B&B Monday Update 12/1/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/1/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Rick’s office Ivy tells Hope that she thought it was a lovely way to celebrate the holiday. Pam believes they should do something similar to what they did at dinner for her shower. Aly agrees. Something like having everyone go around giving the best wishes to the baby. Hope loves the idea. Eric tells them before they go on, he would like to say something about the photo shoot in Amsterdam. He is holding two photos of the girls. Ivy tries to remind him that it was her first time modeling. Eric thinks that she did a lovely job. Eric thinks Hope did as well. Eric believes that Rick’s questionable choices have been a bit all over the place but sending the two of them to Amsterdam was a wonderful idea. Ivy smiles at Hope and Hope gives her a half smile back.

Liam looks at a photo of Hope on his tablet. He thinks about hugging her in Amsterdam and then her walking away. Liam then looks at a photo of Ivy and remembers being on the boat with her and kissing her. He then smiles at that thought. Wyatt then walks in and he says hey to him. Liam says hi back. Wyatt wonders if he is in the middle of something.

Deacon cooks in Quinn’s kitchen. Quinn walks out from the back. Quinn sneaks up on him and he freaks out a bit. He wanted to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Quinn tries to tell him that he didn’t have to. Deacon explains that he knows that she was rather hungry. Quinn is. Quinn thinks this is nice. It was just her and Wyatt for so long. She never thought she would be sharing her life with anyone else. Deacon believes they are a big family now. Quinn doesn’t think that is the case so long as Hope has anything to say about it. Deacon looks a little annoyed by that comment. Quinn thought that Hope would come around. Deacon thinks that will happen eventually. Quinn wasn’t even allowed to see her son on Thanksgiving. Deacon reminds her that she tried to crash there dinner. Quinn shouldn’t be banned. Deacon believes that she will be allowed next year if she gives it time. Quinn brought yams. Deacon wants her to give Hope space. Quinn wasn’t going to stay she was just going to drop them off. She explains that he wasn’t there last year with everybody getting along. Quinn assumed that with the baby coming that things would be ok but no. Hope treated her worse than a stranger.

Hope tells everybody that her modeling days are over for a little while. Aly can’t believe that she is more beautiful than ever. Hope thanks her. Hope wants people to focus on Ivy’s jewelry not her baby bump. Aly reminds her that she will be getting all the attention at her baby shower. Pam thanks Eric for letting them use the house. Eric believes that it will be like old times. Stephanie and he used to entertain almost every night. Pam tells him not to get any ideas as this is just for the ladies. Eric understands.

Wyatt explains that Allison told him that Liam was working from home. Liam asks if he needs something. Wyatt wanted to know how things were going. He felt that they were all starting to get along on Thanksgiving. He would like to make this a regular thing especially when the baby comes. He wonders if Ivy and he would be up for that. Liam gives him a look of uncertainty.

Deacon knows that Quinn is a smart girl and she knew what was going to happen. Quinn can’t believe that is what happened for giving Hope the benefit of the doubt. Deacon doesn’t think that Hope can just be pushed. Quinn believes that Wyatt could have at least been informed that she was there. Quinn explains that Wyatt wasn’t with her it was Liam. Quinn mentions that Ivy made him a new necklace. Deacon thinks she is just being paranoid now. Quinn asks how long she is supposed to give Hope. How many holidays? Quinn wants to be with her son and grandchild.

Eric thanks Hope for staying a little later. He won’t keep her long because he knows she has a party to plan. Hope explains that all she has to do is open presents. Eric knows that she doesn’t want to miss that. Hope wonders what he wanted to talk about. Eric wanted to compliment her on the photo shoot. He knows that there was some conflict with Ivy. Eric knows that she didn’t let it get in the way of doing her work. Unlike her brother. Hope doesn’t think that the two situations can really be compared. Eric thinks that Rick did let his personal issues cloud his judgment. Hope isn’t sure if she really did handle herself that well. Seeing Liam and Ivy together was really pretty difficult.

Pam and Aly are outside and Ivy comes and sits down. She wonders what they are doing. Aly explains they are making a diaper cake. Pam tells Ivy that it is a tradition in America to have a diaper cake. Ivy thought they were making invites. Pam explains that this is just a decoration. Ivy starts to laugh. Pam tells them that if they can’t take this serious that she can do it on her own. Pam is glad that Rick didn’t send the two of them to Amsterdam together as it would have been a big mistake. Ivy tells Pam that she is just joking. Aly wishes that she could have gone. Ivy explains that it was a wonderful experience. She is glad she brought Liam along.

