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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Everyone back stage gets ready for the Forrester show. Bill sees Caroline and Ridge hugging. Ridge knows that she is upset but she has to pull herself together. Caroline knows. She reminds herself about the preview. Ridge thinks that this is a big deal. Caroline knows but Rick is hurting and it is her fault. Ridge thinks it was his fault too. He was there. Ridge gets a text from Rick. Rick apparently has another change for them. Ridge wonders if she is going to be fine alone. Caroline tells him to go. Ridge thinks there are always ways to work things out. Bill walks behind Caroline. Bill thought that she might need him. They hug.

Rick tells an employee in his office that he knows they know but it bears repeating. Rick tells her that this event needs to go over well. Maya explains that this is the first big fashion show with Rick as CEO. Failure is not an option. Rick looks at Maya. The employee says everything is set. She leaves. Maya is getting butterflies. She has never walked this line before. Rick wonders if she is nervous. Maya is a little bit but she can handle it. Rick needs this to go over well. Maya thinks it will. He has been doing very well in his job. Maya thinks that today will be a preview of what she has planned for tonight. Ridge walks in and wants to know what it is now. Rick thinks he sounds mad and wants to know if he tore her away from Caroline.

Bill thinks this is a big show for Caroline. He wonders if she can get through it. Caroline has to. Bill wonders why she is saying it like that. He wonders why she has a lack of enthusiasm. Bill thinks she should be excited. He can’t understand why she is sad. Caroline tells him that she is not in a good place with Rick. He knows and it is because of Ridge.

Ridge is not going to get into it with Rick. If Rick actually wants to help him with this show then that is great. Maya believes he is being very disrespectful. Rick is his boss. Ridge wants to know what the new change is. Rick has tweaked the line a little bit. Ridge looks at the new line up and thinks that changing two and four around upsets the balance. Rick disagrees. Ridge is angry. He is a designer this is his job not his. Rick has just as much riding on this line as anyone else does. Ridge thinks that sacrificing him is ok apparently. Rick is doing what is best for the line. Maya tries to but in and Ridge tells her that she is not in this conversation. Maya explains she is here though. Ridge knows. Ridge can’t believe that his girlfriend is making choices for the company otherwise he is going to lose Caroline for good. They all look at each other angry.

Caroline is shocked to find out that Bill knows about Ridge and her. Caroline can only imagine what Katie said. She walked out on Ridge. Bill explains that is what Katie does. However she is back now. Caroline is sure that Katie covered everything that happened. Bill is not going to judge her. He is just trying to understand how everything she had at state how she would let herself fall for Forrester. Caroline looks sad.

Rick thinks they are done. Ridge doesn’t think that this will work out. Rick explains to him that the discussion is closed. Ridge asks him if this is really how he is going to run the company with a huge vendetta against him. Ridge thinks this will hurt all of them. Maya believes Rick is doing what is best for Forrester. Rick tells Maya that she needs to get ready for the shoot. Ridge sarcastically tells her to break a leg. Ridge knows he is angry and feels betrayed. He kissed his wife and he should get the anger not the company or Caroline. He needs to stop making bas choices. Ridge wants him to go back to Caroline.

Caroline didn’t mean to fall for Ridge. She just sort of did. Bill wonders if there was trouble in her marriage. Caroline thinks that is the thing she wasn’t. Bill does not think that she was in this alone. Caroline believes it was a crazy connection. It was a creative rush. She was able to help Ridge draw. It wasn’t just one of them drawing it was both of them. It was really powerful. Ridge thinks that Ridge has game. He has to admit that. Ridge believes that he played on hero worship. He asks if she has a crush on him. Caroline does not know. Maybe something more. Bill thinks that Ridge played that to his advantage. He demands that Caroline answer him. Bill thinks it was all for CEO. He is going to take her not answering as a yes.

Rick thinks that this might be touching if it wasn’t coming from the guy who blew his marriage all to hell. Ridge wants to know if he can talk to him for a moment. Ridge knows they kissed but it came from an innocent place. They were artists. Rick does not think that is an excuse. Ridge did not mean it like that. He should be accounted for not Caroline. He thinks that Maya is just using him for a gateway to a better life. Ridge understands that Rick does not tolerate disloyalty. She cannot handle this anymore. Ridge wants him to regain trust. Rick does not need to be told that she is a good person he knows. Ridge points out they are brothers and they don’t get along but it would kill him to know that he threw out something that was good because of him. He needs to at least give her five minutes. They both owe it to each other. Ridge leaves.

Bill wants Caroline to answer if she was being used or not. Caroline explains that yes in the beginning she was being used. However it all changed. Caroline thinks that they were not one sided feelings anymore. Bill asks if Ridge said that. She doesn’t think that he did anything. Bill needs to find out how much Ridge took advantage of his daughter he starts to say but corrects himself and says he his niece. Caroline does not think it matters is because it is over. All she wants now is her husband. She messed up so bad. He doesn’t think it was her. He is going to blame Ridge. Bill tells her that she is a Spencer and as such Ridge does not get a pass.

Maya asks if it is safe to come back in. Rick says that Ridge left. Rick wonders how it feels out there. Maya says it is amazing. Rick thinks that is good. Rick thinks he has a million things on his mind.

Ridge looks out over the balcony and Bill walks over to him. Ridge looks at him. Bill says they have some business.

Rick walks backstage with Maya who tells him that she is going to make him so proud of her. Rick knows that he will be. He has to go deal with something. Caroline comes over and Maya assumes that she is looking for Rick. Caroline thinks she is so smart. Caroline believes that because he is hurting that means he still loves her. Maya wants her to let go. Caroline asks how she could have done this. Caroline assumed that they were actually friends. Maya wanted Rick to enjoy his life. Caroline believes she is just in love with the perks of being a Forrester. Maya doesn’t hide what she wants. She is honest with Rick. Caroline tells Maya to ease up a lot because she does not want to start a fire she cannot put out.

Ridge tells Bill he does not have time for that right now. Bill knows all about the fashion show. Ridge wonders what he could possibly want from him. He realizes that he found out about Caroline and him. Bill tells him that is a phrase that should never come out of his mouth. That is his niece. She is young and impressionable. He thinks he collects woman. Bill will do everything in his power to keep the two of them apart. Ridge wonders if Caroline knows he is here right now. Bill says no and she will not find out. Ridge tells him to leave. Bill is going to be in his face too. Katie counts too. He used her. Ridge does not think that Bill would understand. Ridge thinks it is done now. Ridge reminds him about the chopper. Bill explains that he started that. Now he is trying to blame him for something that is his fault. Caroline is young and married. Bill knows he does not care though because he gets what he wants. Ridge is untouchable. Bill is going to stand up to him. Bill punches him in the face.

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