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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric walks down the stairs of the Forrester mansion. He is on the phone with Rick. He tells him that it is fine. Rick asks how Ivy is doing. He thinks that John would be proud. Eric has to let Rick go as Taylor walks in through the front door. He asks her if he is seeing some sort of mirage. Taylor says no. Eric is happy to see her. They hug. Taylor asks if she has ever come to LA and not stopped to see him. Eric wonders if she will be around long. Taylor explains that she has a lot patients to see. Eric hopes that she will have time to spend with the family at least. Taylor knows that everyone has been really busy around here. Eric wonders if she knows that he is no longer CEO. Taylor asks if she chose Rick to take his place. Eric tells her that he did not at first but they should talk about that later. Taylor also heard about the Amsterdam photo shoot. Eric says that Hope and Ivy are both modeling.

Wyatt and Hope get ready for the photo shoot with the employees at Forrester. Hope and Wyatt wish each other a good morning. Wyatt does not think anything will go wrong today. Hope can think of someone who might hurt the shoot. Wyatt thinks that Ivy will hold her own. Hope knows she is not a model and she will not be able to help her out during the actual shoot. Wyatt reminds her that this is huge and that international press is everywhere. She has to remain focused. Hope says that she is. Wyatt tells Hope that she has to let Liam move on with his life.

Liam shows up at Ivy’s door and says good morning to her. Ivy says the same. Liam is holding a flower in his hand and hands it to her. He asks how she slept. Ivy explains very well knowing that Liam was right next door to her. Liam thinks that is good. He walks into the room. Ivy explains she is getting ready. She cannot believe she is going to be a model. Liam thinks that she is going to be great. Ivy is worried about modeling with Hope. Ivy knows that Liam is aware that Ivy and Hope’s problems go much further than just modeling. Liam knows. Ivy knows how hard it is for Liam too. But Hope is married and having a child. She has to know that it is time to get over Liam.

Hope tells Wyatt that she is not interfering. She is sorry if it seems like she is pre occupied. Wyatt kisses her. Wyatt tells Hope that they have to support his brother with whatever he decides to do. Hope knows that but she needs a little bit of understanding. Hope does not regret getting married to her and she loves him but she was almost married to Liam. She needs a little bit of time. Ivy and Liam show up. Wyatt tells them they are going to Down Square. They will only have a limited amount of time for this shoot. He wonders if they are all excited. Hope and Ivy say yes. Hope does not seem sure about it.

Liam asks how Ivy is feeling. Ivy tells him that she is a bit nervous. Liam think she will be fine. Hope calls for Ivy. Liam tells her to go. Hope explains that they are obviously showcasing the jewelry but they also need to model the clothing. So she needs to make sure that she shows off the clothes while she is modeling them. Hope tells her that it is ok if she is nervous. Things will move really fast though. Ivy asks what she means. Hope tells her to take a pause and breathe between moments. Wyatt and Liam think they are getting along. Wyatt thinks that the two will get along. Wyatt thinks that Ivy and Liam also are getting along. Liam does not want to hear this. Liam thinks they are terrific. Wyatt does not want him to let Ivy get away. Wyatt tells him if he is in a romantic ambiance he needs to take advantage of it. Hope walks over and explains that they should get down to Down Square. Wyatt asks if Ivy is ready for this. Ivy has some tips and is ready. Ivy rolls her eyes at Liam and he laughs.

Eric hears good things about Thomas and Steffy. Taylor explains that they are both doing wonderful and hardly need her anymore. Taylor does not think that anything serious is going on. Taylor is a little upset to hear that Hope is married to Wyatt and is having his baby. Steffy thought for sure that when she left for Paris that Hope and Liam would get married. Eric tells her that Liam is seeing his niece. They went together to Amsterdam. Taylor is surprised. Taylor can assume that they all get along. Eric hopes so they have a lot of work to do.

Wyatt, Hope, Liam, Ivy, and Eva walk out in the city think it is beautiful. Hope and Wyatt go off and get ready. Ivy tells Liam that she is even more nervous than she thought she would be. Liam tells her to relax she is going to do fine. Ivy thinks that is easy for him to say. Liam is not joking the camera is going to love her. Ivy does not want the photo shoot to go bad because of her. Liam reminds her that she is a Forrester and people want her here. She is beautiful and things will go well. Hope sees the two of them kiss from a far and Wyatt notices that she sees them but continues on with the interview.

Eric has not heard much from Thorn other than business. Taylor explains that they have both been working through some things. Eric wonders if there are issues between Taylor and Thorne. Taylor explains that they will always care about each other. Eric wonders if she will be staying in Paris. Taylor does not know as her children are there. Eric explains that LA is her home and it is always there for her.

Liam asks if Ivy is feeling better. Ivy says yes. Hope explains that if Ivy is not feeling up to it she will totally understand. Ivy asks if this means she does not think that she can do it. Hope says that she never said that. Ivy asks if she means that she does not want her to do it. Ivy is going to do it. Hope thinks it is great. Liam tells them both that this will work out fine. Hope is asked to model first. Ivy tells her to have fun. Hope models a pink dress with a little bit of black on the top and a little white on the bottom. Her hair is down. She then models a dark purple gown that goes down to her feet covering them up. Hope is not happy with Ivy and Ivy can see it.

Taylor looks at the Stephanie photo and Eric hands Taylor a glass of water. Eric informs her that Stephanie loved her. Taylor does not know how lovable she was towards the end. Eric knows she was dealing with things. Taylor knows that and so was she. She had trouble dealing with the fact that Stephanie wanted Brooke there instead of her. Eric thinks it is all in the past. Taylor loves that he is so forgiving. Taylor cannot believe that she behaved the way she did at Katie’s party. Eric thinks that she was angry. Taylor explains that she shouldn’t have done it. Eric knows that it was a mistake. Taylor misses times like this. Eric does as well. Taylor explains that someone is watching. Eric thinks that Stephanie and him have come to an agreement. Eric tells her that she is always welcome here. She is one of them. Eric walks Taylor to the door and says that he will talk to her soon. Eric thinks that he snuck a kiss over on Stephanie. The photo once again falls and Eric get disgruntled.

Hope continues to model. Hope says that Ivy is on. Ivy wears a blue gown. Ivy takes deep breaths but is not one with the camera and photographer is unsure. Ivy starts too comfortable and starts to smile. Liam smiles at her. Hope looks unsure and starts to get angry. Wyatt leaves. Liam walks over to Hope and asks if she is ok with this. Hope is not ok with any of this. Liam looks at her and she looks like she is about to cry.

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