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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/10/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt wants Liam and Ivy to be on the canal in the boat. Wyatt knows that Liam is into Ivy but he just needs a little extra push. Standing a few feet away Ivy and Liam look out at the canal. Liam wonders if Ivy is cold and Ivy explains that she is a little bit. Hope looks at them and seems to be uncomfortable with Liam treating another woman like he does her. Wyatt does not want anyone to know about the arrangement. It is a special Dutch arrangement. Wyatt thinks this will do the trick.

Deacon asks Quinn what Wyatt said when she told him that he needs to take some action. Quinn wonders if he was listening in on her conversation. Deacon has a part in this to. He wants his daughter to be happy. Quinn thinks that Wyatt makes her very happy. Deacon wonders about Liam. He knows that Quinn would love for the two of them to come back from Amsterdam all hot and heavy. Quinn thinks that is true but she would settle for them to just come back past the hand holding stage. Deacon tells her that she needs to stay out of it. Quinn needs to focus on other things. Deacon kisses her. Quinn wonders if those other things can involve them both taking a trip. Deacon asks if she wants to get out of here. Quinn says yes. Deacon asks where. Quinn thinks Europe is beautiful this time of year. Deacon tells her to stay away from the kids. Deacon demands that she not interfere. Quinn wants to be on the next flight and they will have a lot of fun. Deacon shows her the photo of her grandchild and that is why she needs to stay out of it. Quinn loves the photo.

Hope, Wyatt, Ivy, and Liam walk into the Forrester store. Eva shows up and Hope hugs her. Hope thinks that she keeps showing up and bringing them to these beautiful places. Hope introduces Ivy and Liam to Eva. Eva tells Ivy that she loves her jewelry. She then introduces herself to Liam who she knows from Spencer Publications. Eva then remembers to congratulate Hope and Wyatt on the marriage. They both thank her. Eva didn’t know about them getting married as it was a lot of publicity. Liam doesn’t feel comfortable and Hope decides to change the subject to the Hope for the Future Diamond. Eva explains it is on its way here and that it is going to go over big. The line in general has had a huge positive impact on young women here. Wyatt hopes that this will be about glamour and beauty and sophistication. This is all about Hope. Eva explains it is also about Ivy. Ivy looks a little thrown back. Eva explains that because this is a jewelry shoot she should be a focus especially because everyone is interested in who she is. Eva needs her to get in front of the camera. Hope asks if she wants Ivy to model too. Eva says absolutely. Hope does not look happy about this.

Deacon asks if anyone has ever told her that she is her own worst enemy. Quinn asks if anyone has ever told him to mind his own business. Deacon tells her to not listen to him. She can go to Amsterdam and screw up Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. Quinn does not think that she is going to hurt Hope. She believes that Liam is clueless and that poison Ivy is there for the taking. Deacon can understand why she would want them together but she is pushing way too hard. Quinn can’t just do nothing. Deacon does not believe that giving them space means that they are giving up on them. He asks if she wants them to have the best life possible. Quinn of course wants that. Deacon tells her not to give them any reason to shut her out. Quinn needs to stay away from Liam and Ivy.

Hope is shocked that Eva wants Ivy to model. Eva believes that the public finds Ivy fascinating because she has never been in the spot light until now. Ivy has been doing jewelry for years but she does think Eva is right she has stayed out of the spot light. Eva thinks that showing Ivy and Hope modeling together and having a Forrester and a Logan working together would be great for the company. Liam would have Spencer Publications all over it. Wyatt wants to get back to them on that. The diamond arrives and Eva leaves. Wyatt knows that Hope is being quite for a reason. Hope does not Ivy modeling. She does not want her moving in on her life anymore. Hope thinks that this has to stop. Wyatt wonders if this has to do with Liam. On the other side of the room Ivy can tell that Hope does not want her to model. She thinks that it might be the right thing to do. Ivy has never modeled before. Liam thinks that Ivy is fantastic at everything she does. Liam has her look in the mirror and he sees nothing but beauty, pose, and class. She has all those qualities and so much more. Ivy does not think that Hope is having a great time at seeing them together. Liam has to take a conference call. Ivy tells him to go take it as she will be fine.

Deacon asks Quinn to promise him that she won’t do anything. Quinn tells him that he won’t. Quinn hopes that he is satisfied. Deacon will be if she actually promises. Wyatt is a grown man and will score much more points if he is able to handle this on his own.

Hope looks at the diamond and thinks about her conversation when Liam had a fit over Wyatt giving her the diamond. She then remembers when she modeled the diamond in Paris and gave it back to Wyatt afterwards. She remembers waiting for Liam and then earlier that day when Ivy and Liam were so close. Hope tells Wyatt that Liam and Ivy should not even be together here in Amsterdam. Wyatt knows that it gets to her them being together. He tells her that it is ok. It used to get to him when Liam and her were together. Hope is sorry. She does not want him thinking that she still wants him. Wyatt is not jealous. They hug. Wyatt wonders what Hope wants to do. Hope knows that she can’t say no to the shoot. Ivy tells Hope that Eva wants to ask them both a few questions. Wyatt asks where Liam is. Ivy tells says that he went back to the hotel. Wyatt wonders if he should do the same unless Hope wants him to stick around. Hope says no and they kiss. Hope says goodbye. Ivy knows why Hope is upset and she knows that Hope still cannot get over Liam.

Quinn dials her phone and makes sure that Deacon is in the shower. She asks if the person on the other end speaks English. She is trying to check in on Wyatt and Hope. She wonders if they have checked in. The concierge says yes they have. He wants to know if she would like to be connected to them. Quinn doesn’t want that but would like to know if the couple that they are with Liam Spencer and Ivy Forrester are also checked in. The concierge explains that they are in separate rooms. Quinn thinks that is a mistake. He says no. Quinn would like to make that change for them. He tells her that she cannot. Quinn hangs up the phone angry.

Liam walks into his hotel room and a bell hop is putting Ivy’s suit cases in his room. He tells him that they are supposed to go into her room. Wyatt walks in and asks if there is a problem. Liam says no but that they are not supposed to be in here. Liam asks if the bell hop can handle this. He tells him right away. Liam tips him. Wyatt closes the door and wonders if he ever thinks that fate is trying to tell him something.

Hope really does not want to go here again. Ivy knows that she is not exactly denying it. Ivy was not accusing her. She has eyes and can tell that Hope is struggling with this. Hope is not struggling. Hope just thinks that Ivy could be a little more considerate. Ivy asks how because she does not think she is doing anything. Ivy wonders when Hope is going to let Liam go. Hope has because she is married and pregnant. Ivy doesn’t believe that she is over her feelings. Hope gets angry and blurts out that of course she still has feelings. It hurts seeing the two of them together. She wants what is best for them but it takes time. It will take some time for her to get over what she had. If she isn’t doing it fast enough then that is just too damn bad.

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