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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam knows that Quinn is lying. He knows that she was at Hope’s baby shower. Quinn is annoyed. Liam just wants the truth. Quinn tells him the truth. The truth is he is being relentless. Liam thinks he is being protective. Quinn reminds him that she has a husband who can do that. Liam asks what the piece of cake is then. Quinn has a sweet tooth. Liam knows that Quinn crashed the baby shower and took the cake a memento of the occasion. He wants to know why she can’t just admit it. Quinn asks what he is going to do if she doesn’t.

Hope gets emotional looking at baby clothes. Ivy wonders if Hope has a name that she would really like to name her child. Hope explains that Wyatt and her really have not talked about it all that much but if it is a girl they like Beth. Ivy asks if it is after her grandmother. Hope confirms this. Hope thinks that they still have time because they have not even started on the nursery. Ivy doesn’t think they will have to worry because she has so much loot right now. Hope was thinking about what she said when Liam had called and she said that anyone involved with Liam will have to accept that she is a part of his life. Ivy knows that they share a history, they will be connected forever. Ivy loves that about Liam. He is loyal and protective. Ivy wonders if Liam being an uncle with be a problem.

Bill opens a bottle and Justin asks if he was on the phone with Brooke. Bill asks if he is his keeper. Justin asks how things are going with Ridge then. Justin asks if they duked it out. Bill doesn’t let people treat his family like that. Someone knocks on the door and Bill tells them to go away. Wyatt says ok but that it won’t get his vote for father of the year then. Justin leaves. Bill wonders if Wyatt wants a drink. Wyatt says yes. Bill asks how the baby and Hope are doing. Wyatt wants to know what really happens at baby showers when it is girls only and no guys allowed. Bill doesn’t know and asks if that is where Hope is. Wyatt explains that he was texted and told that Hope had a good time. Bill knows that is not the reason he is here and wonders why he is. Wyatt is concerned about Quinn.

Hope tells Ivy that she went and saw Liam before the baby shower. She explains that she told him that she saw Liam and her kissing on the boat. She knows her relationship has grown closer. Hope knows that they have told each other they love each other. Ivy explains that she really does love him.

Liam does not buy that Quinn went to a bakery. Quinn tells him to shut up. Liam tells her no. Liam knows that Quinn was stalking Hope. Quinn wouldn’t do that because Hope is her family. Liam notes that she has been banned from every one’s life so she would do something stupid. Quinn is sick of being treated the way she is. Liam wonders if Quinn is suggesting that Hope should be apologizing for all Quinn has done. Quinn thinks that all she has done is ensure that Hope is with a man that idolizes her and has never done anything with other girls. She may have been over zealous but this baby changes everything. She will never be a threat again. Liam notes she keeps stalking her. Liam isn’t going anywhere.

Ivy knows that the baby changed the course of everything. Hope thinks that Quinn is who did that. Hope has to stop doing that. She has to stop blaming everyone else for what happened as it is not helping anyone. She is committed to her family.

Bill thinks that Wyatt should be concerned. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill knows the half of it. Bill asks to be enlightened. Wyatt tells him that she has been shacking up with Deacon. Bill knew about that. Wyatt tells him that Hope has taken a huge stand against Quinn. Bill knows as Quinn has come to him asking for his support for her to be back in every one’s life so she has every reason to be annoyed with him. Wyatt feels bad. Especially with her first grandchild on the way but he doesn’t know what to do. Bill thinks they need to get a restraining order otherwise Quinn is going to keep doing what she is doing. Bill calls Justin to get to his office now.

Liam decides to call Hope. Ivy gets a phone call and thinks she must rate pretty high to get two phone calls at the same shower. Liam asks how it went. Ivy thought it went pretty great. Liam wonders if Quinn showed up Ivy tells him no. Liam wonders if there was cake with vanilla frosting. Ivy asks how he knows. He will tell her later. Ivy tells him it is not what he thinks. Liam thinks that he needs to tell Hope. Quinn demands that he stop bringing negativity to her. She is being left out of the family that means the world to her. Quinn asks if he can just have a little bit of empathy especially for Hope and the baby. Liam thinks she actually sound sincere this time. Quinn tells him that she is being honest. Liam thinks that she will say or do anything. Quinn wants to put her family together. Liam thinks they are better off without her. Quinn doesn’t think that is true. Quinn knows he can’t stay out of their marriage. She wonders why he can’t move on. Liam will always love her. He would be married to her if it weren’t for her. Quinn points out that Bill did the same things to their relationship. She wonders she can’t be forgiving like he has. Liam thinks that Bill learned. Quinn is just sorry every time she gets caught. If Quinn shows up around Hope again he is going to get involved.

Bill tells Justin to get right on it. Justin tells him sure. Wyatt can’t believe he is doing this. Bill points out he has given her enough warnings. Bill understands that she loves him. They can lift the thing if she plays by the rules. Wyatt thinks they are right and they can do it. It is the only way to stop Quinn.

Liam calls Hope. Liam asks Hope to meet him. Hope wonders what this is about. Liam explains this is about Quinn. Hope tells him that they can go to Brooke’s house as no one is there. Liam tells her that he is on his way.

Wyatt thinks about when Hope told him that she thinks Quinn would hurt her. Hope thought they needed to do something. Hope hated asking him this. Bill tells Wyatt that he has given her enough chances. Wyatt asks if she can’t stay away. Bill hopes they can give her more credit than they have. Wyatt is just trying to be a good husband. Bill thinks he is a good husband and son.

Hope is at Brooke’s house now and she feels the baby. Liam knocks on the door and she opens it. Liam thanks her for meeting him. She asks what this about. Liam explains that he is worried about Quinn. Hope is too that is why she took a precision with her. She hated coming between Wyatt and his mother. Liam doesn’t think that is the case. Liam explains that he went to Quinn’s place. Liam tells her that she has every right to be worried. Liam thinks she was at the shower. Hope tells him that she didn’t show up. Liam explains he goes over to Quinn’ and she is holding a slice of cake. It was the exact same kind as the shower cake. Hope cannot believe that. Liam doesn’t think it was absolute proof but it is creepy. Liam thinks this is supposed to be a happy time for her. Liam put her on notice. If she shows up somewhere where she is not supposed to he has her back. He will never stop protecting her. Liam will never stop caring.

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