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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/5/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy dresses a model with jewelry and the model loves it. Ivy takes a photo and wants to save the bolder jewelry for another look. Ivy spots Liam at the door and tells him that to come in because she will be finished in a little bit. Ivy decides to take a break and the model leaves. Liam hopes that he isn’t bothering her. Ivy doesn’t think so at all. Liam tells her that he was here earlier. Ivy knows because Pam told her but then apparently he left. Liam had ran into Hope and today was her first ultrasound.

Wyatt and Hope adore over the pictures of their baby. They laugh and smile at it. Hope tells Wyatt that they made that. Wyatt thinks the baby is meant to be. Quinn who is hiding behind a privacy curtain still wearing the nurse’s outfit makes a noise. Wyatt notices it and recognizes her. Quinn takes down her surgical mask and smiles.

Aly tells Oliver that there is still time for him. Oliver thinks that he would have found out by now. Oliver thinks they have someone else. Aly doesn’t believe that there is anyone else better to do a photo shoot for Hope for the Future. Oliver thinks they found some foreign person with a name they can’t pronounce. The two joke. Taylor shows up in the office and is sorry to interrupt them. Aly gives her a dirty look. Aly thought she was still in Paris. Taylor explains that she is here on business. She just wanted to say hello. Aly wonders how her father is doing. Taylor explains that he is doing well and has been very busy with International. Aly thinks that the only reason that she is here is because Thorne wanted her to check up on Aly. Taylor smiles.

Ivy thinks that it makes it pretty real. Liam knows that it is real because he is now tied to Wyatt and Quinn forever. Ivy points out that now Hope is going to have to wait for Quinn to just snap.

Hope is furious. She wants to know what Quinn is doing here. Quinn is sorry and just wanted to make things better. Hope wants to know how sneaking into an ultrasound is going to do that. Quinn should know how much that would upset her. Quinn is sorry she just wanted to see her grandchild. Hope cannot believe that Quinn is dressed the way she is. Wyatt wants to know how long she has been here. Quinn heard the heartbeat. Hope thinks it is time for the restraining order. Quinn wants to know if that is really necessary. Quinn doesn’t think she is dangerous. She believes she is just eccentric and she believes that is what makes the world go round. Hope wonders how many times she has to tell her. Wyatt does not think that there is any reason why she should be here right now. Wyatt wonders if she can see that it is not ok for her to be here right now. Quinn thinks that she should have every right to be here. Wyatt thinks this is a prime example of why she shouldn’t. Hope does not think that anything about this is ok. Wyatt wants her to imagine for a moment if Brooke were to do something like this. Hope doesn’t think that her mother would ever do something like this. Quinn knows that Hope is right. She had the best of intentions though. Her son is going to be a father. Her only son is going to be a father. She cannot just give up. She needs to prove herself and some day she is going to allow her to have a place in this baby’s life. Hope tells Wyatt to reason with her mother. Hope never wants to have this conversation again. Hope leaves. Wyatt asks her if she is being serious.

Aly tells Taylor that things couldn’t be better for her or Oliver. She knows that things can get pretty hectic. Taylor knows that it is important to do something she loves and to do it with someone she loves. Taylor thinks that Oliver has helped Aly a lot and she will always be grateful for that. Oliver gets a text saying they need him in the photo studio and he will be back in a little bit. Taylor believes that Oliver is great for Aly and she will always be grateful for him. She wants her to know that even though she is far away she will always be there for her. Taylor wants her to feel comfortable to come to her even as a mother. Aly thinks that is really sweet. Aly tells Taylor that her mother is still here every day. Taylor asks if Aly actually believes that her mother can talk to her. Aly really does. Taylor hopes that she realizes that isn’t possible. Darla appears and tells Aly the heck she isn’t. Aly explains that she is here right now. Taylor looks scared for her.

Liam thinks that one of Ivy’s designs is beautiful. Kind of like it is designer. Ivy is glad that she thinks so. Ivy explains that her father was here earlier. Liam is shocked but happy to have heard he was. Ivy says that he really likes him. Liam really likes him too. Ivy asks if he remembers the conversation that they had a little back. Ivy explains she might have heard some of that. Liam is glad that someone was listening. Ivy explains that Eric kept giving him way to many drinks. Ivy appreciates what he said and it made her happy. Liam wanted to tell her those things. Ivy gets a text saying she has to handle something. Liam will see her soon. Hope walks in. Liam asks how it went. Hope says that everyone is healthy. Liam asks if they give her photos. Hope wonders if he wants to see it. Liam looks at it and smiles.

Taylor understands what she is saying but she hopes that she realizes that her mother is gone and can’t be here anymore. Aly thinks that she is. Aly thinks that she is though. Aly thinks that everyone has a different reality. Aly knows that they will never have a real relationship but what she has with her mother is no less special or real.

Wyatt thinks this is the worst thing that Quinn could do because Hope is angry now. Quinn knows that. Wyatt tells Quinn to try to respect Quinn’s wishes. Quinn thinks that if Hope gets her way that she is going to be an inactive grandmother. Wyatt asks if she understands the reason he is mad. Hope is his wife and she won’t leave them alone. Quinn knows. Her family is going through a rough patch right now mostly because of her. Quinn knows she has created a lot of trouble and drama. Quinn is telling him that Hope has to forgive her at some point. Wyatt tells her to be on her best behavior then.

Hope explains that there was a bit of a surprise at the doctor’s office. Liam asks what happened. Hope explains that Quinn was there dressed like a doctor. Liam thought that Hope told her to stay away. Hope did she has told her a million times. Hope cannot believe Quinn thinks that she has any right to be around her or the baby. Liam is sorry that it happened to her. Hope cannot even look at Hope without thinking of what happened. Hope thinks it is time for a restraining order. Hope thinks that Wyatt thinks she is going to change her mind. Liam tells her to keep her as far away as possible.

Taylor is not trying to take away her mother’s memory and maybe she is trying to handle life a little too scientifically. Darla tells Aly this is all boring. Aly tells Taylor that they both think she is missing out. Aly tells Taylor to believe what she wants to and so will she. Darla blows into Taylor’s hair and Taylor feels it. Aly smiles.

Wyatt explains that Quinn is up against a lot. Quinn needs Wyatt to get through to her. Wyatt is all that she has and his future son or daughter. Quinn thinks that the life is a gift. It is a new start for all of them. She will become more reliable. All she is asking for is a chance. It is not to much to ask. She wants to be part of her family. Quinn wants to hold her grandchild in her arms.

Ivy walks in on Hope in the office. She tells her that she hopes things get better between them. Hope thinks that should not be a problem. Ivy doesn’t think she is being honest with her help. Ivy doesn’t anything to affect their work. Hope is over Liam. Ivy does not think she is. Hope is pregnant with her husband’s baby. Quinn does not think that means she is over Liam. Quinn knows they would be together if it were not for Quinn it was all manipulation. Then she turned to Wyatt. A child is on the way and she does whatever she can to protect her future with Wyatt. Ivy thinks her life with be amazing. Ivy needs Hope to accept that Ivy is with Liam now.

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