B&B Wednesday Update 11/26/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/26/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope walks the stairs of the Forrester mansion and is happy to see Rick. She wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving. Rick does the same and wonders if she has heard from Brooke. Hope explains that she has and she sends her best. Eric walks over to Rick and wonders if he and Caroline arrived together. Rick tells him that they did indeed arrive together. Eric tells him good.

Pam has a hot pan in her hand in the kitchen. She runs over to the stove and starts to cook a little more. Charlie has a suggestion on her mother’s casserole. Pam wonders what it is. Charlie wants to use pecans. He understands that she always uses almonds but he thinks it was safe. He reminds her of last year when she took a chance on the stuffing. Pam remembers the stuffing and how everyone went crazy for it. Pam goes over to the dish and she pours the pecans into it.


Katie asks Hope if it is true that they are doing the same thing as last year where they all take turns saying nice things about the person sitting next to them. Hope thinks it will be great. Katie wants to know where she is sitting then. Hope promises her that she is sitting in a great spot. Wyatt walks over and explains that Will is sleeping in the nursery. Hope tells Wyatt that this time next year it will be the baby’s first thanksgiving. Katie tells them to enjoy it now because next year they won’t be getting any sleep.

Donna walks into the kitchen and is ready for some sort of responsibility. Pam and Charlie look at her nervous. Donna tells them to give her an apron and give her something to do. Charlie wonders what she is good at. Pam explains looking pretty and doing her nails. Charlie wants her to give the vegetable tray a manicure. Pam thinks that might be the best option. Pam tells Donna she is hired.

Ridge gives Ridge and Katie a drink. He wishes them both a happy thanksgiving. Ridge wishes him the same. He wonders if they are putting the holidays aside. Rick tells them that they need to find a way to work together. He would like to get along.

Hope opens the front door to find Quinn holding a dish and smiling. Hope pushes her out the door and tells her no. Quinn says Happy Thanksgiving and she brought yams because they are Wyatt’s favorite. Hope tells her she is not invited. Quinn thought that it was a holiday of forgiveness. Quinn asks if there is any room for her baby’s grandmother. Quinn asks if she can think of somebody else for a change. Hope is thinking of her child. Liam asks if everything is ok outside. Hope tells him that Quinn needs a little help figuring out that she is not wanted. Quinn sees Liam’s new sword. Liam explains that Ivy made it. Quinn asks if that means that he is going steady with her. Liam tells her to leave now. Quinn tells him not to be that way. Liam says she is getting thrown out then. Quinn tells him to keep his clothes on; she is leaving.

Rick gets on the phone with some French man while Caroline is behind him. He turns around and asks Caroline to give him a second. He then tells the person on the phone that he didn’t want her hearing. Maya says hello to him in French. Maya thinks that she should be there and not her. Rick tells her that if he is not with Caroline then Eric will strip him of CEO. Rick tells her not to worry because she will have everything that they talked about and more. Maya is going to hold him to that. She says goodbye to him and hangs up.

Aly wants to know all about Amsterdam. She can’t believe that Liam and Ivy kissed. Ivy explains that it went over great but to make it even better Liam even used the L word. Aly smiles and is happy.

Oliver tells everyone that they are less than five minutes to dinner so everyone needs to get into their seats. Ridge literally bumps into Caroline. They both look at each other awkwardly. Ridge notes that they haven’t had a moment to see each other. Ridge wishes her a happy thanksgiving. Caroline knows that they keep missing each other. She wishes him one as well. They both laugh awkwardly. Caroline looks nervous.

Pam asks Caroline if she would prefer white meat or dark meat. Caroline says she will have a little bit of both. Pam then asks Rick what he will have. Rick tells her that he prefers dark. Eric who is at the head of the table asks everyone to settle down. Eric would like to make a little toast to everyone. He notes that last year started commitment for this family. He notes that Rick and Caroline started their first year like any couple with a few challenges. He asks everyone to join in saying happy first anniversary. Eric then thanks Hope for helping her plan this party. He tells them all that like last year Hope has assigned all the seats. Hope tells them all that this is quickly becoming a tradition in the Forrester house. She explains that to those who hate it, it’s tough for them. She believes this is a time she looks forward to. Hope explains the first Thanksgiving was about coming together for the harvest. This is no different. They are coming together for cooperation. She believes they can all learn from all another. She wants them all to say something nice to say something nice to the person on their right. To prove she isn’t playing favorites she will start.

