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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/2/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope doesn’t want Liam to think she is not supportive. She knows that he has to move on. Hope does know that. It is just seeing him with Ivy and now knowing how he feels about her. Liam didn’t want to lie to her. Hope thinks it is good that he is being honest with her. He can tell her anything. So much has happened for the two of them so fast. Hope just wants them both to be happy. Hope knows that even though they can’t be together she is comforted in knowing that they can be with people they deserve.

Quinn looks at two different outfits for the baby shower that she plans to crash. She picks a darker colored outfit.

Caroline thinks that Hope is going to be thrilled with all of this. Ivy thinks so too. She hands Caroline a drink. The two toast each other. Pam wanted to go with a mid-evil theme but Aly wouldn’t let her. Ivy reminds her that it is a baby shower. Pam tells them that there were babies back then too. Caroline asks who is all coming. Pam explains that she couldn’t just not invite Maya so she hopes that doesn’t make Caroline feel uncomfortable. Caroline is fine with that. Caroline thinks it will be awkward for Maya but not her. Aly thinks it is great that Rick went back to Caroline. Ivy asks if the monster in law is coming. Aly says no way as Hope would never allow that. Ivy doesn’t blame her after all that woman has done to everyone. Ivy believes that the baby should be left far away. Katie walks in holds the door open for Donna. Donna is holding a giant yellow box and Pam asks if she bought the entire baby store. Donna explains it is from Brooke and Katie too. Then she hands a different bag to Pam and says it is from Bridget who also sends her love. Katie asks if the other grandmother is coming. Pam explains that she is not welcome.

Deacon walks into the living room and asks Quinn what she is wearing. Quinn says it is just an outfit. Deacon asks her not to dress up for the baby shower. Deacon understands that she wants to be a part of the baby’s life but she needs to give Hope her space.

Hope thinks it would be unfair of her to not let Liam move on. Hope knew it was going to happen. Liam thinks the same way when he sees her and Wyatt. She is having a baby and it is something she always wanted. Hope cannot wait but she is excited for the baby and Wyatt and her future. Liam thinks that someday everything they have been through is going to make sense somehow. Liam knows that her holding the child in her hands will make him smile because it will make all of this bearable.

Maya tells Pam that she is sorry she is late. Her fitting ran over. Caroline tells Aly that it’s funny they were speaking of unwanted guests. Aly tells her to be nice. Pam tells Maya to have some champagne as she is going to need it. Ivy tells her before she asks Quinn is not coming. Maya figured that already. Aly does not feel sorry for Quinn she brought this all on herself.

Quinn thinks there is a lot at stake. Deacon tells her to ease up. Quinn can’t. Deacon wants her to put her emotions into their relationship. Quinn doesn’t think that is as easy as he thinks it is. Deacon knows that she is just as into them being together as he is. Deacon asks Quinn to stay with him. Quinn has plans. Deacon wants to know what could possibly be more important than spending time with him. Quinn knows that he only wants what is best. Quinn explains there is only one problem. She wonders why she always falls for the wrong guy. Deacon doesn’t think she is any better. Quinn tells him to save her some whiskey. She kisses him and leaves. Deacon becomes stressed out.

Liam tells Hope that there are many things that he is unsure of. Liam always knew that she would be an excellent mother. Hope thanks him. Liam can already see the changes that she has made and knows that she is devoted to this baby. Liam thinks this child means everything to her. That is great and that is the way it should be. Hope wishes that she could describe the feeling. Liam does not think that she has ever been more beautiful. Hope thinks the baby is the one great thing that came out of all of this. Hope should probably get to her baby shower. Liam wonders if Quinn is coming. Hope says she is the last person who would be invited. Liam asks if he can feel the baby. Hope tells him of course. Liam puts his hand on her stomach. She puts her hand on top of his. She smiles and starts to cry.

Deacon is in the kitchen and someone knocks on the door. It turns out to be Liam. Deacon wants to know what he is doing here. Liam asks the same question. Deacon asks if he wants a glass of whiskey. Liam wants an answer to his question. Liam figures out and is disgusted by it. Liam thinks that Quinn is crazy and wants to know what he could possibly see in her. Liam asks if Deacon knows all the times she has done. Deacon doesn’t like what she has done but it is not part of the relationship. Hope knows and is not supportive. Liam asks where Quinn is now. Deacon has no clue.

Hope cannot believe that they all put this together so quickly. Pam explains that Ivy and Aly helped a little. Aly wanted to make sure that she has a special day. Katie explains that Brooke sends her love. Hope just spoke to her on the way over. She misses her so much but this is very special. Caroline tells them that they wouldn’t miss it for anything. Pam asks who is ready for some games. Pam hands them all a card and tells them all to write down whether they all think she is going to have a boy or a girl. Aly thinks girl but Maya thinks it will be a boy. Pam tells them all to write it down. Then after that write down the due date guesses.

Quinn shows up at the front door and looks a bit nervous. She then notices something.

The pens that Pam gave them all don’t work. Pam is angry because she just bought them. Katie is guessing boy because she is carrying very low. Hope explains that she did feel something last night. It was pretty exciting. Katie tells her to watch out if it is a boy. Aly thinks it will be one cute baby. Caroline thinks that Spencer’s make adorable children. Maya gives her a dirty look. Hope asks if she is going to be an aunt. She wants to be an aunt. Caroline is unsure but can’t imagine that is that far off. Maya asks if anyone else wants to guess. Pam says they should eat as they have so much food.

Upstairs Quinn has somehow made her way into the mansion. She watches as they all walk into the other room.

Liam explains that there are knives all over the place. Deacon says he likes to cook and wonders if he is hungry. Liam asks what will happen when she loses it one night. Liam wonders if he is scared of her at all. Deacon is scared of her but it is part of her charm. Liam asks if he knows that Hope doesn’t want Quinn anywhere near her baby. Deacon is aware of this. Liam explains that Hope’s friends are giving her a baby shower. Deacon knows and told her not to go. Liam wonders if it is a possibility that Quinn is at the shower. Deacon tells him that Quinn does what she wants. Liam hopes that she is not at the shower.

Pam asks if they really think that Pamela is not a wonderful name for a baby. Hope tells her that it is already being considered. Pam asks her if that is true. Hope says no. Ivy asks about boys' names. Ivy likes Dashiell. Hope likes that because she could call him Dash. Aly likes the name Oliver. Hope could only imagine that and starts to laugh. Maya says what about Wyatt Jr. Donna asks about the grandfather’s name. Katie says no to Deacon. Donna means Bill. Katie says no way. There are too many Bill Spencer’s. Quinn is still watching from up above. Ivy wonders if they are going to find out about the sex. Hope says they are and she can’t wait. Pam knows they are about to do presents but she couldn’t wait to five her this. Pam got this when she found out that she was pregnant. It is a green blanket. Hope asks if she made it. Pam explains that she did.

They all start to freak out because Quinn walks down the stairs. Pam asks what she is doing here as she wasn’t invited. Quinn tells them that she just wanted to be a part of all this. Pam asks if she needs to call the police. Quinn won’t cause any trouble she promises. Quinn asks not to be shut out she needs to be a part of this. She is appealing to her one last time. She didn’t have any family when Wyatt was born. She did the very best she could. She was a mother that Wyatt could be proud of. Quinn knows that everything she has done is wrong. She is sorry for all of that. Quinn would never cause Hope or her grandchild any harm. She pleads with her. Katie tells her that this is enough and she needs to leave. Hope tells her to wait a minute. She tells Quinn she can stay. She calls Quinn Mom. Quinn cries. Hope smiles.

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