B&B Tuesday Update 11/25/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/25/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge thinks that this has to end. He believes that there is nothing there for either of them. Caroline asks if there is a possibility that there is something there for them. Ridge reminds her that Rick has asked for forgiveness she should just move on. Caroline doesn’t know what she wants. Ridge explains to her that nobody does.

Maya asks for clarification if Rick is going to go back to Caroline. Rick says that he is sorry. Maya does not want to hear it. Maya does not think that he should be going back to Caroline for any reason. Rick thought that too. Maya asks him to tell her this is not happening. Maya asks if she is misunderstood. Rick has to go back to his wife otherwise he cannot be CEO. Maya starts to cry and covers her mouth.

Bill gets angry with an employee and Katie walks in. Bill tells her to surprise him. Katie looks at the paper that the employee was being yelled at over and she tells her that he will have the turkey no mayo. Katie can see that he is still terrorizing the staff. Bill wonders why she is here. Katie just wanted to stop by and see his knuckles. Bill can assume that Ridge told on him. She explains that he didn’t have to. She saw the damage. Bill thinks that she is probably mad. Katie would never condone violence. Katie however is glad he did that for her and thanks him. Bill shakes his head nodding in agreement. Bill wonders what the catch is. Katie explains there is not one. Bill wonders if he is not in trouble. Katie wishes he would have been a little more subtle. Bill thinks he deserved all of it. If it wasn’t for him Rick and Caroline would still be happy.

Maya cannot believe this. Rick asked for her to forgive him. Maya cannot believe this. She refuses to. Rick tells Maya that Eric gave him a choice. Rick has to do this. Maya loves that he is CEO and loves what it could provide for them but she just wants to be with him. She doesn’t care about anything else. Rick explains to her that she is doing this for them. Maya doesn’t understand. Rick explains that he is going to make his marriage worse with Caroline so he can run the company with Maya. Rick cannot forgive Caroline.

Caroline never thought that Rick would forgive her. She is shocked he wants to make it work. Ridge believes that she needs to try. Caroline is not sure if she can though. She thinks that being with Ridge has changed her. Ridge explains that it has changed him too. He loves that. Caroline has to now pretend that they never felt this way.

Maya tries to make sense of this. Rick just wants the CEO position. They have to pretend that they are no longer together long enough for people to think his marriage is intact. Maya asks for how long. Rick explains that it will have to be until Eric retires or he has some reason that he has to leave Caroline. Maya believes that could take years. Rick has a plan. Rick wants her to trust him. Maya is not sure how she feels about this. Rick tells her that he will get what they want. No one will tell him what to do. Maya asks if it back fires. Rick wants to keep her as lead model. He needs his team around him. Maya reminds him that he will be going to Caroline at night. Rick thinks it is temporary. Maya knows it isn’t. Rick explains they will stay together. They just have to be careful. Maya cannot believe they have to keep their relationship a secret. Rick needs Maya. He really does. Maya cries. She smiles though and says ok. Rick does not like it either but it has to happen. He will take care of them. They hug. Rick just needs to figure out how to get Caroline back.

Bill didn’t intend for it to go that far but he glorified it. He has trouble keeping his temper back. Katie wasn’t expecting a beat down. Bill does not let people mess with his niece or the mother of his child. Katie believes that he made it clear. Bill is sending a message. He thinks that Ridge was just being inconvenienced in his mind. Katie explains that it was a preview for a fashion show that Bill interrupted for him and apparently it went very well. Bill thinks that it is all thanks to Caroline. Bill knows that he used Caroline, betrayed Katie, and treated Brooke like garbage for years. Katie tells Bill he is kind of sweet when he is protective. Bill can be sweet every once and a while. Bill explains to Katie that he realizes that she doesn’t want him getting involved but she cannot help it. He will always be protective over her. She is an amazing woman. He hopes that Ridge the loser realizes how lucky he is.

Ridge fixes Caroline’s jacket. He explain that he got to spend this incredible time with this incredible person. He will never forget that. Caroline knows they have to forget each other. Ridge wonders how he does that. Rick walks into the room and wants to know where they stand. He needs her. It is not too late for them. They are still committed and married. He still loves her. He wants her to tell him that she still wants this marriage and that it is not over. Caroline starts to cry.

Bill wonders where Katie stands with Ridge. Katie explains they have talked and he knows what he did was wrong. Bill would hope he would realize that. He hurt her. He was making out with his niece and yet Katie is still wearing the string around her finger. Katie says they are working things out. She was prepared to take the ribbon off. Bill knows that the only reason she didn’t is because Ridge told her everything was going to be ok. Katie explains that he stopped her from untying it. Bill wants to know what kind of a guy gives the woman he plans to marry a piece of string when they have a few bucks they can throw around. Katie reminds him it is a ribbon. Bill thinks she deserves something better. Katie is trying to try something different. She was given lots of giant diamonds by Bill. Bill knows that she loved those giant diamonds. Bill knows that they had something very special for a while. Katie knows they did for a while. Bill reminds them about Will.

Ridge asks if Caroline is ok. Ridge is going to go. Rick tells him he can stay if he would like. He wants Caroline to know that when he found out what the two of them did was painful and him over reacted. He shouldn’t have turned to Maya. He is sorry for how much he hurt her. Caroline does not think that he understands. Rick is going to do everything in his power to make him feel like the most special girl in the world. Caroline says ok. Caroline wants to work on their marriage. Rick says thank you. Rick wonders if she still has his ring. Rick asks her to put it on his finger for him. The two of them hug. Ridge looks sad and Caroline is crying.

Katie asks if Bill has talked to Brooke. Bill has called but she won’t answer. According to Hope she is not coming home for the holiday. Katie cannot believe it is already Thanksgiving. Bill is already preparing for dinner with Forrester. Katie wishes Brooke was here she was always a peace maker. She said something crazy to her before she left. Bill wonders what. Katie says that Brooke wanted them to get back together. Bill heard the same thing. They both think she was nuts. Katie does not want Bill to be nice again today. Katie explains that she likes that they can talk like this. Bill reminds her that they were a family. She was his wife.

Ridge closes the door. Caroline says that he has forgiven her. She should be grateful. Caroline thinks that he is excited about their future. Ridge thinks he is trying to come to his senses as are they. Caroline starts to cry again. Ridge has her look at him. He looks at her wedding ring. Ridge tells her that she is magnificent. Caroline starts to cry in his arms.

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