Bill is sitting next to her. Hope explains that he is her father in law and the grandfather to her child. He has also helped to create two really wonderful men who are really important to her and will be all her life. Bill is sitting next to Katie. Bill is glad that she is sitting next to her because that means a lot. She is an amazing mother to Will. When he sees her with him it warms him up. She has pushed him to be a better man and to be a better father. He hopes that from time Katie can see through his BS and see how much he appreciates him. Katie does. Katie is sitting next to Ridge. She thinks a year can make an entire difference. Last year she was not a very happy girl. Katie explains that Ridge came back from Paris and changed all that. She is really grateful that he came home. Ridge is sitting next to Caroline. She pulled him through a very dark time and he will always be grateful. Caroline turns to Rick. She tells him that he is the CEO. She cannot wait to see where he leads Forrester in the years to come. She is very thankful to be by his side for it. She wishes him a happy anniversary. Rick wishes her the same. They kiss. Rick is next to Charlie. Rick asks what is not to like about Charlie. Charlie keeps them safe at work, he keeps them well fed, and he keeps a smile on Pam’s face. They are all eternally grateful for him. Charlie thanks him. Charlie is sitting next to Pam. Charlie believes that she makes him. She is beautiful in the office and sexy in an apron in the kitchen. Charlie thinks she is perfect. He wants to thank her for making him the happiest security guard in the whole wide world. Pam is sitting next to Eric. Pam remembers back when it was just her and her mother back in the condo all alone. The only conversation they ever had was her complaining about the weather. Pam used to imagine him and Stephanie out here in LA with a table filled with laughter and now she is here. It is all because of him. He gave her a job and a family. Eric kisses Pam’s hand and tells her that he loves her. Eric is sitting next to Donna. He explains to her that she is very special to him. He is so happy that they have remained close. She brings him laughter. She is so glad that that she loved him. Donna explains that it is forever.

Eric asks if they could all join hands. He believes that traditions like this are very important Eric knows that Stephanie would have loved this. He knows she is not with them anymore but he is sure that she is listening in on all of it. He thanks them all for being here today and keeping the tradition alive. He toasts to their friends and family far and near. He thanks them all a happy thanksgiving and they all join in. Donna is sitting next to Carter. Donna believes it has been such a treat getting to know him. The stories that he tells her about growing up with Marcus she thanks him for being her son’s brother and always making him feel like he belonged. She so much respect for him and his parents. Donna thanks him for that. Carter is sitting next to Oliver. Carter believes he is the friendliest man he knows. He thinks that he is always smiling. He believes the smile is contagious. Oliver is next to Aly. Oliver thinks it is great to always have something to smile about. He tells Aly that she is beautiful and wise. Like no girl he has ever met. He hopes that Darla hears that. Aly explains she does. Aly is next to Ivy. Aly is very lucky to have her here. First because her jewelry is awesome. Also because she has become such a good friend. With her parents in Australia and her father in Paris, they take care of each other. She knows Ivy misses home but she wouldn’t want her anywhere else.

Ivy is next to Liam. When she moved here, she didn’t see her life involving anything other than work. Then she met him. She is so thankful for who he is. She glad to find her way with him. She is excited to think what is up ahead for them. Liam is next to Wyatt. Liam thinks that if there is one thing that he admires it is his ambition. He came to town and proved himself at Forrester. Not with one line but two. Liam knows that when he seeks out he accomplishes. Now he has a baby on the way. He wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving. Wyatt thanks him. Finally Wyatt is next to Hope. Wyatt explains that last year was his first thanksgiving with his father. It is because of her that they were brought together. Hope gave him his dad. A year later she is giving him a child. He doesn’t even know how to wrap his brain around that. To have this family it is all because of her. Wyatt reminds her it is a leap of faith. Hope tells them all they did it. They all cheer and start to eat. They pass around food and talk amongst themselves.

Liam tells Hope as she watches them all that she did it again. Hope wonders what that is. Liam explains that bringing them all together for the spirit of forgiveness and all it represents. She remembers that last year she said things had changed between them. Liam thinks that is true. Liam tells her one thing that hasn’t changed and that is how much he respects and admires her. He just is trying to say that there is not a day that he goes by that he doesn’t give thanks for having her in his life.

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