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Ivy understands that Hope and Liam were both intensely involved. Hope stops her and tells her that she does not know. If she did know, then Hope wouldn’t have to stand here and continue to tell her about it like a light switch. Ivy once again reminds Hope that she married Wyatt and is having his baby. She needs to move on. Hope says that she is doing that on her timetable. Hope is angry. Ivy takes a deep breath.

Wyatt explains to Liam that he is a huge believer in fate as it has worked so many times in his favor. Liam thinks that the hotel giving him Ivy’s bags was a mistake on their part. Wyatt tries to claim that it might be a sign. Destiny even. Wyatt tells Liam that Ivy is obviously into him. He is in one of the most romantic cities in the world and Liam should be trying to claim Ivy and her love.

Quinn walks into Bill’s office and he can’t believe she is in his office again. He screams for Allison but Quinn tells him that Allison isn’t even out there. Quinn asks if Bill knows that Liam is in Amsterdam. Bill knows that he is there to help promote Ivy’s new line. Quinn thinks that this could have been a second honey moon for Hope and Wyatt had it not been for there dark passenger. Bill tells Quinn to get a life. She needs something else to focus on. Quinn is not going to do that until she knows that Wyatt is secure and happy. Quinn needs to know what Bill is going to do to make sure that Liam and Ivy are a couple. Bill looks at her annoyed. Bill asks her to listen carefully. He tells her that they are not going to interfere. Not with Liam. He needs to figure it out. Quinn thinks that Liam can be slow in the love department. He needs to be pushed in the right direction. Bill could help by buying things in Amsterdam but he isn’t going to. Bill tells her they are not doing anything. Quinn thinks she is a buzz kill. Bill tells her to let things be. Wyatt turned out to be a good kid and she deserves credit for that.

Liam thinks that Wyatt is talking crazy. He isn’t going to just drag Ivy by the hair back to his room. Wyatt just does not want him to miss his chance. Liam explains that they will get there on their own. Liam asks why he is so concerned with this anyways. Wyatt tries to tell him that because they are brothers he wants him to be happy. Liam thinks that it is because Wyatt wants him to become unavailable to Hope. Wyatt thinks that he should be already. Wyatt does not understand why Liam shouldn’t be free to move on with Ivy. Liam cannot believe that he is still threatened by the connection that Liam has with Hope. Wyatt does not think that at all and tells Liam that Hope is not a possibility for him anymore. Wyatt tells Liam not to miss out on what he can have over something that he will never have again.

Ivy states Logan woman… Hope asks what about them. Ivy just thinks that they all believe they are entitled to all the men in the room especially brothers. Hope asks if this is the part where Ivy tells her that she is just like her mother. Ivy thinks that she is much more like her than she thinks. Hope thanks her explaining that her mother is an incredible woman. Ivy asks why Hope cannot just let go of Liam. Hope doesn’t understand why Ivy makes it sound like she is not committed to her husband when she is completely. Ivy asks why all the long looks at Liam then. Hope wonders if Ivy has ever been in love and believes the answer is no. At least not the way Liam and her were. Ivy wonders what other choice she has.

Quinn thinks that the very least Liam and Ivy come back from Amsterdam closer than when they left. Bill thinks that is a safe assumption but must be hard for Hope to handle. Quinn believes she should look away then and focus on her husband and child she is carrying. Quinn thinks it is trippy that they are going to be grandparents together. Quinn wishes she had not kept Wyatt from Bill but she made the choices that she thought was best at the time. Bill thinks she just needs to leave things alone. Quinn doesn’t know how she is supposed to react. She doesn’t think this is ok. Bill asks Quinn to just chill out. Quinn cannot miss out on things. She believes these things are cruel and unacceptable.

Liam just thinks that Wyatt does not know how to stay out of people’s business. Wyatt is just trying to look out for him. Liam does not think that shoving him into Ivy is not going to stop Hope. Wyatt believes that Liam needs to let it go. So does Hope. Wyatt knows that Hope is struggling too. Wyatt can see how Hope is acting around Ivy and he does not need to be told that by Hope. He remembers how he acted when Liam and Hope were together. It just needs to be over already. Liam thinks that there is a fair amount of accepting going on. He thinks that being here is proof of that. Wyatt’s focus is Hope. She is moving on with him and starting a future but every time Liam looks at her she thinks about him. Liam needs to do this for himself.

Ivy thinks that Hope has an incredible guy. Wyatt does nothing but try to make Hope happy. Hope asks her if she thinks that she does not know that. Ivy thinks that she needs to stop looking at Liam. Hope asks why she would have brought him then. Liam was her first love and this is a lot to absorb. Ivy tells Hope she made vows. Hope believes she is still allowed to think about her past. Hope promises Ivy to do everything she can. She is working on this. She just wants a shred of sympathy. Hope pleads for her to stop being so judgmental.

Quinn believes that Hope has convinced herself that she is no longer a part of the family. Quinn refuses to believe that though because he blood runs through that child’s DNA. Bill wonders if he has to run through all the bad things she has done. Quinn wonders how she can make Hope understand that she did not mean to harm anyone. Bill just told her to take time for things to be over with. Quinn day dreams about Hope giving birth to her child and Hope looks at the baby and it is Quinn crying and Hope screaming. Bill asks where she was a moment ago. Quinn just wants Hope to accept that she is a part of this child too.

Ivy is sorry if it feels like she is judging Hope. Hope is not a threat to her relationship with Liam and she has accepted that. She is married and pregnant and grateful for her family. Ivy tells her to try to show that she is to Wyatt then. Hope thinks a lot went down before she showed up. A lot of history and a lot of love. Hope thinks that Liam and her will always be connected they just have to get used to it.

Liam has had to make some serious adjustments with Wyatt being married to Hope and Ivy seriously helps. Wyatt is glad and thinks Ivy is a wonderful girl but he is not giving her enough. Liam asks what that means. Wyatt thinks it is disrespectful every time Liam is looking at Hope. Liam does not believe he has ever disrespected Ivy. Wyatt knows that he is falling for her and Ivy is crazy about him. Wyatt tell him to go for it. They are in Amsterdam and he should take the next step.

Liam looks out on a bridge and Hope notices him from a far.

Wyatt at the boat and a couple walks up to him explaining that it is a beautiful boat. Wyatt thanks them and he gets a phone call. Quinn asks how Amsterdam is going. He says it would be better if Liam was not here. He knows that Hope is not handling this very well. Quinn asks if she needs to come out there. Wyatt tells her no. Wyatt has a plan. Quinn asks what. Wyatt tells her he rented a boat and he knows what he is doing. Lars shows up and explains that he has fixed the boat to make it very romantic. Wyatt thanks him.

Hope walks up to Liam and says hello. Liam says hi very unsure of himself. Hope thinks that Liam is thinking about Paris. Hope is trying to forget what happened and move on but it is hard. It is really hard for her. Liam knows that it is and they hug. Liam stops hugging her and they look at each other. Hope walks off. Liam looks at her as she walks off.

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