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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/3/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn asks Hope to say it again. Hope says mom. Quinn asks if she is the child’s grandmother and Hope confirms it. The two hug again and Quinn smiles.

Liam thinks that Quinn crashing Hope’s party is a bad idea. Deacon asks if he has met Quinn. Nobody tells her what to do. Liam knows that but he would assume that he would have some sort of influence. Deacon thinks that their relationship works because they do their own things. Deacon told her to back off and to let her forgive her. Liam doubts that is going to happen. Deacon doesn’t think that is true. Hope is a forgiving and passionate person. Deacon reminds him that Wyatt is Quinn’s son and that has to mean something. Liam doesn’t care. He just can’t figure out what Deacon sees in her seeing that she has hurt his daughter so many times. Liam knows that he missed out for most of it but Quinn loves to do things that are not right. Liam asks how he can be like someone like that. Deacon thinks that Quinn can fight dirty. Liam knows that she will turn on him and he can’t trust her. Deacon thinks that Quinn works for him. Deacon adores his daughter but he might actually be able to cause peace between Hope and him. Liam thinks that is a fantasy because Hope will never accept her.

Quinn is going to be a grandma. Hope asks her to come into the other room. Hope wonders if she will be there during the delivery to hold her baby. Quinn will be there before and after whenever she wants her. Donna congratulates her. Ivy thinks her days of being on the stares are over. Aly welcomes her. Quinn thanks all of them. Quinn asks if she can touch her stomach. Quinn touches the stomach… Quinn then is revealed to still be on the stairs watching over all of them. All that had just happened was a fantasy of Quinn’s.

Donna and Hope talk and then Katie explains to her that she cannot wait to meet that baby. Hope knows. Hope is going to have to peal him off the ceiling. Donna thinks it is one lucky boy or girl. Hope has thought about it her whole life. Katie thinks it is the best experience she has ever had. Donna cannot believe she is having a baby. The three hug. On the other side of the room Aly sits down next to Ivy and wonders if she is thinking about Liam. Ivy tells her that she caught her. Ivy wonders how she knew. Aly says it was a lucky guess. Aly asks if she is happy. Ivy’s mind has just been blown. She can’t believe Liam loves her. She didn’t think it would happen so soon. Aly thinks that it is terrific. She wonders if Ivy feels insecure. Ivy knows that Liam will always have feelings for Hope. Pam tells everybody it is time to open presents. Hope tells them all she is just drinking orange juice. She sits down and sees all the presents. Quinn is still watching. Katie and Donna bring out a stroller for the baby and Hope thinks it is amazing. Hope then gets some bunny slippers. Ivy explains that she customized them and all the little jewels are hand placed. Hope wonders if they are real and they all laugh. Hope gets a giant basket from Caroline and it has a bunch of baby clothes. Maya gives her a baby bag. They all take a photo together.

Deacon is trying something new. He is trying to be optimistic over pessimistic. He thinks it is a social experiment. Deacon thinks that a good set of mind can change how someone looks at things. Liam never thinks that Hope would allow Quinn in her life. Deacon doesn’t think that Liam has any say in this. Deacon knows he has had some unfortunate experiences with Quinn but he knows that people can change. Deacon knows that being in her grand child’s life will change things. Quinn does go crazy but it wouldn’t happen if she just was accepted from the beginning. Liam thinks that is great but wonders how it changes anything done to him. Deacon thinks it is bad impulse control. Liam believes it is great that he believes in her but the more he thinks about it he knows that Quinn is going to crash that party. He decides to call them.

Ivy gets a phone call from Liam. He asks her how it is going. Ivy says it is going really nice. Liam asks if there are any surprises. Ivy says no apart from gifts. Ivy wonders what is going on. Liam believes that Quinn is going to crash the party. Ivy doesn’t think that she would dare do that. Liam believes that she would. Quinn is shown still watching everybody have fun.

Deacon knows that Liam still loves her. Liam asks what he means. Deacon knows that he still loves Hope. Liam explains that he is with Ivy now. Deacon thinks that is cool but it doesn’t exactly answer his question. Liam doesn’t think that the feelings they had for one another just die. Liam’s first instinct will always be to protect Hope. Ivy understands that. Deacon wonders if he still wishes to be with Hope. Liam doesn’t think it is an option but he isn’t settling for Ivy. He is still committed to her. He will always have feelings for Hope though. Deacon is sorry things did not work out. Deacon has some things he has to do. Liam wonders if he can get a drink before he leaves. Deacon tells him to go nuts. Deacon explains that Quinn is trying.

Caroline tells Maya that all of her stuff better be out of her house. All of the things that are left there that don’t belong to her will be thrown out. Maya thinks that was coming. Caroline thinks that she really has shown her where her place is. Maya notes that Rick has come back to her before. Caroline wouldn’t count on that happening. Maya rolls her eyes. Elsewhere Ivy thanks Hope for including her. Hope thinks they are family. Ivy asks if they are rivals. Hope thinks that would make them dispute over something and they are both with different people. Hope tells Ivy to be good to him. Pam says it is time to play pin the pin on the stroller. They all go outside. Quinn walks into the living room as they are all outside and looks at one of the baby outfits. She then looks at the food and holds a knife in her hand. She cuts herself a piece of cake puts a napkin over it and then leaves.

Hope thanks all of them so much. She thanks them all for being here for her. Hope is calling on all of them for the baby. Pam says they will be here. Hope thinks it is great she made a little person and soon enough the baby will be here. She just thinks it is all wow. Hope thanks all of them again for being the warrior women she can count on. Hope hugs all of them as they all leave. Ivy asks if she needs help with the gifts. Hope says that would be wonderful. Hope thanks her for being here. Ivy explains that Liam called because he thought Quinn might have crashed. Hope says they got through it. Hope wants to make sure that it didn’t bother her that he called. Ivy has accepted that any woman with Liam has to accept that they come as a package deal.

Hope walks into her house and Liam says hello. Quinn asks what he is doing here. Liam explains he came to see her but he found Deacon instead. He cannot believe that she is dating Deacon. Quinn tells him that he is none of his business. Liam wonders where she has been. Quinn has been out. Liam wonders what the thing she brought with her was. Quinn explains that she went to a bakery. Liam knows she went. Liam knows that she crashed. Quinn tells him to knock it off. Liam is sick of this and Quinn can’t listen. Quinn didn’t do anything. Liam knows that didn’t happen because what she does is just crazy. Quinn cannot believe he is still whining about all of this. Liam is not going to give up. He is fixed on her and he will protect Hope.

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