B&B Monday Update 12/8/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/8/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope falls down the cement staircase and passes out. Quinn hears this as she is walking away and runs after her.

In his car still on his way to Brooke’s house, Liam calls Hope again. He is worried about her and thinks that Quinn is trying to do something to her. He tells her to stay where she is because he is on his way.

Deacon looks at the restraining order and tells Wyatt to let him talk to Quinn about it one more time. Wyatt doesn’t think that will do any good. Deacon thinks that if he tries to talk to her one last time, that maybe she will listen to him and will realize that a restraining order is the only thing that might stop her. Deacon reminds him it is his mother. Wyatt doesn’t want to do this to her. She raised him but Hope is freaking out and he needs Hope to trust him. Deacon thinks that Quinn will back off. Wyatt tells him that she won’t. Wyatt has told her countless times to stop doing this. He thinks that maybe a restraining order will get the message across. Wyatt doesn’t know what will happen if this doesn’t work. Deacon thinks that all Quinn wants is to be a grandmother to his kid. Wyatt gets that but doesn’t understand why she can’t understand that she has to stay away in order for that to happen. Wyatt wishes that she would just leave Hope alone and prove she isn’t crazy but she doesn’t have common sense. She showed up at the doctors dressed as a nurse. Quinn needs to stay away. Deacon thinks that he needs to wait a few months and see how his child will make him realize how much she cares and why she refuses to stay away. Wyatt doesn’t believe that to be the case. Wyatt thinks that Quinn takes obsession to a whole new level. Deacon asks if he really believes that. Wyatt has tried not to. He has tried to pretend his whole life she is normal but she isn’t. Hope is scared of her and as her husband he has to keep Quinn away from her.

Quinn hurriedly runs down the stairs. She tries to wake Hope up. She moves and Hope makes faces. Quinn is scared. Hope feels her stomach and does not look ok. Hope has a bit of blood on the side of her lip.

Liam runs into Brooke’s house and screams Hope’s name. He runs up the stairs and calls for her. He notices the back door is open and runs.

He asks if Wyatt is texting Quinn again. Wyatt says this is the fifth time. Deacon thinks that he needs to cool it. Deacon tells Wyatt that she isn’t even contacting him right now. Wyatt asks if he knows where Quinn is. Deacon promises him that he has no idea. He also doesn’t think that this restraining order will work out in the long run. He believes that Hope believes in family a lot and will not let this last. Wyatt asks what he is supposed to do then. Deacon thinks he should talk to her. Wyatt doesn’t think talking works. She ignores everyone. Hope is scared and terrified. She had a sword on Liam and pushed Ivy off a bridge. Wyatt has to think about Hope. He believes that she will get that this is the best for them. Once the baby is born maybe things will change. Wyatt tells Deacon he should leave because this is between him and Quinn. Deacon reminds him that it is not too late to rip the papers up.

Quinn tries to help Hope but Hope tells her not to touch her. Quinn tries to tell her that she needs help. Hope says to get away. Quinn insists that she needs help. Liam screams and sees this. He runs and panics. Liam pushes Quinn away from her. He asks what she did. He thinks that she pushed her. He picks Hope up rushing her up the stairs. Quinn starts to cry hysterically.

Quinn is now up on the ledge and looks down and remembers what had just transpired with Liam. She remembers when Hope announced she was pregnant and told her that she doesn’t want her anywhere near the baby. She remembers Wyatt telling Quinn that whatever Hope wants she will get. Quinn remembers trying to ask Hope for forgiveness multiple times. She is in shock.

Liam rushes out from the elevator at the hospital. He screams that they need help. They ask her what he name is. She tells them Hope Logan. Liam tells them all that she is pregnant. They put her in a wheelchair and Hope keeps her hands on her stomach. They rush her off to a room. A doctor asks if he is her husband. He tells her no. She asks if he is the father of the baby and once again he says no. Liam is told to go sit down but he demands to be in there with her. The doctor decides to let him come along.

Wyatt thinks about when Hope first suggested a restraining order to Quinn and she tried pleading. He gets a phone call from Liam but he doesn’t want to deal with him right now. Quinn walks in and asks what he is doing here. She sounds really distressed. Wyatt explains he has been texting her. He wonders what is wrong. Quinn is shaking and Wyatt wants to know what happened. She is hard to answer. Wyatt asks if someone upset her. Wyatt asks who. She explains she upset herself. Wyatt asks why. Wyatt wonders if she was with someone. He asks if it was Liam. He knows that she went to go see Hope. She looks frightful.

The doctor explains that nothing is broken but they will order x-rays to make sure. Hope asks about the baby. She says they will order a ultrasound to check on it. The doctor wants to know about the fall. Hope wasn’t paying attention. The doctor asks if she is having abdominal pain. Hope says yes but that all of her hurts pretty badly right now. The doctor wonders if she was alone. Hope explains that was with her mother in law. They were arguing. Liam says that he will make sure that Quinn never touches her again. Liam asks if Quinn pushed her but she says no. Hope was upset and when Quinn left her heal got caught and she fell, Quinn had left her at that point. The doctor thinks that is frightful but the good news is that she seems to be ok minus a few bruises. The priority right now is the baby. Liam sits down next to her and she wonders if he called Wyatt. Liam explains that he didn’t pick up the phone so he left a voice mail. Liam tells her to stay positive that everything is ok.

Wyatt gets her a glass of water. He wants to know what happened. Wyatt wants to hear her excuse. He is getting really freaked out. He asks if she went to the baby shower. He knows that she did. Quinn explains that it was after the baby shower. Liam had run to Hope to tattle on her like he always does. She just wanted Hope to know that she wasn’t a threat and she was going to give Hope the space that she had always wanted. Wyatt doesn’t seem to believe her. Quinn starts to cry. Quinn didn’t go there for any evil reason. She just went to go tell her that. She went to Brooke’s house in the back yard. He asked her to stay away. Why did she have to push? He thinks that it gets in the way. Wyatt asks what happened. She looks scared. He demands to know what it is.

The doctor asks how she is feeling. Hope explains that she is scared right now. The doctor assumes that she had an ultrasound before. Hope says she had her first one a few weeks ago. They heard the heartbeat. The doctor starts the ultrasound. She asks for the doctor to keep looking for a heartbeat. The doctor is sorry but the baby is gone. The doctor leaves and Hope starts to cry. Liam kisses her hand. She covers her face and cries hysterically.

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