B&B Tuesday Update 11/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope looks through designs in Rick’s office and Liam walks in. He is shocked to see her but Hope looks happy. Liam didn’t mean to interrupt her. Hope asks if he had a meeting with her. Liam says no. Hope realizes that he is here to see Ivy.

Ivy finds her father John sleeping at Donna and Pam’s desk. She wakes him up and he is happy to see her. He asks her how she is doing. They hug and Ivy tells him that she is doing great. Ivy wonders why he is in town. John has his fishing trip with Eric. Ivy remembers that and hopes that they have time to spend together when he gets back from that. John tells her that they will go out to dinner when he gets back if they ever leave. John is so happy that Ivy is getting her line done in Europe. Ivy is very excited as well.

Quinn walks out from her bedroom and Deacon is eating on the couch without clothes on. Quinn asks him if he plans to get dressed today. Deacon explains that he thinks that would be a waste of time. Quinn wonders what he is talking about. Deacon says the clothes will just end up back on the floor. Quinn says that it is part of the fun to rip the clothes off. Deacon is running out of clothes for her to destroy. Quinn has other things to worry about right now. Such as Forrester Creations. Deacons asks why she is so worried about that. Quinn knows that there is a big change happening there and is worried about their children. They have to make sure that no matter what they get what they want.

Eric knows that Rick is upset but he will get over it eventually. Caroline thinks Maya has her hooks in them. Caroline tells Eric to get rid of her. Rick and Maya walk in and Rick asks if there is a problem. Eric tells him that there shouldn’t be if the three of them can just focus on getting along. Rick and Caroline look at each other. Rick does not look amused.

A meeting starts at Forrester, Rick, Maya, and Caroline are all sitting down. Carter and Ridge walk in and Eric wants them to sit down. Ridge doesn’t want to and wishes that they could do this later. Eric tells Ridge to sit down. Eric has called the meeting to make an announcement but also to explain to them that this is a family business. He didn’t work all these years to make a successful fashion house to have it fall apart because of two brothers. Eric wants them to work together as designer and CEO. Ridge can’t think that Eric is being serious.

Deacon doesn’t think that anything bad will happen at Forrester. Quinn asks if he really thinks that. Deacon really does. He believes that both Rick and Ridge are smart enough to know that they need Hope for the Future. Deacon wants to know what else is stressing her out. Quinn thought that Wyatt would have convinced Hope to finally let her be included in things. Deacon wants her to give it time. Quinn has given it time. Today she is missing out on their very first ultrasound. Deacon doubts she would have been invited to that. Quinn doesn’t think she needs an invitation. Deacon can only imagine how this will end.

Ivy thinks that Liam must have made a good impression on him. John doesn’t think that he will ever measure up to her ex-boyfriend. Ivy reminds him that happened in the fifth grade. John likes the way that he called him sir. Ivy didn’t like how he slurped his juice box. John tells her to keep the magic with Liam alive as long as she can.

Liam thinks there has been a lot of tension around here lately. Hope tells him that he has no idea. Hope explains there is a meeting going on right now. Liam doesn’t want to keep her. Hope tells him that she has an appointment. Wyatt walks in and tells Hope they need to get going to the ultrasound. Liam looks a bit sad by this.

Ivy asks if he is really going on another fishing trip. Ivy does not think it is a good look for Beverly Hills. John explains to her that he will be knee deep in fishing. He picked up some new flies on his way here. He is taking Eric up to Oregon and they are going to catch there dinner. That is if Eric ever finishes this meeting. Ivy explains that a lot is going on at Forrester right now. John thinks that it will all work out. If it doesn’t then he will invite Liam. John wonders how fast Liam can gut a fish. Ivy has no idea. John believes that she has not been on enough dates with him. John wonders if she needs a person to help her on her dates. John believes with Liam she will be alright.

Wyatt tells Liam that it is a big day for them. Wyatt tells Liam that he saw Ivy at the reception desk. Liam is happy he did because he wanted to see her. Wyatt hopes that he is enjoying his time with Ivy because she is very talented and good for him. Liam thanks him. Hope and Wyatt leave. Liam stays behind looking sad.

