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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope looks outside of her hotel room and finds Ivy and Liam kissing passionately on the boat going passed her hotel. She starts to cry.

Rick pours himself a drink in his office. Maya walks in and asks him what that is for. Rick wonders if the CEO is allowed to have a drink in his office. Maya tells him that he can she just hates to see him so angry. Rick thinks that he has a right to be. Maya wonders if he has more things to be happy about than angry. Rick is not angry at Maya. He is angry at the fact that Ridge went straight to Caroline’s defense like she was some sort of victim. Maya reminds him that Caroline is not his problem anymore.

Caroline tells Ridge that Rick still loves her. Ridge thinks that if that is the case then he has a strange way of showing it. Caroline hurt him. Ridge understands that. She did do something wrong. However the way that Rick is treating her right now is wrong. Caroline looks at Ridge. Caroline is not making excuses for him. Ridge thinks that she really is. Caroline is the reason that Rick is acting like this. She made him this way. Ridge knows that she didn’t. Ridge thinks that he is acting like a little child going around throwing a tantrum. He is a grown adult and should know better. Caroline asks if the same could be said about the two of them. She wonders if they should have known better. Ridge does think that they should have. Ridge tells Caroline that nobody is allowed to talk to her that way. Including Rick. He is not going to allow it.

Hope walks back into the hotel room and tell Wyatt he is right. Hope wants to leave. Wyatt explains to her that the jet is unavailable right now. Hope asks for him to book them a flight. Wyatt says sure. Wyatt wonders about Liam and Ivy. Hope does not care. They can stay and enjoy themselves. Wyatt hopes that is what she wants. He is not pleased with her attitude.

Ivy thinks that the boat ride was amazing. Liam thinks it was the sounds of Amsterdam. Ivy kisses Liam. They smile at each other.

Caroline thinks that Maya is the one who doesn’t respect her. She never has. Ridge reminds her that Maya is not the one who forced him to leave her. Caroline thinks that she was right there waiting when he did. She got her Forrester.

Maya asks what she can do to cheer him up. Rick wants to do something nice for her. Maya asks what that nice thing is. Rick hands her a jewelry box. Maya wonders what it is. Rick tells her to open it. Maya is shocked to get another present and finds two diamond ear rings. Maya loves them. Rick tells her to try them on. Maya asks how they look. Rick thinks they are beautiful but they clash with the dress she is wearing. Everything she is wearing in fact. Rick starts to kiss her and Maya leans back on his desk.

Wyatt tells Hope that she just booked them a flight. Hope explains that his suitcase is on the bed. Wyatt is sorry. He knows that she thinks that he meddled by putting Liam and Ivy on a boat but he didn’t do anything wrong. Hope just thought that he was planning it for them. Wyatt had a romantic evening planned for them at the hotel. Hope knows that he had to get them out of here first though. Wyatt can’t tip toe around this anymore. He did something nice for his brother. He wants Liam to move on. He wants all of them to move on. Wyatt wonders if she is sick of the sad puppy dog faces from across the room. He assumed that she was to. Hope tries to ignore him. Wyatt thinks that if Ivy can help them move on then let her. Wyatt did get a little impatient but he didn’t threaten anybody and he didn’t hurt anyone.

Liam asks Ivy how she knew. Ivy wonders what he means. Liam explains that how did she know this was exactly what he needed. Ivy just sort of knew. Ivy knows that the four of them have been struggling and it has not been easy for him. Liam has a view of the future though now with Ivy. Ivy hopes though that they don’t use the photos from her shoot. She has had so much happen to her in a short amount of time. She moved from Australia, got a job at Forrester Creations, and met Liam. Her love. Liam looks at her.

Ridge tells Caroline to come over here. Caroline does not want to draw right now. Plus they are not doing that anymore. Ridge just wants to show her something. Eric walks in happy to find him. Ridge is happy that he is back. Eric wants to talk to Ridge about the collection. Ridge is not going to change anything. Eric tells him of course he isn’t. He thought the designs were great on paper but now actually seeing them come to life they are fantastic and ground breaking. He believes that Caroline and Ridge are one hell of a team. The two look at each other.

Rick takes a deep breath and sits down in his chair. His shirt is unbuttoned. Maya thinks that was unexpected. Rick was going to wait to give her those at dinner. Maya thought it would have been worth the wait. Rick thinks she has waited long enough. Rick never realized what he had with her. How lucky he was. He has had so many downs in his life. Amber, his father, he neglects to say Caroline. He tells her that he tried to get her to quit but she wouldn’t. Maya believes that if Caroline actually loved him as much as she claims she does she would. Rick defended her. Maya knows that is the kind of man he is. Maya tells him he does not have space for people like that anymore. He has her now. He always will. The two kiss again.

Hope sits on the plane still sad. Wyatt notes she has not said a word since they have left the hotel. Hope has been thinking. Hope does not have to tell him that this was a very difficult trip for her. Wyatt knows and he didn’t make it easier for her. He should have been more focused on her. Hope explains that she saw Liam and Ivy’s boat and they were kissing. Wyatt wonders how that made her feel. Hope felt guilty. She over reacted. Hope is sorry.

Ivy thanks Liam for such a wonderful day today. Liam tells Ivy she probably wants to get some sleep. He opens her hotel room and she is shocked to find candles lit all over the place. Ivy thinks that this is lovely. She asks how he did this. Liam has some contacts in high places. He knows it is late and too should get some sleep. Ivy tells him not to leave. The two kiss each other passionately again.

Rick thinks about the first time Caroline showed up at Forrester and when they got married while Maya kisses him. Maya reminds him that Caroline tricked him. She gained his trust and then betrayed him. She will never do that. She starts to kiss him again.

Caroline asks Eric if he wants her to keep working with Ridge. What Eric wants is for things to be what they used to be. Caroline asks if he really thinks that the collection is that good. Caroline wonders about Rick. Eric knows they can fix that. They all will. Eric heads towards the door and Ridge tries to stop him. Eric tells them to do the work and that is all. Caroline asks if that just happened.

Ivy and Liam continue to kiss. Ivy asks how he did this. Liam explained that he didn’t set up the boat so he wanted to show how much he appreciated her. He loves so many different things about her. All of a sudden he can’t live without the things that make her Ivy. They kiss again. Liam hands Ivy a glass and they click them before drinking. They then kiss again.

Hope knows that she reacted unfairly. She is sorry. She accused him of being his mother. Wyatt knows that she was stressed out. She is beautiful though. Hope does not think they can play this game anymore. Wyatt thinks that Liam being around was hard. Wyatt thinks they needs to focus on their future. Hope wants that. That is what they will do. Wyatt kisses her. Hope starts to think about spending time with Liam. Then getting married to Wyatt. Hope starts to smile and cry. She rubs her stomach. Hope nods her head.

Ivy looks out the window and Liam walks back into the room. Ivy thinks that he looks mischievous. He wonders if there is anything different about him. Ivy notices he is wearing the necklace she made him. He is going to wear it all the time now. His life is starting right now. The two kiss yet again. They look at each other and smile.

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