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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope cannot believe that Quinn was at the baby shower. Liam is pretty sure that she was. Hope is disturbed by this. Hope thinks that is so weird. She wonders where she was hiding. Liam wants hire someone. Hope asks who he wants to hire. Liam isn’t sure someone like a guard. She can’t stop stalking her.

Quinn looks at the baby photo and then Deacon walks in with some bags. He tells her that he got her something at the food truck. He asks what is wrong. Quinn explains this picture is the closest she will get to the child. Deacon tells her that is the closest anyone is going to get for now. The baby hasn’t been born yet. Deacon remembers that she had a visitor and Liam came over. Quinn knows he was here when she got home. Deacon explains that he thought she was going to crash the shower. Quinn tells him that he was all over her about that. Deacon asks if he was right. He asks if she went.

Bill tells Justin over the phone he has done good. He wonders if the restraining order is filed. He hangs up the phone. Wyatt asks if everything has been taken care of. Bill tells him that he is on his way with it. Wyatt doesn’t think that Quinn will like this. Bill feels that it shouldn’t matter so long as she gets the picture. Bill tells Wyatt that he has spoken to her to no avail. Wyatt explains that she just wants to be a part of the family. Bill wonders if she can really be blamed for that. Wyatt wishes that she could just back off. Bill doesn’t think Quinn knows how to do that. Wyatt knows and thinks that if she would just leave things alone for a couple of month’s things would be fine. Bill doesn’t think that waiting is in her vocabulary. Wyatt can’t have her wife living in terror. Bill doesn’t think that is good for a pregnant woman. Wyatt has to do this even if it is her own mother.

Quinn asks Deacon not to question her. Deacon can’t believe she did that. Quinn feels she had every right. Deacon asks if she was thrown out. Quinn was not. Deacon thinks that she takes ten steps backwards every time Liam gets involved. Deacon tells her that talking like that is what is going to get her in trouble again. Quinn wants to be a part of their lives. She pleads for Deacon’s help. Deacon will see what he can do.

Liam talked to Deacon. Hope asks when. He explains that he was over there when Liam had shown up. Hope doesn’t think he knows how grateful she is for how protective he is being. He needs to be careful though. Quinn hates Liam the most. Liam thinks Hope is the one who has to be careful. Liam doesn’t want to see Hope getting hurt. Hope knows he has to go to work so she thanks him for stopping by and being concerned. Hope gets a phone call and Deacon calls up. Hope asks what is wrong. Deacon explains it is important. He wonders if she can talk. Hope cannot so she will possibly call him back tonight. Liam tells her that she can’t be doing that as he is living with Quinn. Hope cannot believe that Quinn was at her baby shower. She has no idea what she is going to do. Hope thinks Liam is wrong. There is one thing she can take for granted and it will be Liam. Liam will always be there for her. Liam thinks the baby is all that matters for her. He will take care of Quinn. Hope thanks him. Liam leaves and Hope rubs her stomach.

Quinn asks if Deacon set up the meeting with Hope. Deacon tried. Quinn asks what he means by that. Deacon tried but she didn’t want to talk. Deacon explains that she had someone over her house. Quinn knows it was Liam and he was filling her head with garbage. Deacon explains she will talk to him tonight. This will all work out. Quinn thinks this might work out. She will just continue to do nice things for her. Deacon tells her to do nothing. She needs to respect her privacy. Quinn promises to do that. They hug but her eyes say differently.

Justin gives Wyatt the paperwork and explains that it is only good for thirty days then it has to be renewed. Bill is shocked to hear it is that small of a time period. Justin explains that it doesn’t take effect until it is handed to her. Bill tells him to hand it to her and leave. Wyatt thinks that he needs to help her get through it. Bill explains he doesn’t have to do anything. Wyatt thanks Bill for helping him out. Bill wishes him good luck.

Hope thinks she is hungry and decides she is going to go get some food. She is talking to the baby. She opens the door and finds Quinn. Hope asks what she is doing here.

Wyatt drives in his car and looks at the papers. He turns up the stereo and thinks about all the time he has spent with Hope up to their wedding day when they jumped into the sea.

Bill asks Liam if it is a holiday because he didn’t think it was a holiday. Liam knows but he was worried because of Quinn. Liam thinks that Quinn was at the baby shower. Bill doesn’t get what he is talking about. Bill explains that Wyatt is about to give her a restraining order.

Wyatt asks if Quinn is home. Deacon explains she just left. He wonders if he wants a drink. Wyatt says no. He asks where she is. Deacon explains that Quinn was working on a new piece of jewelry for his wife. Wyatt can’t deal with her harassing Hope anymore. Wyatt is going to go find her in the work room. Deacon asks why he needs to talk to her in the first place. Wyatt doesn’t think he needs to know but he is serving her papers. He is serving her a restraining order to keep her away from Hope.

Quinn just wants to talk for a moment. Hope doesn’t want to hear it. Quinn understands that she has done some really regrettable things. Hope tells her that Liam thinks she was at her baby shower. Hope asks if this is true. Quinn doesn’t answer and Hope gets really angry. Quinn snuck in and she couldn’t not be there. Quinn just wanted to see what presents she got. Hope cannot believe she is doing this. Hope thinks she is a threat to her and her baby. Quinn says she will leave but she just wants to tell her one last thing. Quinn thinks it might be better if they go talk outside. Quinn walks into the backyard and Hope is furious.

Liam can’t believe Wyatt is doing that but thinks it is going to be fun. Liam thinks she is out of control. Bill wonders how Hope is because he can only assume that is why he wasn’t in work today. Liam believes she needs a lot of support lately. Bill explains to him that she has this thing called a husband. Liam thinks that he is a really good friend who will never abandon her. Bill gets a call from Wyatt and he explains she isn’t here. She must have stepped out. Bill tells him to call when it happens.

Deacon cannot believe he is giving her a restraining order. Wyatt can’t deal with her anymore. Hope is pregnant and scared. What else can she do. Deacon thinks things will work out. Wyatt can’t do this anymore.

Liam is in his car and is begging for Hope to pick up her phone. Liam leaves a message that Quinn may be coming.

Hope searches for Quinn. She begs her to get off her property. Quinn will not do that until they have a rational conversation. They are right above Brooke’s fountain where the cement staircase is outside. Hope is going to call security of the police. Quinn is not going to bother her anymore. Quinn just wanted her to know how sincere she was. Hope asks why she couldn’t just text or send a message. Hope says thank you and she can go now. Quinn says goodbye. Quinn leaves. Hope sits down and looks out into the yard. Hope stands up and trips on her heal. She falls down the stairs and is passed out on her stomach. Quinn hears this as she is walking off and runs to the ledge screaming her name as she is panicky seeing Hope passed out.

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