Deacon asks Quinn if she seriously plans on doing this. Quinn has to. This is her grandchild. She is not missing anything. Despite what Hope says. Quinn asks him to wish her luck. Deacon knows that she is going to need it. They kiss and she walks off.

Eric thinks that this is really important. John walks in and asks what is taking so long in here. Eric wants just a few more minutes. John wants to get to Oregon already. He can feel the fish biting already. Eric tells John that he has so much to handle here. John asks if he named the new CEO. Maya tells him he did and it is Rick. John asks why he is still here then. Rick should be the one to handle this. Rick thanks him and tells Eric that things will be fine. Eric is not worried about the company so much as he is worried about Rick and Ridge. Rick tells him that they will work it out. Ridge looks worried. John grabs him and they both leave. Rick thinks that Eric is having some well-deserved time off. He asks if anyone else needs a little break. He is not going to judge. The door is right there. He tells them that they might want to think about it because as far as he is concerned about all of them. They have all betrayed him so far as he is concerned. He tells Ridge that he would like some well-drawn designs. If he needs to hold Caroline’s hand to do it that is fine. He tells Caroline that she will be hearing from his attorney. Carter strongly suggests a cooling off period. Rick tells Carter that he better change his attitude if he would like to stay around here. Carter believes that he is loyal to Forrester Creations and he would like to advise him to not say anything. Carter believes that Maya is not a good thing for Rick to have around. Rick tells Carter that if he says one bad word against her that he is out. Maya is the only one to be truthful to him. If anyone has anything negative to say about Rick or Maya he suggests they get out now because they have no place at FC. Ridge wonders if Rick is really going to throw his weight around. Rick tells him if he doesn’t like it to not let the door hit him on the way out. Caroline would just like to talk alone with Rick. Ridge wants Rick to be able to talk to his wife. It is not her fault that this happened. Rick doesn’t care. The only person he cares about is his new lead model. Maya is shocked to hear that she is the lead. Ridge can’t believe this. Rick wants Caroline to design a new dress for Maya to wear. Ridge tells him that he already has designed a show stopper dress. Rick thinks that it is to plane. It needs to showcase Maya’s beauty. Caroline says no. Rick asks her what she just said. Caroline knows that Maya is rubbing this in her face and this is becoming too painful for her. Caroline says it was only a few kisses. She knows it was wrong but he is losing it. Caroline knows he was hurt but this is not how to handle it. She is not giving up on their marriage. He tells them all to leave. Maya thinks it is good that he stood up to them. Rick thinks that they will learn to respect that. Maya believes that they already are. Rick would like a moment alone. Maya is proud of him. She leaves. Maya stands outside the door.

Hope and Wyatt make it into the doctor’s office. The doctor asks if they are ready for this. Wyatt asks what they are going to see. The doctor explains now much as it is too early for them to see if it is a boy or a girl. She wonders if they want to keep that a secret. Hope doesn’t know yet. They haven’t talked about it. Out in the hallways Quinn has dressed herself as a nurse.

Ridge finds Caroline and asks if she is ok. Caroline says no. Ridge wishes that Rick could see that his worst mistake is taking it out on her. Caroline thinks what he did in there was sticking up for her. Ridge thinks it was the truth. It was his fault. Caroline knows it was both there faults. She got caught up in him and designing. Caroline can’t believe she is getting left for Maya. She wonders what she is supposed to do.

Maya walks back into Rick’s office asking if he is ready for visitors. Rick says yes. He asks her what is in the bag. Maya explains that they never properly celebrated. So she got some Champaign. If ever there were a time to celebrate it would be now. She tells him that Rick will be able to forget her. If he just focuses on them. They kiss and Maya tells him to pop the quark. He does and he pours them both some. Rick toasts to them and they drink. Maya smiles.

Liam sits in his office and gets a text message from Ivy.

Hope and Wyatt get the ultrasound and see the baby’s heartbeat. Hope gets emotional and is really happy.

Liam looks sad again.

Hope and Liam continue to watch the baby on the screen and they hug each other close. Quinn watches from the hallway and cries as well.

Liam grabs his phone and writes a text asking how it went for Hope.

Hope and Wyatt continue to watch the baby and Quinn watches from the hallway still. She looks to be very happy for them. Hope and Wyatt kiss each other.

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