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Written By Anthony
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Liam asks if there is anyone that Hope would like him to call. She is still crying and shakes her head no. He asks if he should call Brooke. Liam figures out she doesn’t want to call anyone. Liam explains that she can have pane kills if she would like. Hope tells Liam that the doctor said it was a boy and Hope starts to become hysterical again.

Wyatt asked Quinn a question. He knows that Quinn is shaking. Quinn claims that she is just cold. Wyatt yells at her and tells her that it is not even cold. He wants to know why she is acting like this. Quinn doesn’t know how this all happened. Wyatt needs to have a conversation right now and they have a lot that they have to talk about. Pretending that something didn’t happen isn’t going to work. She saw Hope and Liam and wonders if it was together. Quinn says it wasn’t together. Wyatt wants to know what happened then. Did they have an argument? Wyatt loves her and this isn’t the first time. He just wants to know what it is that she did this time.

Bill gets a phone call from security explaining that Deacon has entered the building. He wants to know how he got into the elevator. Bill tells them to let him in seeing that he is somehow a in-law now. Deacon walks in and tells him that they need to talk. Bill explains he has work. Deacon doesn’t want to talk about this today. Bill wants to know what is on his mind. Deacon believes that Wyatt needs fatherly advice. Deacon asks how they handle problems within the family. Bill can’t force Wyatt to like him. He is sleeping with his mother. Bill explains that secrets have a short shelf life. Deacon tells him that it has to do with the restraining order. Bill knows all about that. It was his idea. Bill explains there are problems and then there is Quinn. Deacon says that Quinn promised to give Hope the space she needs. Bill thinks that if that is the case then it shouldn’t be hard for her to follow. Bill believes that Quinn needs to show everyone that she can respect wishes. Quinn sneaks around on promises and then gets busted. Deacon wonders what would happen Katie said that he couldn’t see his son. Bill gets really angry. Deacon is shocked to learn that, that actually happened. He wonders how that made him feel.

The doctor explains that she is very sorry for Hope’s loss. Hope wants to know what happened. The doctor tells her that the trauma from the fall separated the placenta from the uterine lining, which stopped the oxygen to the baby. Hope asks if it was indeed a boy. She confirms this. The doctor explains they will need to do a procedure to remove the baby. Liam thinks Hope might have another question. She explains to Hope that she can indeed conceive again. The doctor leaves.

Wyatt wants to know if Quinn is in shock. Quinn thinks that she may indeed be. Wyatt tells her don’t say anything he will just go find Liam and have him clue him in. Quinn tells Wyatt not to go looking for him now. Wyatt asks why. Wyatt needs to get home as soon as they discuss something. Wyatt shows Quinn the restraining order. Quinn’s eyes widen.

Deacon believes that Liam needs to learn about what is fair. Bill believes that if they were talking about what was fair then Deacon and Quinn could be cellmates and talk morning, noon, and night. Bill asks why he is coming to him to solve Quinn’s problems. He thinks that if Deacon really wants this to be over with, he should go talk to his daughter. Hope is the one who is putting the fence up. They both know she is justified in doing so and that is why he can’t talk to Hope. Quinn is the only one who can fix this. Quinn has to take no for an answer. Deacon asks why it has to be this no. Bill believes that Hope cannot be walking around with fear in her. Bill thinks that if Quinn listens then they can rethink things. Deacon can’t believe that what he said actually made sense. Deacon understands.

Hope asks why they can’t just do the procedure here. Liam thinks it has to do with space. Hope thought she would have a lifetime with the baby so she wants to be awake when they do the procedure. Hope is sorry. She thought about so many things the wrong way. Liam thinks it was an accident. Hope thinks there were to many accidents she could have prevented. Liam believes she wanted things to go a certain way and they didn’t. Liam thinks that someone who loves them has been watching, the guardian of the you that they thought they lost. Hope was that for him and now it is his turn to be that for her.

Wyatt explains the restraining order is pretty standard. She isn’t to come anywhere near Hope. Wyatt, or the baby. He understands that it is hurtful but it is the last thing he wants to do but he has to think about Hope and his child. Hope can’t deal with this anymore. Wyatt doesn’t think it has to be forever once the baby is born it can change. Quinn gets agitated and stands up. She explains that they were at Brooke’s house. She wanted to talk to her. She thought that Hope would be happy with what she had to say. She was so angry. Quinn went outside and when she was leaving and then Hope fell down the stairs. Quinn never touched Hope. She swears that she didn’t. She is crying hysterically. Wyatt runs out of the house without saying anything to her. Deacon walks in and explains that he might have just had his first reasonable conversation with Bill ever. He asks what is wrong then notices the restraining order. He pours himself a drink. He asks how it went with Wyatt. He did try to talk to him about it but Wyatt didn’t want to hear it. Deacon tells her that it was Bill who thought up the whole thing but he actually made a really good point. It just is until Quinn is able to prove she is no threat to the child. Quinn says it might be to late for that.

Hope wakes up and Liam asks how she is feeling. Liam says that the doctor told him everything went great. They need to stay for a few more hours. Hope just wants a little bit longer before she has to see the baby. Hope asks if he needs to leave. Liam doesn’t want to. Wyatt bursts into the room and Liam stands up. Liam says that he is so sorry. Liam explains they will send her home soon. Wyatt gets on the bed and hugs Wyatt. Hope says hello to her husband. Hope explains that they had a son. Wyatt tells her it is ok. He doesn’t know what to say. They just continue to hug and cry.

Deacon wants to know what happened. Quinn thinks that Wyatt might call with good news. Deacon doesn’t like how she is talking. He is scared by this. Quinn was scared out of her mind. Quinn just wanted to be part of this child’s life. This wasn’t her fault. Deacon screams at her and wants to know what isn’t her fault. Deacon demands that she start making sense. Quinn explains that she fell. Quinn asks why she would build something like that on her property. She could never lay a hand on her. Deacon asks where she is right now. Quinn says that Liam took her to the hospital. Deacon wants to know why she didn’t call. Quinn didn’t know. Nobody would talk to her. Deacon asks about the baby. Quinn doesn’t know. It didn’t look good. They are both crying hysterically.

Liam is about to leave the room when Wyatt tells him not to leave. He wants to know if he saw her fall. Liam says no. He asks if Quinn had anything to do with this. Hope explains that she just came over to talk. Quinn wouldn’t listen and then she had left and her shoe got stuck and it was her fault. Wyatt tells her no and to stop crying. It is not her fault. Hope is very sorry. Wyatt hugs her as she continues to cry.

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