is sorry to him. Bill will be right over. Katie hangs up is crying.

Hope tells Deacon that her baby is gone. Deacon knows. Hope knew something was wrong. The doctor came in and she was given an ultrasound. Hope listened and she listened and she was praying but she couldn’t hear a heartbeat he was gone. Deacon starts to cry at hearing it was a boy. Liam walks back in and Wyatt goes out with Liam. Liam explains that Bill is on his way. Wyatt thanks him. Liam wonders if there is anyone else he should call. Wyatt says no. Liam wishes he could have done something. Wyatt does too. The two hug.

Deacon walks out and tells Liam that he needs to go call Brooke. Liam has already left a message and told her to call him back. Deacon thanks him. Donna runs in and tells Liam and Deacon that Katie called her and she is on her way with Bill. Liam explains that it was just an accident. Katie, Bill, and Ivy walk in. Ivy explains that she was with Katie when Bill called. Bill asks what happened. Liam tells them all that Hope fell down Brooke’s staircase in her backyard. Liam explains Quinn was there and she did nothing but she was there and something bad happened and he thinks that makes her responsible.

Quinn remembers when Hope fell down the stairs and she went to help her. She starts to cry again. She sits down and starts to pray.

Everyone is in the lobby of the hospital and Deacon makes a phone call. Quinn picks up her phone and starts to cry and scream no. She falls to the ground and cries hysterically.

Hope and Wyatt hug each other and Bill walks in, Katie and Donna follows. Bill hugs Wyatt. Bill kisses Hope on the head and Katie gives Hope a hug and starts to cry, they both do. Ivy holds Hope’s hand. They all leave minus Wyatt. Liam looks back and Hope notices him. She smiles at him but starts to cry again.

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