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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/18/14


Written By Anthony
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Katie walks into her living room and tells Bill that Will is still sleeping. Bill starts to laugh and thinks that she is joking. He asks when their son sleeps past five AM. Katie explains that Will didn’t really sleep very well on the plane. Bill asks if he was partying with the cowboys. Katie wonders if he remembers trying to sleep in a weird place as a kid. Bill doesn’t remember too much about his childhood. Bill asks how her father is doing. If he still hates his guts. Katie explains that he is the perfect father so yes. Bill can take it that Ridge is not home. Katie tells him that Ridge was not staying here while she was gone. Bill wonders why he isn’t here how. Katie says he just isn’t. Bill tells Katie that he has always liked that she is a strong woman. Katie knew that eventually Bill would start to miss her.

Eric looks at something on a tablet and says that it is pretty good. Rick explains to him that Maya picked it out. Eric thinks it works. He asks if they own it. Rick tells him that he has optioned it. Caroline and Ridge walk into the office and Caroline looks shocked. Rick tells them to take a seat. Ridge knows that he has Jared from Eye on Fashion coming to the show. Eric says yes. Maya notes that at least twelve social media accounts will be posting. Ridge doesn’t like that. Rick tells him to stick to what he likes best or second best. Rick thinks that they have all worked very hard on this line. Eric believes that is an understatement. He has never been more proud of a line. Jared is shocked to hear that. Rick explains that they will be streaming live to all of the boutiques. Jared thinks that hurts his chances of an exclusive. Rick reminds him that he is the only press here so he can ask what he likes. Jared asks Ridge if he has always worked alone. Ridge explains that he did work with Eric. Jared meant since he came of age. He wonders why Caroline. Ridge likes her modesty. Jared wonders if it was Rick’s idea for the collaboration. He wonders if he forced them into it. Rick thinks that Jared has already written the interview. Ridge says that is how it goes.

Bill hears Will start to talk on the baby monitor. Katie explains that he probably is not awake but just talking in his sleep. She finds it very cute. Bill has not had him over night since Brooke took off. Bill explains that the nursery at Brooke’s was almost like his room as well. He cannot believe that she left him. Katie knows how much he hates it when people walk away. Bill thinks it looks like Ridge and her are going to beat him to the alter after all. Katie asks if he doesn’t know. Bill wonders about what. Katie says Ridge and Caroline. Bill has no idea what she is talking about. Bill wants to know if there is something else.

Rick leads Jared out of the room. Jared explains that they have lifted his curiosity. Eric thinks that was the idea. They thank him and he leaves. Rick closes the door. Rick supposes that promoting their own line was out of the question. Ridge wonders what he wanted them to say. Rick wanted something. It is not like they have no experience with the press. Rick is angry that Caroline said a total of two sentences and just sat there. Caroline wonders if she was supposed to lie. Eric tells them that they all have to work together. Ridge has a problem with the lineup. Rick says that Maya has it all taken care of. Ridge is shocked that Maya the lead model was giving advice. Maya explains she can do more than it would appear. Ridge tells him to just go back to his wife. Rick is shocked that Caroline is not saying anything. Caroline looks at Rick and sees hurt and love. She knows he still loves her. She cannot wait until they can talk to each other like a couple who like each other. Rick tells Ridge that the line is finished. If Ridge cannot work alone he will find him a nice young design student. So long as that is ok with Caroline. Caroline is angry.

Katie explains that Ridge and Caroline were working together. The two were designing together. Bill is well aware of his need for assistance. Bill found Ridge to be filled with potential BS. Katie explains that they are artists and no one was to disturb them. Bill asked her before if it bothered her. Katie knows he did. Bill thought she said no. Katie explains that was the truth before. Bill wants to know before what.

Rick thinks that they have gone over everything. Eric would just like to talk to Rick for a moment alone if they are done. Rick says ok. Rick wonders if Eric thinks the line will actually work. Eric thinks that the line is amazing and is the best ever. Rick believes that if they are really as great as Eric thinks that they should price them like art. Rick printed up a new price list. Rick will start the new red gown at ten thousand. Ridge is shocked to hear that. Rick is only going to start it out at that price. The next price up is twenty thousand. Ridge thinks he is killing the line. Caroline tells him not to do this. He deserves to be CEO but if the line fails then he fails. Maya wonders about the price he had to pay for her failing Rick. Caroline tells him to punish her but to not sabotage himself. Rick wonders about their marriage. He actually thought it could shine. Caroline tells Rick to just come home. Caroline can wait until it fades she can handle it. Rick tells her the meeting is over.

Bill thinks that Caroline is just a kid. She is just a newlywed. Katie explains that they didn’t sleep together. Bill wonders how she knows. Katie believes what Ridge says. Bill wonders what else he could have possibly said. Katie was told that she got swept away. Bill wonders if she is really buying that. Katie does not know. Maybe. Katie explains that she was a tortured artist who fell in love with her name sake. Bill does not think that there is any way that she is going to be able to make him believe that Caroline would allow herself to become available to an engaged man. Katie is not saying that Ridge is innocent. Bill wonders what Ridge thinks he got caught up on. Katie left him. Katie tells him that she was taught by him to stand up and fight. Bill tells Katie that Ridge is going to do this again and again. Katie wonders if Caroline knows him in a way that she never could. Katie thinks that it is the way that he is famous. Bill does not think this is elevated. He screwed around with a girl who is the same age as his daughter. Katie thinks it had more to do with him wanting to be CEO. He needed someone to help him. Bill asks if she is telling him that Caroline was seduced into helping him so he could further his business career. Katie does not say anything. Bill tells her to tell Will that he had a little business to take care of and he will be back to see him later. Katie thinks he should calm down. Bill tells her that no one will treat the women that he loves that way. He storms out. Will starts talking on the baby monitor again. Katie tells him not to worry. Daddy is going to take care of it. She smiles.

Caroline rushes back stage and makes final choices for the line. She then frowns. Ridge tells them all to take a brake until the final run through. Ridge tells Caroline he is sorry. Caroline knows they are all sorry. It doesn’t mean anything has changed.

Eric asks if Maya has work to do. Maya explains that she got done with all the work she had to do. Rick tells Eric that anything that he has to say he can say in front of Maya because she is the only one to have his back around here. Eric tells Rick that he gave him the position because he knew that he wouldn’t fail him but he is trying to spite the line. Rick reminds him that he has said so himself he has every bit of faith in this collection. Eric does but he also wants to know why Rick wants to fire Caroline. Rick did not say that. Eric tells him that she will have plenty of offers after this line. They would be fools to lose her. Rick thinks she has already lost him. Rick is not like Eric who keeps his ex-lovers on the pay role. Eric believes he has acquired a mouth. Maya wonders if it is really fair. Just because Ridge and Caroline might be speaking all sweet now does not mean they didn’t start this. Maya believes that Rick needs to be happy to do his best work. Maya is dedicated to making sure that Rick is happy. Eric leaves angry.

Caroline wonders what they are going to do. All that work for nothing. Ridge thinks it will look good. They won’t sell it because of the price but they will later. Caroline thinks that Rick is doing the best he can. Ridge thinks he is a brat. Caroline thinks he is hurting. Caroline keeps trying to get through to him. She wonders if he cares. She wonders how much more she is supposed to take. Ridge hugs Caroline as she starts to cry. Bill walks in and sees them hugging and looks angry.

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