Liam hopes that Wyatt didn’t just come over to find out how things went between Ivy and him. Wyatt saw them at Thanksgiving. Liam wonders why he is not at the baby shower. Wyatt reminds him that it is girls only so it is just the two of them. Liam tries to tell him that he has work to do. Wyatt wonders if he is working on the shoot. Liam explains he is and it is really great. He is giving them a two page spread. Wyatt believes that Ivy and Hope deserve the cover. Liam thinks that the campaign is going to be a huge success and it was a good trip. Wyatt wonders if Liam and Ivy were about to enjoy Amsterdam after Hope and he left. Liam sighs.

Eric was worried about that when Ivy only invited Liam right before they had left. Hope explains it was literally right before they got on the plane. Hope thought it would be an issue and didn’t think it would be ok but she tried her hardest to let it work. She loves her family and she loves her marriage but Amsterdam was not easy. Eric thought that she made it look easy. Hope thinks they were both professionals. Eric can assume that she would rather not do that again. Hope believes that after what happened with Rick and Caroline she needs to be honest with him. Hope is married and she is having a baby and she is already head over heels in love with it but at the same time she was doing the same thing with Liam. Then Quinn came along and ruined everything and it just feels unfair. Eric knows that she would still be in love with Liam if it weren’t for Quinn. He believes Hope is a strong girl. Eric thanks her for being honest with him. Hope thanks him.

Wyatt thought that Liam and Ivy were having a great time together. Liam wonders if he is keeping an eye on them. Wyatt doesn’t think it is that hard to see they like each other. Wyatt believes that Ivy and him are good together. Wyatt thinks that this should be so heavy he just needs to let go. Wyatt thinks that Ivy and him can have a good life together. Just like the one that he has with Hope.

Ivy finishes the diaper. Ivy wonders if Pam will approve. Aly does. She thanks her for helping. Ivy just really wants Hope to know that she has her support. She believes that Hope will make an awesome mother. Aly thinks that if it works out with Liam and her she could be the child’s aunt.

Quinn doesn’t think that Hope gets to pick her family. She picked Wyatt so it is a package deal. Deacon reminds her that she isn’t exactly fond of Grandpa Bill either. Deacon gets a phone call from Pam. Pam explains that they are giving a baby shower for Hope later this afternoon. Deacon doesn’t think that baby showers are his thing but he will be there if she wants him to be. Quinn hears this in the background. Pam explains that this is a lady function. Deacon wonders why he is being told about this then. Pam tells him that he has a habit of showing up places where he is not announced. She would rather he didn’t. Deacon thanks her for the heads up. Quinn asks him about the baby shower. Deacon tells her not to ever think about it.

Hope shows up at Liam’s. She knows that she should have called first. Liam tells her it is fine. He asks why she isn’t at her baby shower. Hope is on her way and she realized that she should probably be talking to Liam. Liam explains the photos turned out amazing. Hope isn’t here for that. She is here to talk about Amsterdam. Liam knows she left early. Hope saw the two of them together kissing.

Deacon reminds her that if Hope really wanted her at the baby shower then she would have been invited. Quinn asks if he really thinks that she wanted to go and subject herself to an entire afternoon of lemon bars. Quinn starts to look for clothing to wear at a baby shower.

Ivy starts to think of Liam kissing her and saying that she loves him. Aly wonders how the diaper cake looks. Ivy thinks it looks amazing. Aly thinks that she is swept up in the moment. Ivy thinks it was incredible.

Hope thinks it was a fluke. She didn’t mean to see them. Liam didn’t see her. Hope knows that why would he. Hope thinks about the whole thing again in her head with her crying while they were kissing. Liam wonders if that was why she left. Hope thinks that it was just awkward. Liam believes Thanksgiving went well. Hope knows and Ivy seems happy. Liam thinks that the photo shoot went well. He has no idea who arranged the boat ride though. Hope mumbles that she does. Liam asks who. Hope tells him annoyed that it was his brother. Liam thinks it all makes sense now. Hope thinks he was just trying to be nice. Liam explains that Ivy told him she loves him. Hope asks what he said. Hope figures out he said the same thing. Hope thinks that makes sense she is a wonderful person. She is the kind of woman he should be with. It is exactly what she wants for him. Hope knows he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t meant it. Hope thinks it was just a matter of time. She is happy for him. Hope smiles. Liam looks sad.

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